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There is an old story about one of Johnny Cash's guitar players where an interviewer asked him what his thoughts were on the rising crop of up and coming guitar players who were playing songs that may have been more technically flashy and perhaps faster.  It is said that he paused and simply said that some people are looking for something, while some have already found it.  This musician was content knowing he was good at what he did and was not interested in necessary chasing something that was faster or more technically proficient. The art of music and the...

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Leg and foot locks have long carried an air of controversy which continues to this day.  The murky history of the development and subversion of the leg game allegedly begins with the legendary rivalry between the Gracie's and the branch of the jiu jitsu family tree headed up by Luiz Franca.  The story goes that Oswalda Fadda and his group of students challenged Helio Gracie and his top students to challenge matches.  Legend tells us that the Fadda group with it's knowledge and use of foot locks defeated many of the Gracie students.  It is alleged that this was the...

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Much has been written about the painful shoulder submission, the Kimura.  The powerful technique where one controls the wrist of their opponent with a powerful figure-four grip on one's own wrist and utilizes leverage to torque the shoulder by driving the opponent's wrist backwards towards their spine.  The technique has many names, in Japanese, it is ude-garami which also can be used to describe more common Americana lock.  In catch wrestling the move is also called the double wristlock.   The name Kimura was given to the reverse ude-garami after the famous match between, arguably the most famous judoka in...

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