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The Mike Palladino Blue Print

The Mike Palladino Blue Print


Get to know world champion Soul Fighter black belt Mike Palladino

Mike Palladino is a BJJ world champion and submission grappling instructor and school owner based in New York.  He is a BJJ black belt under Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa and Sambo specialist Vlad Koulikov.  In the "Mat Chat Podcast" episode below we get to hear a bit about his journey from young martial artist, to competitive athlete and head instructor at Evolution Grappling Academy.

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One of the most interesting points, Palladino talks about in this interview, was how before he became a school owner, while he was working long hours doing construction, he and another coworker and fellow martial artist put down a "blueprint" of plans and goals for their future.  Looking back, years later, Mike is still amazed that these had all come through.  

This small piece of the interview underscores the importance of having concrete goals and how the simple act of writing them down and referring to them constantly can greatly increase the likelihood of achieving them.  Get started today.  Write those goals down and get to work.  What's your blue print?

Enjoy the full interview below!


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