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Kamil Wilk: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Kamil Wilk: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Kamil Wilk?

Kamil Wilk is a Polish black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of martial arts. He is an active professional grappler on the international scene, and has started fighting professional mixed martial arts as of March 2022.

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Wilk is a proud representative of the Zenith BJJ organization, which was founded in 2012 by noted champions Robert Drysdale and Rodrigo Cavaca. As a worldwide organization active in several different countries, Zenith had options for the Polish native, and he happily trains at one of their two Polish affiliate locations.

Wilk is perhaps best known in the combat sports world as an international grappling competitor. He’s appeared on several superfight promotions and major competitions, including the middle eastern ADCC events and even the 2017 ADCC World Championships.

One of his biggest grappling opportunities came in October of 2021, when Wilk had a chance to shine on a card headlined by two massive names: Davi Ramos Craig Jones. Polaris 17 was a packed event and Wilk’s performance, with a strong showing in his match, didn’t disappoint.

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Wilk is also an up-and-coming professional mma fighter. He competed very recently- in March of 2022, and won his first professional victory on the CFN, Contender Fight Night, Promotion’s sixth event. In that bout, Wilk put on a strong show, where he battled Mariusz Olesek to a unanimous decision through three hard fought rounds. 

Finally, Wilk is a great wealth of knowledge in the nogi game who can stand toe-to-toe with the best leg lockers on earth. He loves the modern game and enjoys watching it develop even as he continues to be an active part of the scene. 

How Old is Kamil Wilk?

Kamil Wilk was born in Poland in 1990. He is 32 years old as of 2022.

Kamil Wilk Family

Not much has been written or published about Kamil Wilk’s family. He maintains a private life, preferring to focus on the sport when speaking publicly or in interviews. He has a young child with whom he has proudly posed for pictures after winning recent competitions.

How Much is Kamil Wilk Worth?

Kamil Wilk’s net worth is not public information. He is a regular competitor on the European grappling scene and an online coach who creates instructionals to share his knowledge of the game, particularly the leglocks that he has chosen to specialize in.

How Tall is Kamil Wilk?

As is often the case with grapplers, who record only their weight for competition, Kamil Wilk’s height is not published. As a 155 pound grappler, he is likely on the shorter side.

How Much Does Kamil Wilk Weigh? 

Kamil Wilk competes at 155 pounds, or about 70 kg. This is considered light weight under the IBJJF rule set. He’s also competed as high as 185 and as low as 145, proving his versatility as a competitor.

Kamil Wilk Fight List

As with many grapplers, Kamil Wilk has had far too many matchups to list them all here. To get an idea of his prowess on the mat, we can get an understanding of his talent by looking at the competitions where he’s entered and often won:

  • 2017 ADCC World Championships
  • 2018 ADCC UK British Open
  • 2018 ADCC Hungarian Open
  • 2018 ADCC Irish Open
  • 2018 ADCC European Championship
  • 2018 Austrian Open Championship
  • 2019 Polaris 10
  • 2019 Grapple Fest 6
  • 2020 Polaris 15: Squads
  • 2020 ADCC Czech Open
  • 2021 Grappling Industries Vienna
  • 2021 Polaris 17: Jones vs. Ramos
  • 2022 ADCC Europe, Middle East & African Trials
  • 2022 ADCC Europe, Middle East & African Championships

Kamil Wilk's Best Fight of All Time

For a fighter and professional grappler like Kamil Wilk, it’s hard to nail down one shining moment above everything else. After making it to the 2017 World Championships, which was undoubtedly one of his proudest achievements, Wilk worked hard for years to climb back to the top, competing in several European Opens along the way.

He is no doubt proud of his most recent run at the Europe, Middle East & African Trials which led to a bid in the same Championship. Although he didn’t come out on top of the brackets, he made it once again to the highest levels of the sport. There’s bound to be more greatness to come from the ever-active Wilk in years to come.

Who Did Kamil Wilk Lose To?

Along with the amazing highlights come the darker moments that drive a true competitor to even greater success. Kamil Wilk’s toughest loss was likely against Geo Martinez in the 2017 ADCC World Trials. Martinez is a known assassin on the nogi scene, and feared for his loose, flexible, attacking style. Wilk fought hard and avoided being subbed by the former break-dancing prodigy, but was unable to come away with the victory after getting outscored 3-2 and losing by decision.

Kamil Wilk Record

Wilk has competed in so many countries and promotions that it’s impossible to compile his record in one place here. 

With MMA, it’s a little simpler: WIlk is 1-0 as a professional fighter after his recent debut in March of 2022.

Kamil Wilk Injuries

Wilk has not been public with any injuries and has remained fairly active throughout his career. It’s no stretch to imagine that he’s had his fair share of setbacks, but nothing major that required a break from the sport. 

Is Kamil Wilk Retired?

Kamil Wilk is not retired in any sense of the word. He continues to compete internationally in the BJJ circuit as a black belt representing Zenith. Kamil is also well on his way to a successful MMA career after his recent debut victory.

Finally, Kamil Wilk is an accomplished teacher. He has worked hard to sharpen his craft not only as a competitor, but as a creator of instructional videos. He’s worked with BJJ Fanatics to film some amazing content, like his “Leg Locks from the East”. In this product, you’ll pick up some tips for the nasty leg setups, traps, and finishes Wilk is known for. Don’t miss out on a chance to start improving your leglocks with this three volume series today!

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