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Angelica Delgado Her Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Angelica Delgado Her Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Angelica Delgado?

Angelica Delgado is an American born athlete who competes all over the world in Judo. She has won over 20 World Cup medals and has been involved in the sport of Judo since she was a child. Angelica is a veteran as a Judoka and has had nearly 300 Judo fights. Angelica has been so close to winning several high class tournaments and she also has competed as an Olympian on more than one occasion.

Who Is Angelica Delgado?

Angelica Delgado is an American born athlete who competes all over the world in Judo. She has won over 20 World Cup medals and has been involved in the sport of Judo since she was a child. Angelica is a veteran as a Judoka and has had nearly 300 Judo fights. Angelica has been so close to winning several high class tournaments and she also has competed as an Olympian on more than one occasion.

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Angelica Delgado competed in Judo while attending John A. Ferguson Senior High School in Miami, Florida. She competed in several tournaments but was unable to secure any medals in 2009. Throughout 2010 Angelica kept on competing in Judo events where she claimed two bronze medals in IJF World Cups in America and South America. In late 2010 Angelica claimed her first Gold medal at the IJF World cup in Samoa.

The next few years would see Angelica win more Bronze medals in IJF World Cups and Pan American Championships all over the world. Angelica also graduated from Florida International University where she majored in Psychology.

2014 and 2015 became even more productive for Angelica as she continued competing all over the world. She visited places like Germany, France, Turkey, Hungary, Canada, Croatia, Kazakhstan and Cuba among many others. Angelica won 5 silver medals, 4 bronze medals and another Gold medal at the Pan American Championships.

In 2016 Angelica won 3 more Pan American bronze medals and a silver medal at the IJF Grand Slam in Abu Dhabi. The highlight of Angelica’s career came when she achieved the honour of competing at the Rio De Janeiro Olympics. Although she didn’t medal she maintains it was definitely the high point of her career.

Over the next three years Angelica would continue to compete at every major event possible. Her extensive list of places she visited has made her one of the most travelled Judoka in the history of Judo. Angelica achieved more bronze and silver medals at the Pan American Championships, IJF Grand Prix, European Championships, IJF Grand Slam and the Oceana Open. 

Angelica entered the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, as she was focused on winning Olympic Gold. Unfortunately for Angelica she did not place at the games. Angelica has quoted that “Anytime I overcome adversity. It reaffirms my purpose to be the best. Also, the moment I step on the mat and everything becomes quiet and I become hyper-focused and aware.” Angelica’s mindset is one of inspiration in the face of adversity.

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How Old Is Angelica Delgado?

Angelica Delgado was born in Miami Florida on the 14th of December in 1990, she is currently 30 years of age.

Angelica Delgado’s Family?

Angelica grew up in Miami inside of a loving and supportive family that consisted of her father Miguel Angel Delgado, her mother Teresa Delgado and her brother Miguel Angel delgado Jr. Angelica’s parents sacrificed everything to help their daughter achieve greatness. Angelica’s father was the most influential person in her life, Angelica has stated she would have never put a Gi on if it wasn’t for her father. Angelica’s father was on the national Cuban team for Judo and is accredited for teaching Angelica Judo in their backyard when she was 9 years old.

How Much Is Angelica Delgado Worth?

Angelica Delgado has spent over a decade travelling around the world competing in Judo tournaments. Her passion for Judo has helped her accumulate an extensive amount of wealth over her incredible career. Angelica has a net worth that is reported to be over 3 million dollars and is steadily increasing.  

How Tall Is Angelica Delgado?

Angelica Delgado is 5 feet and 2 inches tall which is the equivalent to 157 centimetres. 

How Much Does Angelica Delgado Weigh?

Angelica Delgado has spent her career competing in the 52 kilogram division which equates to 114 lbs.

Angelica Delgado’s Fight List!

Angelica Delgado has competed against a tremendous number of Judo athletes in her career. Her ability to travel the world and compete in prestigious tournaments has given Angelica a diverse experience into the competitive world of Judo. She has taken on athletes like; Joana Ramos, Larissa Pimenta, Paulina Martinez, Tinka Easton, Irem Korkmaz, Agata Perenc, Amber Rhyeul, Yulia Kazarina, Giulia Pierucci, Erika Miranda and Kristene Jimenez. Angelica has also fought Luz Olvera 6 times for 6 wins.

Angelica Delgado's Best Fight of All Time!

Angelica Delgado has had many stunning matches in her career, she has been extremely close to winning multiple titles all over the world. There are not many athletes that have won so many Silver and Bronze medals in their careers. Unfortunately for Angelica she has just fallen short in so many tournaments. One of her best tournaments came in 2015 when she won Gold at the Pan American Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When asked, Angelica would say that her best fights ever came when she competed in Rio De Janeiro at the Olympic Games. It was always Angelica’s childhood dream to become an Olympian, and in 2016 all her dreams came true. Even though she finished 5th she was extremely proud of her achievements. 

Who Did Angelica Delgado Lose To?

Angelica Delgado has lost to world class athletes in her quest to be the number #1 Judoka in the world. Her list includes; Sonya Clarke, Jennie Andreasson, Corina Stefan, Rafaela Silva, Raquel Silva, Marie Muller, Misato Nakamura, Ana Carrascosa, Andressa Fernandes, Meriem Moussa, Mariia Buiok, Laura Gomez, Jing Liu, Astride Gneto and Gili Cohen. Angelica has also had a rivalry against the Romanian born Canadian Pan American Champ Ecaterina Guica, who she has fought 11 times in her career with the head to head 4 wins to 7 in favour of the Canadian.

Angelica Delgado’s Record!

Angelica Delgado has a Judo fight record of 144 wins with 139 losses giving her a win percentage of 50.9. One of her best seasons came in 2015 the year she won Gold at the Pan Pacifics, where she won 20 matches out of 34 giving her a win percentage of 58.8.

Angelica’s list of honours include; Pan Pacific Gold (2015) IJF World Cup Gold (2010) IJF World Cup Bronze ( 2010, 2011, 2012) Pan American Silver (2014, 2015, 2018, 2019) Pan American Bronze (2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) IJF Grand Prix Silver (2019) IJF Grand Prix Bronze (2016, 2017, 2018) IJF Grand Slam Silver (2016) IJF Grand Slam Bronze (2020) Angelica has also competed at The Olympic Games (2016 rio and 2021 Tokyo)

Angelica Delgado’s Injuries!

Angelica Delgado has no reported injuries as a result of her Judo competitions. Her prowess in Judo has given Angelica the platform she needed to be successful all over the world. She is an incredible athlete with extensive experience in conditioning her body for competitive sports. 

Is Angelica Delgado Retired?

Angelica Delgado at 30 years of age is still an active Judoka, she is one of the most highly competitive athletes known throughout the Judo community. Angelica travels all over the world every year to compete, and her dreams of becoming an Olympic champion are still high on her list of moments to achieve. Angelica has reported she is highly anticipating a red hot go in the Paris Olympics in 2024.

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