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Fabio Holanda

Fabio Holanda is one of the main Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors with Brazilian Top Team as well as the owner of BTT Montreal in Canada. Fabio has a very impressive career in Brazilian jiu jitsu as well as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, with a current record of 6 – 6 – 0. Fabio is known for his unique style of fighting and has proven himself with grappling wins over Canadian Jeff Joslin, UFC fighter Ken Florian and even BJJ black belt Mike Fowler. Fabio has also been the coach for many success fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), including George St. Pierres, Dave Loiseau and Ivan Menjivar.

Fabio Holanda Achievements

  • 2009 - 2004 Wreck MMA / Ring Side MMA/ TKO/ MFC / WWF / MMA Eruption
  • 2004 NAGA Champion (New Jersey)
  • 2004 Brawl Old City Champion (Quebec City)
  • 2002 World Championship 3rd place
  • 1999 Pan American Championship 3rd place
  • 1998 Brazilian Championships 3rd place
  • 1998 Brazilian Championships Open Class 1st place
  • Brazilian Northeast Championship, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000, and 2001.
  • RN State Championships, Champion 1994, 1995

Fabio Holanda Instruction

The Kimura Machine By Fabio Holanda

the kimura machine

Fabio Holanda – known as the “Mastermind” - has an entire system that you can use as your “Get Out Of Jail Free Card” while you roll.You can use it to sweep, finish or even get out of submissions.

"Fabio Holanda has been a great coach and asset for me with kimura speciality. Everybody fears his deadly Kimura. Thank u coach Fabio --Georges St. Pierre – UFC Champion and Legend"

Once you learn the Kimura (I mean really learn it) your BJJ World changes. It becomes very easy to sweep from closed guard, half guard, even escape side control. The principle is simple – two is stronger than one - and with Fabio’s setups you can almost always get there.


Killing The Half Guard By Fabio Holanda

The half guard can be one of the most effective positions in BJJ and if you don't know how to stop it against an experienced player you will have fits. But.. there is hope! Fabio Holanda - "The Mastermind" has had some amazing wins as a competitor- defeated Kenny Florian and Murilo Santana and is a multiple time Brazilian Champion. In MMA he's trained some good guys too like Georges St. Pierre - Maybe you've heard of him? :)

Anyway, Fabio has a formula for killing the half guard and it flat out works. He is able to generate head pressure like no one else in the sport and we know it will work for you. We are so confident that we will give you a no questions asked Money Back Guarantee.


Fabio Holanda Video

Crazy Kimura Finish by Fabio Holanda

Fabio Holanda vs Josh Rapport

High Leverage Kimura Finish by Fabio Holanda

Fabio Holanda vs Christian Augusto

Prof Fabio Holanda - Arm Triangle / Ezekiel Choke

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