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Hit This EASY Wrist Lock Submission From Top Half Guard

Hit This EASY Wrist Lock Submission From Top Half Guard


Learn This Easy Wrist Lock From Top Half Guard by Fabiano Scherner

There is something quite beautiful the way Fabiano Scherner plays jiu jitsu. If you have been around the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu scene for some time, you will surely have heard of Fabiano. Fabiano is considered by many to be one of the all time greats. Fabiano has won the Black Belt Masters World 10 times in his career. His old school approach to BJJ attracts high profile students from all over the world, including UFC fighters Chael Sonnen and Paige Vanzant. His techniques and patience allows him to exert minimal strength and energy to dominate his opponents. Sometimes referred to as “old man jiu jitsu,” Fabiano’s mastery of the fundamentals is what makes his game adaptable at any age and any belt level.

Another one of Travis Stevens best submissions is the wrist lock... and he hits it from everywhere. If you're looking to up your submission game, check out these dirty, dirty wrist locks :)


Today we are going to look at an easy wrist lock from top half guard. Often times when you think of top half guard, you think about ways to pass. But this simple submission is one that will surprise your opponent, and it is likely to frustrate them because it is such a stupid simple submission that it is annoying to tap to. Watch the video of Fabiano Scherner demonstrating the wrist lock below and then we will break down his technique. Check it out now!

Fabiano starts off with by showing how you exploit your opponent’s defense to get the wrist lock. Often times your opponent is going to try and frame away at your shoulder which is actually something you can use to your advantage. At this point you can trap your training partner’s arm. His wrist will be stuck on your shoulder, his arm is trapped under your chin, and you control his shoulder. By scooping the shoulder and pressuring forward you tighten the pressure on his wrist and now his arm is really stuck. From here you can pass your opposite arm to the other side of your opponent’s head to really tighten up the lock. Now grab his elbow and pull it out, and the tap is right there.

By using your opponent’s natural inclination to frame against your shoulder, you can exploit his defensive posture for a really quick and brutal submission. Remember, wrist locks are everywhere. It is an easy joint to exploit because it is so weak. Take these wrist lock concepts and keep them in mind if you ever have an arm trapped. It may just be what you need to nail a quick submission on a difficult training partner.

Did you know that Judo Olympic Silver Medalist, and John Danaher Black Belt thinks that the easiest Submission in BJJ Is Right Under Your Nose and You’re Missing It - The Wrist Lock.

Travis Stevens is widely regarded as one of the best grapplers on the planet, and uses wrist locks as a great equalizer in his training and competition. He uses wrist locks to create openings, as well as submit his opponents - even BJJ black belts - in positions that they would never expect



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