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Alex Huddleston: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Alex Huddleston: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Alex Huddleston?

Alex Huddleston, also known as “The Shaved Gorilla”, is a professional mixed martial artist and an international Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor. A veteran of international fight promotions Titan Fight Club and Inoki Genome Federation, he competed most recently in Bellator MMA’s heavyweight division. Huddleston is also a black belt Jiu-Jitsu coach and athlete. Since his last MMA fight in November of 2015, Huddleston has competed solely in Jiu-Jitsu circles, particularly in promoter Seth Daniels’ Fight 2 Win Pro events.

The Lapel Guard Blue Print by Alex Huddleston

Huddleston got his official start in mixed martial arts late in life, at age 23, in 2009. After two years of training, in 2011, Huddleston went pro inside the octagon for a July bout against Daniel Gallemore. He was successful in his initial outing, winning a unanimous decision.

Over the next two years, Huddleston took four more fights in various MMA promotions for a combined professional record of 4-1. His wins were mostly via decision and tko, although he did have a single submission victory, by arm triangle, that would foreshadow his eventual crossover into competitive grappling.

After making some noise in the smaller promotions, The Shaved Gorilla caught the attention of Bellator MMA’s brand new hire, and the former promoter of StrikeForce, Scott Coker. Huddleston made his first Bellator walk in October of 2014 to meet Derek Bohi in the octagon. When the two fought three years previously, in Titan FC, Huddleston stopped Bohi in the second round with a flurry of punches.

Things went even worse for Bohi this time around, as Alex was able to run him over with more punches, this time only part way into the first round. This was a motivating start for Huddleston, who went on to compete under the Bellator banner twice more before making a permanent switch to competition grappling.

After his closely contested loss to Augusto Sakai in November of 2015, Huddleston unofficially retired from MMA and started to set his sights on competition-level grappling. He is a black belt who coaches up and coming athletes out of Easton’s in Colorado. Although he is a frequent guest on F2W’s cards, he has also competed in IBJJF events such as the Pan-American Championships and the World Masters Championships.

Mastering The Lapel Guard Volume 2: The Galaxy Guard Intermediate by Braulio Estima

How Old is Alex Huddleston?

Alex Huddleston is 35 years old as of 2021. He was born on August 11 in 1986 in Missouri.

Alex Huddleston Family

Alexander is married to fellow combat athlete Elizabeth Huddleston. She has competed internationally in the Jiu-Jitsu circuit as a black belt, including showings at the Fight 2 Win Pro promotion and the 2018 Pan American games. She won a bronze medal in 2021 at the IBJJF World Masters Championships as a brown belt in the Masters 1 division.

How Much is Alex Huddleston Worth?

Alex Huddleston’s net worth is not available. 

How Tall is Alex Huddleston?

Alex Huddleston is a giant person, standing 6’6” tall, or 78 inches. His reach is even longer, an impressive 81.5 inches. His nickname, “The Shaved Gorilla”, says it all: Huddleston is known as a huge fighter, even for the heavyweight division.

How Much Does Alex Huddleston Weigh? 

Huddleston competes in Bellator MMA’s heavyweight division, which is capped at 265 pounds. His MMA profiles often list him around 255 pounds, about ten under the maximum. He competes in smaller Jiu-Jitsu divisions, including Fight 2 Win Pro’s heavyweight division, 205-245 pounds, and their super heavyweight division, 246 pounds and over.

Alex Huddleston Fight List

”The Shaved Gorilla” has competed in both grappling and MMA throughout his career. Below are two lists of Huddleston’s opponents, separated by sport. 

Professional Jiu-Jitsu Competition:

  • Sergio Rodriguez - Fight 2 Win Pro 9 (2016) - 240 pounds - W (Decision)
  • Danny Richards - Fight 2 Win Pro 18 (2016) - 260 pounds - L (Decision)
  • David Grayson - Fight 2 Win Pro 19 (2016) - Super Heavyweight - W (RNC)
  • Adam Sachnoff - Fight 2 Win Pro 74 (2018) - Heavyweight - L (Decision)
  • Carlos Farias - Fight 2 Win Pro 75 (2018) - Heavyweight - W (Decision)
  • Gabriel Gonzaga - Fight 2 Win Pro 80 (2018) -  Super Heavyweight - W (Decision)
  • Max Gimenis - Fight 2 Win Pro 110 (2019) - Super Heavyweight - L (Decision)

Professional Mixed Martial Arts Competition:

  • Daniel Gallemore - 2011 - Titan Fight Club 19 - Win (Unanimous Decision)
    • Justyn Riley- 2011 - Titan Fight Club 20 - Loss (TKO)
    • Travis Ramirez - 2012 - Ultimate Top Team Fights 8 - Win (Arm Triangle)
    • Carl Postma - 2013 -  ShinZo Fight Sport 1 - Win (TKO)
    • Yusuke Kawaguchi - 2013 - IGF Genome 29 - Win (Unanimous Decision)
    • Derek Bohi - 2014 - Bellator 130 - Win (TKO)
    • Javy Ayala - 2015 - Bellator 139 - Win (Rear Naked Choke)
    • Augusto Sakai - 2015 - Bellator 145 - Loss (Unanimous Decision)

    Alex Huddleston's Best Fight of All Time

    One of Huddleston’s finest moments in combat sports came in 2012, at Ultimate Top Team Fights 8. Alex was set to face Travis Ramirez in a three round matchup, and was able to win easily by arm triangle. This win stands out because it was one of the contributing factors to Huddleston leaving the cage after finding a new love in the sport of Jiu-Jitsu. While training for this MMA bouth, The Shaved Gorilla decided that grappling was his true passion and began to focus exclusively on Jiu-Jitsu and submission wrestling.

    Who Did Alex Huddleston Lose To?

    The Shaved Gorilla’s last loss came in 2015 at Bellator 145. Although Huddleston was able to hang in for all three rounds without losing via a submission or TKO, Auguso Sakai eventually sealed the deal with a unanimous decision over Huddleston. Upon leaving the cage, Huddleston has not stepped up to take another MMA fight. These days, he can be found on the grappling circuit.

    Alex Huddleston Record

    Alex Huddlston has a record in both BJJ tournaments and in MMA bouts. His overall professional record as a BJJ player is 4-3, made up exclusively of Fight 2 Win Pro matches. It remains to be seen if the Shaved Gorilla will work towards other grappling tournaments as well.

    Huddleston is also 6-2 as an MMA fighter, competing most recently on Bellator 145 in 2015. The majority of his wins in that sport still came via submission.

    Alex Huddleston Injuries

    Although combat sports are notorious for causing damage that accumulates over time, Alex Huddleston has not publicly disclosed any injuries that caused him to miss time from the sport. 

    Is Alex Huddleston Retired?

    Since his retirement from MMA in 2015, Huddleston has continued to compete in Masters divisions and grappling superfights. He trains under Amal Easton in Colorado with his wife Elizabeth, who also competes routinely. When the couple isn’t traveling to compete, they spend time on the mats with students at Easton’s, helping them to learn, grow, and achieve their grappling goals.

    As a coach and competitor, Huddleston spent a ton of time rolling with the biggest combat sports athletes in the world and discovered that they can be hard to tap with conventional attacks. To solve this problem, Huddleston has released a video in coordination with BJJ Fanatics called “The Lapel Guard Blueprint”. In this instructional, the Shaved Gorilla breaks down his use of the lapel as a system to control and submit larger people, regardless of weight advantage. Check out his work and leave your opponents dazed while you dominate them through the use of their own lapel.

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