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Myles Martin His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age And More!

Myles Martin His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age And More!


Who Is Myles Martin?

Myles Martin is an extremely experienced American freestyle and collegiate wrestler for his age. As a freestyle wrestler he has achieved 2 titles in the US Under 23 National Championships. Myles Martin has proven to be one of Ohio State’s best collegiate wrestlers also by winning a NCAA division 1 title and a Big Ten Conference Championship. 

Who Is Myles Martin?

Myles Martin is an extremely experienced American freestyle and collegiate wrestler for his age. As a freestyle wrestler he has achieved 2 titles in the US Under 23 National Championships. Myles Martin has proven to be one of Ohio State’s best collegiate wrestlers also by winning a NCAA division 1 title and a Big Ten Conference Championship. 

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During high school Myles Martin was an immovable object on the wrestling mats, he racked up quite an impressive record over the years while attending McDonogh School in Maryland. He became a three time prep champion and won other high profile tournaments like Beast of the East. Myles graduated high school with a stellar record of 171 wins with only 15 losses. Losing only 2 matches in his last two seasons, Myles was named 2015’s All Metro Wrestler of the year by the Baltimore Sun.

Myles Martin was the number 1 recruit in his weight class and he committed to Ohio State University as his choice of college. As a freshman he had one of the best seasons in Ohio State’s program history, finishing the regular season with a 24 - 5 overall record. Myles competed at the Big Ten Conference Championship, where he finished in third place beating Nate Jackson before losing to the top seed and Penn State powerhouse Bo Nickal. 

Myles Martin was able to make history at his first ever NCAA championship, by winning the division 1 title against the top seed Bo Nickal in a frenetic match that ended (11 - 9). Myles Martin became the first Buckeye to ever win the title and the first person since 1979 to come from 11th seed to do so.

Over the course of the next two years Myles Martin would win the 2017 US University Nationals and the 2018 US Under 23 Nationals & World Team Trials in infatic fashion, winning 6 out of 6 and 7 out of 7 matches respectively. Myles also won 4 out of 5 matches at the 2018 NCAA titles to claim the silver medal, falling in the final match to rival Bo Nickal (15 - 3). 

More recently Myles Martin has won Gold at the 2020 Henri Deglane Grand Prix in France, beating all four of his opponents including Akhmed Aibuev (10 - 6) in the final. He also managed to win an 8-man FlowWrestling Challenge later that year by defeating fellow Americans Drew Foster (8 - 0) and Nate Jackson (5 - 2) with ease. In the final Myles secured the Tech Fall to oust his opponent Taylor Lujan (10 - 0) to walk away with the crown and $20,000 cash.

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How Old Is Myles Martin?

Myles Martin was born on May the 20th in 1996, the 25 year old is well on his way to the wrestling Hall of Fame.

About Myles Martin’s Family!

Myles Najee Martin was born in Penns Grove, New Jersey USA. During some trying times as a family, Myles Mother handed custody over to Myles Father Greg Martin. Myles and his two siblings, Tater his brother and Justice his sister,all grew up in a Christian family.

Myles father was an inspirational figure who adored his children, and he guided them to be the best they can be. Myles joined wrestling at the age of 6 because he was too small to play football, and before long it became his passion which in turn became his fathers passion, watching his son succeed. 

As Myles started to succeed in wrestling he grew an unbreakable bond with his father and his step mother who became his biggest fans. Greg always taught Myles that “it’s not the reward that makes the man but what he does with his reward!” Myles also learnt from his father that through the high and the lows, that he had to always be the best version of himself to succeed.

How Much Is Myles Martin Worth?

Myles Martin has no reported net worth, but it is safe to say that through his outstanding career filled with incredible win streaks and numerous titles, Myles could be worth several million dollars. 

How Much Does Myles Martin Weigh?

Myles Martin has predominantly been a 184 lbs wrestler which is 86 kilograms. Myles did compete at 174 lbs back in 2016, he also competed and won Gold in a tournament at 195 lbs.

Myles Martin’s Fight List!

Myles Martin has had a prolific career so far, fighting some of the best wrestlers in the world. With Myles' low percentage of losses he has proven that not only can he compete with, but he can beat the best of the best. Myles has fought guys like Bo Nickal, Maxwell Dean, Sammy Brooks, Chandler Rogers, Pat Downey, Alex Dieringer, Nate Jackson and Zahid Valencia. 

Myles Martin’s Best Fight Of All Time!

One of Myles best ever tournaments came in 2018 at the US Under 23 Nationals and World Team Trials. Myles was supremely dominant in his first 5 matches taking on fellow Americans; Jackson Hemauer, Tyler Rosenbaum, Brandon Krone, Cash Wilcke and Maxwell Dean, winning every match (10 - 0) securing 5 Tech Falls. In the final Myles took on the 6 time All American Chandler Rogers in a much anticipated final. In a best of three series Myles would snatch the first match in a very close and technical battle upstaging Rogers (13 - 9) Myles then won the second match by way of a Fall, pinning Rogers to the mat and taking home first place. Myles' domination of this event was something to behold and the up and coming Buckeye would take his opportunities and head towards wrestling stardom. 

Who Did Myles Martin Lose To?

One of Myles Martin’s worst losses was in 2019 at his last NCAA Championships. Myles Martin would fight Maxwell Dean and would lose the match (4 - 5) after being in front of his opponent (4 - 3). With 10 seconds left in the match Myles shot in for a lackluster takedown, Dean causing an unusual scramble managed to pull out a buzzer beating reversal to gain the points needed to win the match. Myles would have to accept a bronze medal and learn a hard lesson in work ethic. 

The weird part about this loss is that prior to this match Myles had several dominating wins over Maxwell Dean including two Tech Falls. Many supporters expected Myles to dominate his opponent, for Myles this was a hard loss to take and both him and his father felt the pain. 

Myles Martin’s Record!

Myles Martin has been one of the most phenomenal wrestlers to ever come out of college. His outstanding high school record of 171 wins and only 15 losses is still one of the best records ever.

His NCAA record is also incredible with 19 wins and only 4 losses, including a Gold medal in 2016, a silver medal in 2018 and a bronze in 2019.

Myles also tallied up a formidable college record with Ohio State of 121 wins with 19 losses. Myles has received many honours including; NCAA Division 1 title (2016) He became only the 7th man in history to record All American honours 4 times (2016,2017,2018,2019) Big Ten Champion (2019) 2 time Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational Champion (2017,2019) UWW University Nationals Champion and a AWN All Rookie (2016)

Has Myles Martin Had Any Injuries?

Myles Martin has not had any significant injuries during his career. Myles' father Greg has always maintained how proud he has been of his son, for the way that he prepares for his tournaments. Conditioning and preparation have always been a strong suit for Myles, which can be attributed directly to the life lessons he has learnt from his father.

Is Myles Martin Retired?

Myles Martin is only 25 years old, which means he is in the prime of his career. He has recently made the jump to 92 kilograms and is set to attempt a World Title win in the upcoming World Championships.

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