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David McFadden His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

David McFadden His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is David McFadden?

David McFadden is a three time All American freestyle wrestler, he is passionate about wrestling and always knows how to bring the heat. David has an infectious energy about himself as he embodies the will of a true wrestler. The two time ACC champion has been a successful wrestler at every level in his career.

Who Is David McFadden?

David McFadden is a three time All American freestyle wrestler, he is passionate about wrestling and always knows how to bring the heat. David has an infectious energy about himself as he embodies the will of a true wrestler. The two time ACC champion has been a successful wrestler at every level in his career.

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David attended DePaul Catholic High School which is a private school in Wayne, New Jersey. Wrestling at 145 lbs David became the New Jersey state champion back to back in 2014 and 2015. David also placed second in the 2014 Junior Nationals and finished his high school career with an incredible record of 118 wins and only 8 losses.

David entered college and became a Hokie in 2015 joining up with the Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg Virginia. David started college with a bang, by picking up defeats against ranked opponents in Tyler McNutt and Luke Zilverberg. He continued his onslaught of the competition by helping his team defeat Michegan at the Inaugural National Duals Championship Series. He monstered his way through the 165 lbs division at the ACC Championships, finishing third. With his stellar year he ended up earning his first ever All American honours.

David missed the next season with a terrible knee injury he suffered during the 2016 NCAA Championships. After rehabbing his injury he came back in 2017 with a vengeance going 17 - 2 and winning the 165 lbs title at the Cleveland State Open. He backed it up by winning the Franklin and Marshall Open defeating MJ Robinson (17 - 1) by tech fall.

The next year he placed fifth as a 165 pounder in what most people described as the most stacked division in the nation. David went 35 wins with only 2 losses setting a new program record of .945 win percentage. David was the first Virginia Tech wrestler since 2001 to go 29 - 0 in a perfect regular season. David then put on an epic display defeating Zach Finesilver 22 - 9 to win his first ACC Championship.

The next season David became the third ever Hokie, joining Devon Carter and Solomon Chishko, to secure All American honours in two different weight classes. Going into the 2019 ACC Championship he was the top seed and went on to win his second conference title. David also represented the United States at 79 kg at the U23 World Championships in Romania.

David McFadden graduated from Virginia Tech securing a degree in human movement. His aspirations then led him to Philadelphia in hopes of making the US Olympic team, while he started training and coaching at the Pennsylvania Regional Training Centre.

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How Old Is David McFadden?

David McFadden was born in West Milford New Jersey in 1997 making him 24 years of age.

David McFadden’s Family!

Growing up in New Jersey David had a lust for competitive sports and his family encouraged his ambitions to become an Olympian. Heavily influenced by his father David would join in the ranks of wrestling as the phenomenal athlete went from strength to strength.

Growing up in a Catholic family just gave David the drive he needed to succeed. His love of God and his family inspired him to reach amazing heights as he won titles and set records. Setting himself up for an incredible future, David maintains that his father has always been his driving force.

How Much Is David McFadden Worth?

David McFadden has been a remarkable athlete throughout his high school and college years. His ambition to reach the top has held him in high esteem to his peers. Through his successes in wrestling and his willingness to adapt to his environments David’s wealth is on the rise which is reported to be heading up to six figures.

How Tall Is David McFadden?

David McFadden is 6 feet and 1 inch tall which is the equivalent of 185 centimetres.

How Much Does David McFadden Weigh?

David McFadden weighs in at 174 lbs or 79 kg, David has also competed at 165 lbs which is 74 kg. As a high school wrestler David competed at 145 lbs (65kg) and more recently David is set to compete as a 184 pounder which is 83kg.

David McFadden’s Fight List!

David McFadden has fought some of the toughest wrestlers going around, and he has done this at several different weight classes. David’s flexibility to go from 74kg to 84kg has him in high regards to the wrestling community. His fight list includes names like; Blake Ruolo, Jordan Amine, Tyler McNutt, Daniel Bullard, Anthony Valencia, Evan Wick, Gordon Wolf and Chandler Rogers. 

David McFadden’s Best Fight Of All Time!

David competed in an all star studded weight class in 2018 where he finished 5th overall at the NCAA Championships. He had memorable wins over Zach Finesilver, Anthony Valencia, and the formidable Evan wick before eventually losing to the National Champion Vincenzo Joseph of the powerhouse Penn state. He went on to pin Iowa’s Alex Marinelli 5 minutes into their bout to help set the new program record.

Who Did David McFadden Lose To?

David McFadden has won a lot of fights in numerous weight classes, but he has had some losses along the way and the defeat to the Army’s Ben Harvey by a 5 - 3 decision in sudden victory overtime, is one that still stings the former Virginia Tech Hokie. 

David McFadden’s Records!

David McFadden finished High School with an amazing record of 118 - 8. His College record was also extremely formidable with 107 wins with only 22 losses. David has set plenty of records including the best ever program win percentage of .945. He has also set an impressive record, to go 27 - 0 becoming only the third Hokie ever to achieve this. Another record David set was to achieve All American honours in two different weight classes. David’s honour list includes; 3 time All American honours (2016,2018,2019) 2 time ACC Champion (2018,2019) 79kg U23 World Team Member (2018) 2016 ACC Freshman of the year and 4 time NCAA Qualifier.

David McFadden’s Injuries!

David McFadden suffered a horrible ACL tear in the 2016 NCAA Championships. He had his knee reconstructed and spent most of 2017 rehabbing his injury. Although he was in bad shape he always remained positive and bounced back with an impressive next few years of wrestling.

Is David McFadden Retired?

David McFadden is still in the prime of his life and has finished with his college career. He has recently joined up with the Drexel Wrestling Program as a volunteer assistant coach. David McFadden has quoted “Not only does joining Drexel allow me to keep training and competing, but it also allows me to impact the Drexel University Wrestling team directly” David has aspirations to compete at the Olympic level and continue on and win more conference titles.

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