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Jon Morrison: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Jon Morrison: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Jon Morrison?

Jon Morrison is a former All-American wrestler for Oklahoma State who now coaches the sport at the University of Maryland’s  regional DMV training facility. He grew up in Orland, Park, Illinois where he worked hard to become the 2007 Fargo Junior Freestyle National Champion and to take second place in the 2008 Junior Freestyle National Championships. By the end of his high school run, Morrison had won a stunning 170 matches. 

The Complete Bottom Wrestling System by Jon Morrison

Morrison began his 5-year college career in 2011, where he redshirted for the season as a 125 pounder. He remained at that for two seasons, before moving up to 133 pounds for the 2013-14 collegiate season. He performed well that year, amassing an impressive record of 30-8, with several wins over ranked opponents. It was this outstanding run as a sophomore that would earn Morrison his All-American title.

Jon Morrioson finished his time in the NCAA with two Big 12 Championships and was again named an All-American in his senior year at Oklahoma State. He didn’t leave after graduating, but continued to train at a local wrestling club for three more years, his sights set on the Olympics. He finished fourth at the 2015 World Team Trials and moved to Maryland shortly after to begin his coaching career.

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How Old is Jon Morrison?

John Morrison graduated high school in 2009, making him 30 years old in 2021.

Jon Morrison Family

Jon Morrison has not made details of his family life public. 

How Much is Jon Morrison Worth?

Unfortunately, Jon Morrison competed before the NCAA changed the rules to allow it’s athletes to profit off of their competitive careers. His net worth is not public.

How Tall is Jon Morrison?

Jon Morrison’s height is not public.

How Much Does Jon Morrison Weigh? 

Jon Morrison competed at two different weights in his college career. His first two years, as a redshirt and freshman, were at 125 pounds (56.5 kg). He decided to put on some weight between his freshman and sophomore year, coming back in 2011 to compete in the 133 pound (60 kg) division. He would stay at that weight for his next three seasons, finishing his fifth and final year without changing weight classes again.

Jon Morrison Fight List

Jon Morrison competed in around 180 matches in high school and 125 in college, making his combined total somewhere north of 300 bouts. 

Jon Morrison's Best Fight of All Time

Jon Morrison had many amazing matches, but one of his brightest moments came early in his career and signaled greatness. Morrison beat Missouri's number one ranked competitor and won the national title before ever stepping foot onto a college campus.

Who Did Jon Morrison Lose To?

Jon Morrison had some tough matches in his career. One of them came at the hands of Iowa’s star wrestler Tony Ramos. Going into the second half of his senior year, Ramos was the only competitor to beat Morrison on the mat.

Jon Morrison Record

Jon Morrison has an official NCAA record for four collegiate seasons, from 2010-2014:

  • During the 2010-11 season: 18 wins || 8 losses
  • During the 2011-12 season: 21 wins || 10 losses
  • During the 2012-13 season: 30 wins || 8 losses || Big 12 Champion || All-American
  • During the 2013-14 season: 27 wins || 3 losses || Big 12 Champion

Jon Morrison Injuries

Jon Morrison’s injuries came exceptionally early in his career, affecting his career most during his quiet redshirt freshman year. Lingering injuries and a sudden hospitalization for a leg injury kept him from performing in the upcoming Big 12 tournament as the number 1 seed.

Is Jon Morrison Retired?

Jon Morrison seems to have retired from competition after his respectable finish at the World Trials in 2015. After that Olympic year passed, Morrison moved from Oklahoma to Maryland and began a coaching career. He began at a local wrestling club and was eventually hired as the head coach for the University of Maryland's regional DMV training center.

In his time giving back to the sport, Jon Morrison has passed on a huge amount of knowledge built from competing in the sport for a decade. He has created a video product in conjunction with BJJ Fanatics in order to help Jiu Jitsu players navigate the wrestling game more effectively. His “Complete Bottom Wrestling System” is available now.

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