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Sagi Muki His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Sagi Muki His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Sagi Muki?

Sagi Aharon Muki is a highly decorated Israeli Judoka, he has 25 years of experience in his martial art. Sagi has performed exceptionally well on the world stage, he is currently ranked number #2 in the world. Sagi has won a World Title in 2019 and has also won multiple titles including, European Championships, IJF Grand Slams, IJF Grand Prix Titles and an Olympic Bronze medal. 

Who Is Sagi Muki?

Sagi Aharon Muki is a highly decorated Israeli Judoka, he has 25 years of experience in his martial art. Sagi has performed exceptionally well on the world stage, he is currently ranked number #2 in the world. Sagi has won a World Title in 2019 and has also won multiple titles including, European Championships, IJF Grand Slams, IJF Grand Prix Titles and an Olympic Bronze medal. 

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Sagi Muki has been training in Judo since he was 4 years old, and he has a lot of love for his coach Oren Smadja who is a former Olympic medalist from the Barcelona games. In 2011 when Sagi was 19 years of age he won the U20 European Cup in Berlin, shortly after he claimed third at the next Euro Cup. The following year he found great pride in representing his country and won the Israeli Championship in the under 81kg division.

In 2013 Sagi would have a stellar year by winning multiple Judo titles. He won Gold at the European Open in Tbilisi in Georgia, he backed that up by winning more European Gold in Tallinn and Minsk in the under 73kg division. Later that year Sagi competed at the Israeli championship in the under 81 kg division, where he picked up another Gold medal.

In 2014 Sagi would light up the world stage as he won back to back tournaments in May and June. First it was Gold at the Baku Grand Slam in Azerbaijan, then he followed it up with an International Judo Federation World Tour Gold medal at the Havana Grand Prix. These wins propelled Sagi to a world ranking of #3 and by May of 2015 he was ranked #2 in the world in his weight class.

In 2015 Sagi represented Israel at the European games, in a very proud moment for his family he won Gold for his country. By the end of 2015 Sagi also won two bronze medals competing in the Paris Grand Slam and the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam. Sagi was on a high and was preparing himself for the Olympics in Rio for 2016.

At the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Sagi was excited as he represented Israel. He started off great as he beat the former European champ Rok Draksic with an ippon. He then defeated Igor Wandtke and Nicholas Delpopolo in the quarters and semi respectively. Sagi would finish 5th after losing his final two matches to Rustam Orujov and Lasha Shavdatuashvili. Sagi would not compete again until 2017 when he won back to back Gold medals competing in the Tashkent Grand Prix and the European games held in Tel Aviv.

In 2019 Sagi would again make Israel proud as he competed at the World championships held in Tokyo. Sagi won his first 4 matches by ippon, advancing into the Semi final he defeated Mohamed Abdelaal of Egypt by way of Waza-ari. In the final Sagi would defeat Matthias Casse of Belgium by another ippon, Sagi became the World champion and the #1 ranked Judoka in his weight class of under 81kg.   

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How Old Is Sagi Muki?

Sagi Muki was born in Netanya in Israel on the 17th of May 1992, he is currently 29 years of age.

Sagi Muki’s Family!

Sagi Muki was born and raised in Netanya in Israel, a place that was named in honour of Nathan Straus who was a prominent Jewish American merchant in the 20th century. Sagi was raised by his parents Rahamim and Orit Muki into a family of Mizrahi Jewish descent. Sagi grew up with exceptional skills in soccer as he was picked to be on the junior soccer team. Sagi also trained in Judo from the age of 4 and by the time he turned 8 he decided to turn all of his focus into Judo. Sagi resided with his parents right up until 2015, as he was training with the Wingate Institute of sports training facility which was easier for him to travel there.

How Much Is Sagi Muki Worth?

Sagi Muki has accumulated a comprehensive amount of wealth over his career as a Judoka. Sagi became the highest paid Israeli athlete due to his successes in Judo competitions. Sagi’s multiple Gold medals has seen his finance reach new heights, as his net worth is estimated as being as high as 4 million dollars.

How Tall Is Sagi Muki?

Sagi Muki is 5 feet and 11 inches tall which is equivalent to 180 centimetres.

How Much Does Sagi Muki Weigh?

Sagi Muki weighs in at 81 kilograms or (178 lbs) Sagi has also competed in another division at 73 kilograms or (161 lbs)

Sagi Muki’s Fight List!

Sagi Muki has been involved with Judo since he was 4 years old, the love he has for the sport is unmatched throughout the Judo world. As a proud Israeli he has fought many great Judoka like; Mikhail Igolnikov, Eduardo Santos, Fetra Ratsimiziva, Ivaylo Ivanov, Sami Chouchi, Abas Azizov and Fagan Guluzada. Sagi has also competed 8 times for 6 wins against one of his rivals in Matthias Casse of Belgium.

Sagi Muki's Best Fight Of All Time!

Sagi Muki has had many exceptional fights in his Judo career, He has won multiple titles including a World Championship, European Championship and Many Grand Slams. His best fights would come in 2015 when he competed at the European Judo Championship. Sagi Muki would defeat the reigning European Champion Dex Elmont in the quarter finals. Progressing his way through the event Sagi would reach the final against the Georgian Nugzar Tatalashvili, Sagi would end up throwing his opponent for an ippon with 28 seconds left on the clock. At the end of the match Sagi was so elated by the win he pointed to the Israeli flag on his Judogi. Sagi became the first Israeli men’s European Champion since the famous Ariel Ze’evi who won the title 4 times.

Who Did Sagi Muki Lose To?

Sagi Muki has lost his fair share of Judo bouts in his time, he has been defeated by athletes like; Giyosson Boboev, Frank DeWit, Anri Egutidze, Ruslan Mussayev, Vlad Visan, Jim Heijman and Antonio Esposito. Sagi Muki’s worst losses came in the Rio Olympics in 2016, after winning his first 3 bouts and looking like winning a medal, Sagi finished 5th after losing to Rustam Orujov and Lasha Shavdatuashvili.

Sagi Muki’s Record!

Sagi Muki has an amazing Judo record of 188 wins with only 72 losses giving him an overall win percentage of 72.3%. In 2019 when he won his World title he had a standout year only losing 3 fights out of 34 matches giving him a remarkable win percentage of 91.2%.

Sagi Muki has an honour list of; World Champion (2019) European Champion (2018) European Games Champion (2015) IJF Grand Slam Champion (2014, 2018, and twice in 2019) IJF Grand Prix (2014, 2017, 2019) World Masters Runner Up (2019) Tokyo Olympics Mixed Team Bronze (2021) Olympic Games 5th Place in Rio (2016)

Sagi Muki’s Injuries!

Sagi Muki has had an amazing career so far and his exceptional conditioning has left him free from any significant injuries.

Is Sagi Muki Retired?

Sagi Muki is still an active Judoka, he is in the prime of his life as he is still set on winning Olympic Gold. He is in preparation for the Paris games in 2024 and has high hopes.

Sagi Muki is also currently serving in the Israeli Defense Forces as a sergeant in the vehicle division at the Sde Dov Airbase.

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