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Johnny Johnson His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Johnny Johnson His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Johnny Johnson?

Johnny Johnson is a former collegiate wrestler from the University of Oklahoma. Johnny became a two time Division 1 All American, he was involved in two NCAA runner up teams and finished 6th at the Olympic Team Trials in 1984. Johnny is better known for his coaching resume with his 23 seasons as head coach of the UW Stevens Point Wrestling Program.

Raw Sphere Solo Drills by Johnny Johnson

After graduating from college Johnny Johnson became an assistant coach at the University of Minnesota. He articulated the development of young athletes for 8 seasons. Johnny was influential in building 18 All Americans, 10 Big Ten Champions and he led his team to a number 1 ranking in team duals. 

Before being appointed head coach of the Pointers, Johnny served as one of the top assistant coaches there. Johnny was also the State coach for the Wisconsin Wrestling Federation, during his time as an assistant Johnny was also a valued member of the National Coaching Pool. In 1996 Johnny took the Junior World Team as their head coach to compete in Russia.

By 1998 Johnny Johnson became the head coach of UW Stevens Point Wrestling Program. From 2002 through to 2006 Johnny led his team to 5 consecutive years of top 12 national finishes. During Johnny’s tenure as head coach the Pointers finished in the top 3 of the WIAC every season. In the 2003 - 2004 season the Pointers were undefeated in dual meets.

Johnny Johnson has been responsible for developing many talented wrestlers, his expert knowledge has seen 5 of his wrestlers win 6 NCAA Championships. Throughout Johnny’s coaching career he has developed 32 All American athletes, 27 WIAC Champions including 6 of them to win the John Peterson Outstanding Wrestler award. Johnny has had 46 NWCA Scholar All Americans including Mike Hayes, Jared Kust and Ben Vosters who all took out WIAC Max Sparger Scholar Athlete of the year awards. In 2015 Johnny’s Pointers finished 3rd as an NWCA Scholar All American Team.

More recently Johnny has served as the head coach to the first women's wrestling program. In 2020 in the first year of the program Johnny guided Jessika Rottier to the National Championships at 170 lbs. At their first ever dual meet the Pointers would beat Lakeland 24 - 19 as Alex Willette pinned her opponent in the 191 lbs division.

Combat Cardio by Orlando Folhes

How Old Is Johnny Johnson?

Johnny Johnson is a naitive of Oklahoma in the United States, he was born in 1962, he is currently 59 years of age.

Johnny Johnson’s Family!

Johnny Johnson grew up in Oklahoma in the 60's, a dangerous time for a kid growing up. With plenty of gang violence the city was filled with dangerous activity. Naturally Johnny's parents wanted him to learn self defense, so they would support him as he became a highschool and college wrestler. Johnny became extremely successful as he became a dual All American and gained considerable international experience.

Johnny Johnson now resides in Plover in Wisconsin with his wife Julie and his three children, his son Jesse and his two daughters Taylor and Gabrialla. 

How Much Is Johnny Johnson Worth?

Johnny Johnson has worked diligently over his career to ensure the development of his wrestling team. Throughout his 30 plus years of coaching, Johnny has steadily increased his financial position. With the success of his former collegiate wrestling days, combined with his long tenure as head coach of UW Stevens Point Program, Johnny has a net worth of over 5 million dollars.  

How Tall Is Johnny Johnson!

Johnny Johnson is 6 feet and 1 tall which is the equivalent of 185 centimetres. 

How Much Does Johnny Johnson Weigh?

Johnny Johnson weighs in at 230 lbs which is the equivalent of 105 kilograms.

Johnny Johnson’s Fight List!

Johnny Johnson has coached many exceptional athletes over his long and prestigious coaching career. He has coached NCAA Champions, All Americans, WIAC Champions and NWCA Scholar All Americans. Johnny’s list of athletes he has coached include; Jessika rottier, Alex Willette, Yan White, Cody Koenig, Brad Marten, Mike Hayes, Jared Kust, Ben Vosters and Logan Hermsen. 

Johnny Johnson’s Best Fight Of All Time!

Johnny Johnson has led many wrestlers to success through his expertise in coaching. In 2020 he led the first women's team to a winning dual meet, he also led Jessika Rottier to the National championships where she won the title at 170 lbs.

Johnny has also had success by taking 5 Pointer athletes to the NCAA Championships. Yan White became a three time national finalist and won the division title in 2002. Cody Koenig and Brad Marten both won division Championships in 2003. One of Johnny’s most recent successes as a coach was in 2017 when Logan Hermsen won his second division Championship.

Who Did Johnny Johnson Lose To?

In 2007 Johnny mentored 6 of his wrestlers and took them to the national meet, after some good wins and some losses the Pointers team finished in 10th place. In 2011 Johnny Johnson’s team finished in 8th place at the NWCA national duals. 

Johnny Johnson had some losses in his own professional wrestling career, in 1984 Johnny finished 6th in the Olympic team trials. He was also a part of two NCAA runner up teams, Johnny spoke about his disappointment he endured during some of his losses.

Johnny Johnson’s Record!

In Johnny Johnson’s professional wrestling career he accumulated a record of 112 wins with 12 losses. Wrestling for the Oklahoma Sooners, Johnny was a two time All American, 2 time runner up in the NCAA Championships, 6th place in the 1984 Olympic team trials and a part of 3 US National Teams including an alternate in the 1988 US Olympic Team.

In Johnny’s coaching career he has coached 55 wrestlers in the national meet with a WIAC dual record of 76 wins with 54 losses. Johnny has recently passed Marty Loy as the most successful coach by winning his 200th dual meet, Johnny is the second head coach in UWSP history to win more than 100 victories. In 2013 Johnny was named WIAC coach of the Year. The Pointers have finished in the top 3 in the WIAC every season that Johnny has been head coach. Johnny has trained 32 All Americans, 27 individual WIAC Championships including 6 John Peterson Outstanding Wrestler Awards and 46 NWCA Scholar All Americans.

Johnny Johnson’s Injuries!

There are no reports of Johnny Johnson having any kind of injuries throughout his professional career. Many of Johnny’s students have suffered various injuries throughout his coaching tenure. Johnny has expert knowledge from his credentials as an educator, that he uses to help develop the young wrestlers involved with the Pointers. Among developing their wrestling skills he offers guidance into the proper conditioning of his athletes. 

Is Johnny Johnson Retired?

Johnny Johnson has long since retired from professional wrestling competition. He is an expert coach with 36 years of experience, Johnny has been involved with UW Stevens Pointers for 23 years. Johnny has also been an assistant coach for Minnesota University for 8 years. Johnny completed his bachelor’s degree in journalism at Oklahoma and his master’s degree in education at UW Stevens Point. Johnny has developed the Adventure Education program in the School Physical Education and Athletic Training at UW Stevens Point. All of Johnny’s credentials and achievements have led to him being one of the top wrestling coaches in the United States.

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