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Slick Hip Heist Series By Tom DeBlass - Finish With Kimura Or Back


Learn This Hip Heist Series by Tom DeBlass

Tom DeBlass’ list of grappling accomplishments is long, and full of some of the most revered and prestigious accolades. He is a 3 time ADCC veteran. He is a Fight To Win pro Main Event Winner, ADCC North American Champion, 2016 ADCC American Nationals Absolute Champion, ADCC NY Super Fight Champion, 2013 Black Belt No Gi Pan American Champion, a UFC Veteran, a Bellator veteran, Ring of Combat Champion and more. Tom is one of the most sought after American grappling athletes and instructors in the world. His no nonsense approach to grappling along with his straight from the heart mix of advice and humor makes him an excellent teacher and inspiration to up and coming grapplers. Today we are going to look at the hip heist series from Tom DeBlass. The hip heist is great because it keeps your opponent guessing.

The hip switch is such a vital part of the butterfly guard and one of it's variations, the half butterfly guard. This is one of Tom Deblass's favorite jiu jitsu guard to attack sweeps, defend the pass, and hit a lot of leg attacks.


In the video below, Tom details the importance of the Hip Heist as a concept to gain a more advantageous position over your opponent. Watch the video demonstration from Tom DeBlass now and then we will discuss his technique below. Check it out!

It is important to always stay dynamic and keep moving when rolling with your training partner. There is a common misconception that the only way to get on top is to reverse your opponent’s position. However, if they give you an opportunity to stand up you should stand up. The goal is to make your training partner uncomfortable. The more uncomfortable they are they more tired they are going to get, which is better for you. If your partner sits up in your guard it is the perfect opportunity to go for the hip heist. By framing against your partner’s shoulder you can pull your bottom leg out to get to your knees. This forces your partner to grab your leg, and from here you can stuff his head, control his posture and lock up a kimura grip. If your partner stands you simply sit right back down, which gives you entries at his hips, allowing you to create the space and angles necessary to be offensive. If your partner traps your leg when you get up to your knees you can pull your foot to the outside which is very easy to do. Now you can sprawl heavy on top of your partner and go through the same process to start attacking kimuras, or even take his back.

The key concept behind the hip heist series is to stay dynamic when fighting from bottom guard. By changing levels and keeping your opponent guessing at how you want to attack, you control the pace of the fight, and can wear a guy out, or cause him to make a mistake out of frustration. This is really good advice from Tom DeBlass. Hopefully the hip heist series gives you some concepts to take into your next roll.

Tom DeBlass has never had his guard passed in competition, and cites the half butterfly guard as one of the best guards to defend the guard pass, as well as attack the legs. The half butterfly guard is your secret to leg lock submissions from the bottm. The half butterfly will allow you to dominate those young and athletic guys using simple "locks" that will keep your opponents contained in your guard, and develop one of the most leg lock attacks.



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