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Firas Zahabi Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Firas Zahabi Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Firas Zahabi?

Firas Zahabi was born on February 5, 1980.  He was born in Quebec, Canada and grew up the son of Lebanese emigrants.

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Firas and his brothers were avid sports fans, especially football as played in America.  Firas Zahabi spent much of his youth playing on a variety of football teams.  He would not discover martial arts until 1998 when he was 18 years old.

Like many people at that time, Firas Zahabi found himself struck by the jiu jitsu bug after watching the second Ultimate Fighting Championship event.  The performance of Gracie Family representative Royce Gracie in that event inspired Firas to start searching for the nearest grappling school he could find.

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Sadly at this time, Jiu Jitsu had not yet grown to the size and popularity that it is today, so the bulk of Zahabi's early training was spent studying movements on his own and working with his brothers or friends when he could.

Around 2000, a student of the renowned black belt Renzo Gracie began teaching at a local gym in Motreal known as Tristar.  Firas Zahabi eagerly began his study of the gentle art and was soon adding striking classes to his schedule whenever possible.

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Because of his hunger and drive to learn more and more, Firas Zahabi was quickly promoted to blue belt with only 6 months worth of training.  After he achieved this important first step in the jiu jitsu journey, his Coach Angelo Exarhakos offered him an opportunity to join him as a coach to help provide more coverage at the gym, since Exarhakos could not be there every day.  

It was not long until Firas Zahabi's role at Tristar expand due to his coach needing to leave to focus on other responsibilities.  One of the first things Zahabi did when he took over as the primary jiu jitsu coach would be to focus soley on No Gi training at Tristar.

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Maintaining his coach schedule, along with his responsibilities outside of the gym, did not afford him a great deal of time to compete.  He holds a degree in philosophy from Concordia University in Montreal.

Another key influence in Firas' early BJJ development was Nova Uniao black belt Wagney Fabiano who had settled in Toronto in 1999.  This gave Firas another high level resource to visit and expand his own knowledge.

In the mid-2000s, the owner and founder of TriStar became too busy with other business interests and essentially gave Firas the keys to the academy for good.  Firas Zahabi would later purchase TriStar making it his own.  During this same time, he began training Georges St. Pierre who many consider the greatest mixed martial artist ever.


Georges St. Pierre would often make the journey from Canada to New York City to spend time with grappling's mad scientist and Renzo Gracie student John Danaher.  Danaher had begun building a group of jiu jitsu assassins and Georges' career was helped greatly through the guidance of Danaher and the training with the group, later to become known as the Danaher Death Squad.

Overtime, Firas Zahabi began traveling himself with Georges St. Pierre to NYC to spend time in the blue basement of Renzo Gracie's Academy to learn from Danaher as well.  This created a bond between TriStar and Renzo Gracie NYC that continues today with a number of world class competitors training between the two hot beds of grappling success.

Firas Zahabi was not only exposed to the massive combat mind of John Danaher, but he would also get to learn from and interact with BJJ superstars like Renzo's nephew Roger Gracie, arguably the greatest competitor ever, and Braulio Estima, two forces that have had a great influence on Firas Zahabi's approach to jiu jitsu and teaching.

Firas Zahabi would earn his black belt in jiu jitsu from John Danaher in 2011.

How Old is Firas Zahabi?

Firas Zahabi was born on February 5, 1980.  He is currently 41 years old.

Firas Zahabi Family

Firas Zahabi grew up with his siblings and parents who were of Lebanese heritage in Quebec, Canada.

Firas is married to his wife Melissa.  They have two sons and a daughter.

How Much is Firas Zahabi Worth?

 Firas Zahabi is estimated to have a net worth of between $100K and $1 Million dollars.

How Tall is Firas Zahabi?

Firas Zahabi is 5 feet, 9 inches tall.

How Much Does Firas Zahabi weigh?

Firas Zahabi weighs approximately 170 lbs.

Firas Zahabi Fight List

Firas Zahabi's career has been primarily as a Coach and instructor.  He has coached the likes of Georges St. Pierre and Rory McDonald, two of the best mixed martial artists in the history of the sport.

His gym TriStar has also done a great job producing world class grapplers who have gone on to split their time between their home gym and training/competing with the squad from America led by John Danaher.

Firas Zahabi's Best Fighter of All Time

It goes without saying that Firas Zahabi's best fighter of all-time is Georges St. Pierre.  Many argue that Georges St. Pierre retired from mixed martial arts long before he should have, but his career up to that point has certainly solidified his legacy as one of the best and most popular figures in mixed martial arts coached by Zahabi.

Who Did Firas Zahabi Lose to?

Firas Zahabi's prime focus was as a coach more so than as a competitor, so his combat stats are of less importance.

Firas Zahabi's Record

 He has led a number of the best MMA fighters to the highest stages of mixed martial arts.

Firas Zahabi  Injuries

The status of Firas Zahabi from the perspective of injuries is unknown.

Is Firas Zahabi Retired?

No, Firas Zahabi is not retired.  He is still an active coach, instructor and businessman running his TriStar academy.

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