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The Best Side Control Escape?? - By Nick Tissue

The Best Side Control Escape?? - By Nick Tissue


Super Effective Side Control Escape by Nick Tissue

Side control is one of those standard positions we are all familiar with. If you have spent any time on the mats in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you will be familiar with both top and bottom side control. In bottom side control, your primary goal is to get into a more advantageous position. Escapes are your primary defense as you are not in a position to attack for submissions. Therefore it is worth having a strong understanding of how to escape from an attacker’s side control. For the attacker, this is a great position. There are submissions and transitions into other controlling and dominant positions. For the defender, time is of the essence. With all that in mind today we are going to be taking a look at a super effective side control escape as demonstrated by Nick Tissue. Watch the video below and then we will break down his technique. Check it out now!

Nick Tissue starts the demonstration from bottom side mount. By keeping your head very heavy and framing against your opponent’s arm you limit his ability to prevent a quick choke. If your training partner decides to go across your head to attack your arm you do not just want let him isolate your arm. If you feeling progressing hang on to that arm until you can slip underneath him. Once you hide your arms away it is very important that you flare your hands up and you start walking yourself until your hips are underneath your training partner. From here you should be able to shrimp and escape much easier. If his pressure is too heavy you can always wait to pass his arm again should he go for another submission attempt. With your hands inside and tight you can control your opponent at his shoulder, preventing him from getting full control. If your training partner loosens up you have another opportunity to shrimp and escape. The whole idea behind this technique is basically just to focus on keeping your arm from becoming isolated by your opponent. If he does not have control over your arm you will have as easier time bumping, shrimping and escaping.

This is an excellent technique from Nick Tissue. Being stuck in bottom side guard can often be a very frustrating exchange, especially if your opponent has control over your arm and is attempting a submission. So the next time you are drilling side control escape, remember these excellent tips by Nick Tissue on how to prevent any of this from happening. Give yourself as much of your body to use as possible. Have four limbs is better than having three.

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