Killing The Half Guard DVD by Fabio Holanda

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Killing The Half Guard DVD by Fabio Holanda 

How To Kill The Half Guard

The half guard can be one of the most effective positions in BJJ and if you don't know how to stop it against an experienced player you will have fits. But.. there is hope! Fabio Holanda - "The Mastermind" has had some amazing wins as a competitor- defeated Kenny Florian and Murilo Santana and is a multiple time Brazilian Champion. In MMA he's trained some good guys too like Georges St. Pierre - Maybe you've heard of him? :)

Anyway, Fabio has a formula for killing the half guard and it flat out works. He is able to generate head pressure like no one else in the sport and we know it will work for you. We are so confident that we will give you a no questions asked Money Back Guarantee