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So you want to play half guard? Well you better find a good way of dealing with the Whizzer.  Half guard is one of the most popular guards in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and any form of submission grappling.  This is because it is effective in all forms of combat including self-defense.  The half guard is a staple in history for BJJ.  This is one of the first guards that many bjj practitioners will learn and one of the last that they will use.  So why half guard?  Half guard has many excellent options for sweeping your opponent, controlling your...

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Full mastery of a BJJ position can require so much study and breakdown of the sometimes dozens of minute elements that make up the successful execution of said position.  The perfect positioning may never be achieved, but that is no reason why we can't continue to examine it until we make it the best we possible can. Let's look at some of the basic elements of the bottom half guard with special emphasis on one of the most important and perhaps least considered pieces of a powerful half guard.  Without the proper use of this piece, your half guard game...

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Tom DeBlass is no stranger to the role of pressure in one's life.  Tom DeBlass is curently a world-class jiu jitsu competitor, a former multi-title Ring of Combat champion, Bellator and UFC veteran, a successful business owner and a leader of a growing jiu jitsu affiliation.   But Tom's life was not always filled with these successes.  As a child, he witnessed his father battle drug addiction and has lost close friends to violence. From the crushing impact of these events and his years training combat sports under the likes of Renzo Gracie and Ricardo Almeida, Tom has been able...

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