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Edwin Najmi His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Edwin Najmi His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Edwin Najmi?

Edwin Najmi is a Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the famed lineage of Carlos Gracie, Edwin received his rank under Romulo Barral. Edwin is an exciting talent in the art of Jiu Jitsu, he is widely known for his attacking submission style of grappling. Edwin has starred on the world stage and has won tournaments like the Pan Americans, the ACBJJ LW Grand prix, the FIVE Super League and the LA Grand Slam as a Black belt. He has also won IBJJF World Championships as a Purple and Brown belt.

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In 2009 Edwin Najmi signed up with Gracie Barra under head coach Romulo Barral. Romulo saw a raw talent in Edwin and took him under his wing. Romulo would help develop Edwin’s Jiu Jitsu game exponentially, as Edwin has reported how Romulo’s out of the box training regimes helped him master his spider guard. 

Edwin worked hard as he flew through the belt rankings earning tournament wins at the IBJJF Pans Championship as a blue belt and then at purple belt. In 2014 Edwin would win his first ever IBJJF World championship in the purple belt division. After earning his Brown belt in 2014 Edwin earnt a Silver medal at the IBJJF World Championships. Edwin continued his amazing competition success in 2015 as he won, IBJJF Pans Championship, IBJJF European Open and the IBJJF World Championship. After his World title win Romulo Barral would award Edwin Najmi his Black belt on the podium.

In 2016 Edwin won his first major event as a Black belt as he competed in the IBJJF Pan American Championships. Edwin would submit Rafael Mansur with an Estima lock in the first round, he then narrowly edged out Michael Liera in the quarter finals by an advantage. Edwin then took on Rodrigo Freitas in the semi and successfully took his back before finishing him with the choke. Progressing into the final Edwin would win the Gold medal against Francisco Iturralde with another Estima lock.

After placing second at the IBJJF World championships, Edwin’s next success came at the LA Grand Slam. Edwin took out the famed Vitor Oliveira in the semi final with an impressive Darce Choke. In the final Edwin would fight Victor Silverio who suffered an injury, Edwin won the Gold medal as he continued his run of competition success. 

At the end of 2016 Edwin won the 5 Super League by defeating John Combs with an Estima Lock in the final. The following year Edwin would achieve more success as he upstaged all 3 of his opponents in the ACBJJ 4. He excited the crowd in the quarter final by landing a flying triangle on Daud Adaev. He won a referee decision in the semi against Michael Langhi, before defeating Marcio Andre with a triangle in the final, winning yet another Gold medal.

Since the success of Edwin’s run through competition, his last few years have seen him lose a few finals but still remain competitive. He has fought in many promotions like; Fight 2 Win, Polaris, World Pro, Submission Underground, IBJJF World Championships, Spyder Invitational and ADCC. 

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How Old Is Edwin Najmi?

Edwin Najmi was born in Tarzana, California in the United States on the 22nd of January in 1992, he is currently 29 years of age.

Edwin Najmi’s Family!

Growing up in California Edwin Najmi was introduced to martial arts at a very young age. Edwin would take part in his cousin's “Beat downs” at the family home, This would push Edwin into Judo and Wrestling. Edwin would start Judo under Gene Lebell who trained under the Gokor Chivichyan lineage. Every Friday the Judo class would work on ground submissions, which quickly became Edwin’s favourite class. After training in Judo and wrestling for a year Edwin decided to find a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym. Edwin found Romulo Barral’s gym (Gracie Barra) which was located really close to his home, and after meeting Romulo, Edwin knew he had found his calling.

How Much Is Edwin Najmi Worth?

Edwin Najmi is widely considered one of the best grapplers of his generation. His attacking Jiu Jitsu style has him revered amongst the world stage of BJJ and his peers. Through Edwin’s success on the competition mats, he has earnt himself some considerable wealth. It is reported that Edwin has a net worth of half a million dollars, due to his numerous world campaigns and appearances on promotions like; SUG, Polaris and Fight 2 Win.

How Tall Is Edwin Najmi?

Edwin Najmi is 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is the equivalent to 155 centimetres.

How Much Does Edwin Najmi Weigh?

Edwin Najmi is a middleweight who is currently 77 kilograms or (169 lbs) Edwin has also had fights at 70 kg and at 82kg.

Edwin Najmi’s Fight List!

Edwin Najmi is one of the great fighters to date as he has mixed it with the best on the world stage. He has had many fights against professional BJJ fighters like; Lachlan Giles, Dillon Danis, Alex Cabanes, Lucas Lepri, Vitor Oliveira, Marcio Andre, Gabriel Arges, Davi Ramos, Dante Leon, DJ Jackson, Garry Tonon, Jamie Canuto, Johnny Tama, Jonnates Gracie, Ben Henderson and Jeremy Kennedy. 

Edwin Najmi’s Best Fight of All Time?

It is very hard to pick one fight for Edwin Najmi as his best, he has excited the BJJ community with his attacking Jiu Jitsu. He has achieved amazing wins against great opponents like winning the LA Grand Slam and finishing Vitor Oliveira with a Darce Choke in the semi final. He has beaten Marcio Andre via a triangle to win the ACBJJ 4, he choked out Mathias Luna at the world festival in 2019 and secured a Darce choke on Ricardo Rocha at the European Open. One of his best fights would come in 2015 when he was a Brown belt. He earned an invitation to the Copa Podia professional event, where he defeated the highly regarded Black belt Alex Cabanes with a rear naked choke. 

Who Did Edwin Najmi Lose To?

Edwin Najmi has had a superb career so far and even though he has achieved many successes, he has lost some fights too. Some of his losses include; Garry Tonon, Lachlan Giles, Gabriel Arges, Dillon Danis, Yan Lucas, Marcio Andre, Dante Leon, Jackson Nagai, Kody Steele, Espen Mathiesen and Jamie Canuto. 

Edwin’s worst loss to date would come from a legend of the sport and it would stop him from winning his first ever Black belt World Championship. After beating Alex Cabanes and Michael Liera both by advantages, he would submit Gabriel Rollo with a Darce Choke in the semi final. Entering the final against the formidable Lucas Lepri, Edwin would end up being choked out from the back and coming so close to World Championship Gold.

Edwin Najmi’s Record!

Edwin Najmi has a record as a Black belt of 54 wins with 27 losses, with 29 of his wins coming by submission including 8 Darce chokes. Edwin Najmi has only been submitted 6 times as a Black belt. 

Edwin has an honour list as a coloured belt of; 

IBJJF Pan Champion (2012, 2014, 2015) IBJJF European Open Champion (2015) IBjjf World Champion ( 2014 twice and 2015) Runner Up IBJJF World Champion (2014)

As a Black Belt; 

FIVE Super League Champion (2016) IBJJF Pan Champion (2016) ACBJJ LW Grand Prix (2017) LA Grand Slam (2016) IBJJF World Champion Runner Up (2016) ACBJJ 7 Grand Prix No Gi Runner Up (2017) UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro (2017) Edwin has also won a string of Fight 2 Win Super Fights.

Edwin Najmi’s Injuries!

Edwin Najmi has had a really good run with injury, there are no reports of anything significant. His preparation for competitive sports is highly professional along with his mentoring from Romulo Barral has held him in great account for maintaining his body conditioning. 

Is Edwin Najmi Retired?

Edwin Najmi at 29 years of age is in the prime of his life, and is still very active on the world circuit for Jiu Jitsu. His last fight was on Fight 2 Win 182 in 2021 where he was defeated by Jackson Nagai via a triangle.

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