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Gordon Ryan's Metamorphosis

Gordon Ryan's Metamorphosis


Throughout the last few years we have seen Gordon Ryan go through a complete body overhaul; going from a tall and long-limbed teenager to a strong and muscled adult. Throughout this transformation he has not only gained muscle and strength, but he also lost a huge advantage he had early on in his career- his height differential. Moving up a weight class has now put him near equal to most of his opponents in that category, which forced him to address his attack and defense style. 

He no longer had the advantage of longer limbs for triangles or closed guard positions, so he had to learn how to use his new body and make it work for him as well as his old one had, just in a new way. He has recently added in mixed martial arts training to his long list of goals and acknowledges the different style of training he has had to undergo in order to be successful on the ground and in stand up fights. 

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Some things have stayed the same in his approach, mostly in his mental game and tenacity. Gordon stands behind his ‘never quit’ attitude and commitment to his training schedule, something that is always much easier said than done. He continues to be a person that is ever evolving and adding new skills to his arsenal, starting as a nogi competitor and quickly gaining the same prowess in the gi, he is now slaving away on the mats and the ring once again to prove his capability in all facets of martial arts. Though there is definitely a special light in Gordon Ryan, he has something that we should all be working towards and can easily adopt into our own training mindsets. If you want to see what your full Jiu Jitsu potential is, follow his lead! 

Of course a big asset to Ryan was and is the support and guidance of his coaches and training partners. Choosing a professor and school that work best with your goals and personality is so important, and something that might take you a while or it might fall into your lap. The martial arts community is so tight knit and familial that leaving a gym might seem incredibly intimidating, but if it is truly to gain a training benefit that is not available to you where you currently are, then there should be no hard feelings or resentment. Don’t burn bridges, expand your highway. 

The next thing is something that nobody can give you other than yourself, grit and mental fortitude. To get to the top you will have to be willing to fight for it, train hard, expect the lows in order to reach the highs. 

In terms of body change, if you are looking to gain muscle and still be flexible, spry and quick then Gordon Ryan is a great person to look up to. His program “Getting Swole as a grappler” is a great place to learn his approach. You will learn that weight training is obviously a big part of him being able to add muscle onto his body frame, but incorporating other things like stretching are also so important to remember in order for your body to remain pliable and less at risk for injury. 

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Mental aspects of weight gain and a balanced lifestyle will also be addressed 

during these lessons. Lastly, but definitely not least, is nutrition; Gordon shares his nutrition plan and a few recipes he has used in his metamorphosis to help you with your own. Whether you are looking to gain weight to reach the top of your weight class, are going through a transition in body shape and need to supplement with added muscle or are simply looking to move into a new and stronger body this is the program for you! Get going! 

Check out Gordon's health, fitness and nutrition DVD "Getting Swole As A Grappler". This is a complete guide to get you in shape, on weight, and all around a better grappler. Check it out here!


Getting Swole As A Grappler By Gordon Ryan


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