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Boris Novachkov His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Boris Novachkov His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Boris Novachkov?

Borislav Novachkov is a Bulgarian American Freestyle Olympic level wrestler, who competed at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics. Boris has also won a Bronze medal at the 2014 European Championships and was a former two time CIF California State Champion. Boris impressed all through his high school and collegiate years as he became a three time All American wrestler.

Who Is Boris Novachkov?

Borislav Novachkov is a Bulgarian American Freestyle Olympic level wrestler, who competed at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics. Boris has also won a Bronze medal at the 2014 European Championships and was a former two time CIF California State Champion. Boris impressed all through his high school and collegiate years as he became a three time All American wrestler.

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Boris began his American wrestling dream by attending Fremont high school in Sunnyvale California. Boris enrolled a year early so he could study with his brother Filip Novachkov who became a California State Wrestling Champion and an NCAA qualifier. Boris won two California State Championships and two Central Coast Section Championships, after finishing second overall as a Sophomore. 

After graduating from high school Boris and his brother Filip both attended California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo) Boris was a formidable collegiate wrestler as he put in some extreme hard work on the training mats. Boris would become a wrestling sensation as he won back to back Pac 12 Championships in 2010 and 2011. Boris would also become a three time All American by finishing 7th in 2010, runner up in 2011 and third place in 2012. Following his 2011 season Boris was named Male Athlete of the Year, an honour that he was privileged to receive. Boris graduated from college and has secured a degree in Biokinetics.

In 2012 Boris started an assistant coaching role at the University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign. Boris would use this coaching role to sharpen his technique and help propel himself up towards an Olympic birth. Boris was also excited about his new role as he had always planned on using coaching as a way of continuing his wrestling after retirement.  

In 2014 Boris entered the European Championships under his home country’s banner of Bulgaria. Boris went on to win the Bronze medal after a stunning defeat against the former Olympic Champion Toghrul Asgarov 13 - 5. Boris was supremely confident after his European campaign as he looked forward to the Olympics. Boris then worked even harder with his brother as they looked to improve their chances of qualifying for Rio De Janeiro. 

In 2016 Boris would live up to his childhood dream of competing at the Olympic games. Boris chose to compete for Bulgaria as he set upon the competition with ferciosity. In the first round Boris defeated Meisam Abolfazl, Boris was in great shape and ready to take out first place. Unfortunately for Boris he would be upstaged in his next fight by Puerto Rico's Franklin Gomez in a close match. Boris spoke about his disappointment with the result as he felt like he was in a great position to win Gold.

In 2017 Boris would enter into the European Wrestling Championships, Boris competed exceptionally well as he defeated all his opponents on the way to the final. In the final Boris took on Ilyas Bekbulatov in the 65 kilogram division. Boris gave it everything, but he was outclassed by the Russian Champion. Boris was still extremely proud as he took home the Silver medal for his country. 

Boris and his brother Filip teamed up and created Bulgarian Muscle, which is an online company that offers wrestling training and medical services. Through their company they also offer mini wrestling camps as they endeavor to help pass on their knowledge and expertise to many customers worldwide. Their programs involve mindset strategy, freestyle techniques and nutrition which they have learnt through their 20 plus years of international experience. To this day Boris also trains at Stanford University at the California Regional Training Centre.  

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How Old Is Boris Novachkov?

Boris Novachkov was born in Radnevo in Bulgaria on the 29th of November in 1989, he is currently 31 years of age.

Boris Novachkov's Family!

Boris Novachkov grew up in Bulgaria with his brother Filip Novachkov, the brothers were always heavily competitive. Their parents would allow them to wrestle all through their house and the boys were convinced they would become Olympians. As the pair started to mature, so did their aspirations of becoming professional. Their family decided to move to the United States to further enhance the boys chances of competing at the Olympics. Boris was an 8th grader when he got to California and was enrolled a year early so he could stay at the same school as his older brother. The brothers had grown up wrestling together and they would not let anything stand in their way as they strived towards greatness.

How Much Is Boris Novachkov Worth?

Boris Novachkov has competed extensively in freestyle wrestling throughout his career. He has won many state titles and has become an Olympian, wrestling for Bulgaria. Boris has also been involved with coaching roles which has helped him financially. Through the popularity of their online platform Bulgarian Muscle, Boris has benefited exponentially with his finances. Boris now has a net worth that is reported to be above one million dollars and is steadily rising. 

How Tall Is Boris Novachkov?

Boris Novachkov stands at 5 feet and 7 inches tall which is equivalent to 170 centimetres.

How Much Does Boris Novachkov Weigh?

Boris Novachkov weighs in at 143 lbs which equates to 65 kilograms.

Boris Novachkov's Fight List!

Boris Novachkov has taken on some of the best wrestlers of his generation. Boris has pushed towards his dream of winning an Olympic Gold medal, he has competed successfully on the world stage of wrestling. Boris has fought exceptional athletes like; Ridge Kiley, Montell Marion, Frank Molinaro, Thomas Gantt, Nicholas Hucke, John Trumbetti, David Watts, Jose Sanchez, Phil Boyer, Travis Coffey, Marty Eng, Toghrul Asgarov and David Taylor, 

Boris Novachkov's Best Fight Of All Time!

Boris Novachkov has had some incredible wins over the course of his illustrious wrestling career. He has won many Junior titles and has defeated some of the best wrestlers in the world. Boris is no stranger to winning big matches as he has overcome some massive obstacles in the form of talented wrestlers. Boris would have his best fight in 2014 when he competed at the European Championships. Even though Boris would lose in the tournament and take home the bronze medal, he proved to the World that he has the potential to be the best in the world. In one of his earlier matches Boris would take on the 2012 Olympic Gold medalist Toghrul Asgarov, after an epic match Boris would cause an upset. By the end of the match Boris would upstage the former Olympic Champion defeating him 13 - 5. 

Who Did Boris Novachklov Lose To?

Boris Novachkov has excelled through an exciting career so far, although he has accumulated many triumphs he has also been defeated by top athletes like: Nate Moore, Lucas's Bekbulatov and Jordan Oliver. Boris defeated Meisam Abolfazl in the first round of his Olympic campaign, but then in the next round suffered his worst loss in his career. Boris lost 4 - 7 against Franklin Gomez of Puerto Rico, the loss ended Boris' dream of becoming an Olympic medalist.

Boris Novachkov's Record! 

Boris Novachkov has been a proud representative for Bulgaria in his pursuit for Olympic Gold. Boris has wrestled collegiately and in Freestyle events throughout his career. Boris has compiled a list of accolades that includes; European Championship Runner Up (2017) European Championship Third Place (2014) Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games Competitor (2016) FILA Junior Freestyle Champion (2007, 2009) Junior Greco National Champion (2007) California Senior Mens Freestyle Champion (2007) Junior Freestyle Nationals Runner Up (2007) Junior Greco Nationals Third Place (2006) Junior Freestyle Nationals Third Place (2006) NYAC Holiday International Third Place (2013) 

Boris Novachkov’s Injuries

Boris Novachkov has had no major injuries throughout his career, but along the journey from Bulgaria to America he has had minor setbacks. Boris was hampered with hamstring strains during college, but after his short rehab period he was back on top of his rise through the ranks of wrestling in California. 

Is Boris Novachkov Retired?

Boris Novachkov is still heavily involved with wrestling as he coaches and develops many young up and coming wrestlers. Boris works exclusively with his brother through Bulgarian Muscle as they meet the needs of many interested athletes. Boris is still training extremely hard at Stanford University, and he has spoken about the possibility of a return to high level freestyle wrestling.

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