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Three Tips for White Belts

Three Tips for White Belts


Easy Ideas To Get Ahead At White Belt...

Being a new white belt is kind of like being a freshman in high school. The novelty of the situation combined with the natural awkwardness associated with being a newbie can induce many to make mistakes that can inhibit their progress. Because this is something every student goes through, it might be helpful to learn the correct approach to Jiu Jitsu as early as possible. These tips mostly stem from the mistakes I made when I was new and affected me until my late blue belt days.

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The first mistake many new students make and continue to make even as they earn new belts is that they don’t drill the techniques to perfection. They often go through the motions mindlessly forgetting the necessary details that make techniques effective. If something is drilled wrong, it will be done wrong when used during rolling or a competition. This can severely hinder a grappler’s performance and must be a mistake that they fix.

The next tip, and this happens with most, but not all, is the need to relax when you roll. Because Jiu Jitsu seems aggressive in nature, and it can be, white belts often go harder and faster than they know. These people become known as the spazzy white belts and are often responsible for many preventable injuries. I always tell new students to relax and focus on trying the techniques they learn as it is a much better use of their rolling time than trying to kill everyone.

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Finally, many white belts are attracted to some of the newer flashy moves that have taken over the internet and they begin to favor those over the fundamentals. I have no issue with learning moves like that, but it is vital to also build a strong fundamentals game because the fundamental techniques often teach important lessons like how to use leverage and wedges which are used at a more complicated level in advanced Jiu Jitsu.

These are three easy tips new students can implement to become more efficient at improving. Jiu Jitsu is a long journey and it isn’t going to go anywhere, so don’t be in a rush, and get better the right way.

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