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Don Madge His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Don Madge His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Don Madge?

Don Madge is a professional MMA fighter who is currently fighting on the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s roster. Don has previously starred in the Extreme Fighting Championship promotion as a two time lightweight champion. Don who is nicknamed the “Magic Man” is a southpaw fighter who hails from Cape Town in South Africa, Don is also a Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

Who Is Don Madge?

Don Madge is a professional MMA fighter who is currently fighting on the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s roster. Don has previously starred in the Extreme Fighting Championship promotion as a two time lightweight champion. Don who is nicknamed the “Magic Man” is a southpaw fighter who hails from Cape Town in South Africa, Don is also a Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

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Don Madge made his professional MMA debut in the EFC on November the 10th 2011. Going up against Wade Groth, Don would land a TKO three minutes into the first round. His second fight at EFC 13 would go the other way as Don was TKO’d by future rival Leon Mynhardt near the end of the third round.

In 2012 Don Madge competed at EFC 17 where he submitted his opponent Hector Britts with a rear naked choke. After this fight Don was awarded a title shot against Costa Ioannou. Their matchup would come at EFC 20 on June 27 2013, Don Madge fought hard for 4 rounds before securing another rear naked choke at the start of the 5th round, winning the Lightweight Extreme Fighting Championship title.

Later that year Don Madge would put his title on the line against Leon Mynhardt, in an attempt for retribution. The fight went the distance in a really close match, unfortunately for Don Madge he lost his title in a split decision result. In Don’s next two matches he would suffer another split decision, this time resulting in a draw against Boyd Allen. His next fight Don failed at an attempt to regain his former lightweight title, against arch nemesis Leon Mynhardt, this time Don Madge would succumb to a first round Guillotine.

After Don’s failure to regain his lightweight title he went back to the drawing board and put in some extreme efforts in the gym. His next three fights resulted in first round TKO’s setting himself up for another title fight. On April 8th 2017 Don Madge challenged Dave Mazany for the lightweight title, Don Madge secured another submission in the second round to once again become the Extreme FC Lightweight Champion.

After regaining the EFC Lightweight title Don Madge was hired as a sparring partner for the UFC’s Women's featherweight champion Cris Cyborg. Training with Cyborg opened the door for Don as he was signed by the UFC. On October the 27th in 2018 at Fight Night 138 Don Madge debuted for the UFC taking on Te Edwards, winning the fight by KO. Don backed up his UFC debut with a second victory defeating Fares Ziam by a unanimous decision.  

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How Old Is Don Madge?

Don Madge was born in Cape Town in South Africa on the 12th of November in 1990 he is currently 30 years of age.

Don Madge’s Family!

Don Madge grew up in Cape Town in South Africa and as a 6 year old he took up karate, his love for martial arts grew as he reached double digits. Don’s parents always supported him throughout his life, they gave Don every possible opportunity to help him with his success. By the age of 12 Don started training in Muay Thai and by the age of 14 he travelled to Thailand where he competed in many fights. After honing his skills in striking for 9 years in Thailand Don returned to South Africa to start his career in MMA.

How Much Is Don Madge Worth?

Don Madge has performed extremely well in his MMA career and his net worth has increased as a result. With his UFC contract and other paydays like fight of the night bonuses where he netted 50,000 for fight of the night. Don Madge has a net worth landing somewhere in hundreds of thousands. Don has reported in an interview that he wanted to help his parents be more comfortable in their later years, as they sacrificed everything to help him achieve his dreams. 

How Tall Is Don Madge?

Don Madge is 6 feet tall which is the equivalent of 183 centimetres.

How Much Does Don Madge Weigh?

Don Madge fights in the lightweight division at a weight of 155 lbs which is equivalent to 70 kilograms.

Don Madge’s Fight List!

Don Madge has been competing for 8 years in MMA, he has fought twice in the UFC and 11 times in the EFC. Don competed in fights against MMA athletes like; Wade Groth, Leon Mynhardt, Hector Britts, Costa Ioannou, Boyd Allen, Regis Muyambo, Tyson Chelin, Jadyson Costa, Dave Manazy, Te Edwards and Fares Ziam.

Don Madge's Best Fight Of All Time!

Don Madge has had some exciting fights in the cage, including TKO and submission victories. Some of his most memorable fights were in the EFC when he became the lightweight champion on two separate occasions. Don’s best fight would come in his UFC debut when he fought at UFC Fight Night 138 in 2018. Don would take on Te Edwards and in the first round Don secured an extremely tight armbar, Te refused to tap and Don would later report that he thought he nearly broke his arm. 14 seconds into the second round Don Madge landed a devastating head kick and ended Te Edwards by a knockout. Don Madge would receive the fight of the night honours as well as a $50,000 bonus.  

Who Did Don Madge Lose To?

Don Madge has only lost 3 fights in his MMA career but they have all haunted Don, as all three matches were against his arch rival Leon Mynhardt. His first loss to Leon came at EFC 13 where 3 minutes and 23 seconds into the third round Leon landed a ground and pound TKO. His second loss was hard for Don to deal with, as he lost the EFC Lightweight title in a split decision result. The last loss Don had against Leon was probably the worst, as Don attempted to reclaim his Lightweight title. Three minutes into the first round Leon would finish Don with a guillotine choke. 

Don Madge’s Record!

Don Madge holds an MMA record of 9 wins with 3 losses and 1 draw. Don has recorded two EFC Lightweight Championship titles. Don has also been awarded with fight of the night honours at his UFC debut, earning himself a nice money bonus. Don Madge is currently on a win streak of 6 wins in a row.

Don Madge’s Injuries!

Don Madge is one of those fighters who has the warrior spirit, in an interview with Don he reported that he had to super glue cuts he received in his eye. Not once did Don think about pulling out of his upcoming fights. Don had to have 10 stitches on the cut near his eye, and even after healing he opened the cut up again in training only a week before his UFC fight. Don has also suffered an extensive broken rib as a result of high intensity MMA training.

Is Don Madge Retired?

Don Madge is still an active MMA fighter, but due to some visa complications Don’s last 4 matchups have been cancelled. The last time Don fought in the octagon was in October 2019 when he defeated Fares Ziam at UFC 242. Don’s most recent cancellation was in March 2021 where he was scheduled to fight Nasrat Haqparast.

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