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Bobby Maximus Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Bobby Maximus Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Bobby Maximus?

Bobby Maximus is a retired Canadian mixed martial artist and current professional strength and conditioning coach. He fought professionally between 2002-2009, competed in the UFC, and was a competitor on The Ultimate Fighter 2.

Who Is Bobby Maximus?

Bobby Maximus is a retired Canadian mixed martial artist and current professional strength and conditioning coach. He fought professionally between 2002-2009, competed in the UFC, and was a competitor on The Ultimate Fighter 2.

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He grew up wrestling and was a nationally ranked wrestler at St. Charles College in Ontario. He also played on the football and track teams. He ended up graduating from Western Ontario University with degrees in English and Psychology. 

Since his time fighting professionally he has pursued a career as a successful strength and conditioning coach. He was a trainer at many prominent gyms, and now runs a gym of his own. Throughout his career he has been featured in numerous workout publications and put on dozens of seminars with different Tier One Assets and Special Forces Groups.

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How Old Is Bobby Maximus?

Born September 5, 1978, Bobby Maximus is 42 years old.

Bobby Maximus Family

Bobby Maximus is married to Lisa Maximus. They have two children, Beanie and Jaximus Maximus.

How Much Is Bobby Maximus Worth?

Bobby Maximus has an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million.

How Tall Is Bobby Maximus?

Bobby Maximus stands at 6 feet and 3 inches tall.

How Much Does Bobby Maxmius Weigh?

Bobby Maximus weighs approximately 150 pounds.

More About Bobby Maximus’s Career

Bobby’s professional MMA debut was in June 2002 where he defeated Zane Hagel at MFC 4: New Grounds in the first round by submission strikes. Following this fight Bobby went on to win his next two bouts, defeating Victor Valimaki and Doug Sauer both by TKO. He took a three year hiatus from fighting before signing a contract with the UFC in 2006.

His UFC debut occurred in March 2006 against Jason Lambert at UFC 58. He lost the fight in the first round by a kimura submission. His next fight was at UFC Fight Night 5 in June 2006 against Kristian Rothaermel, and he won the fight by an armbar submission.

His third fight was against Eric Schafer at UFC 62, and he lost the bout by an arm triangle choke. He was dropped by the UF after this fight, but continued to fight in several other promotions for years to come.His next bout was a year later in December 2007 where he challenged Eliot Marshall for the ROF Light Heavyweight Championship at Ring of Fire 31. He won this bout by TKO in the second round.

His next fight was against Hector Ramirez at HCF: Cro;s Nest in March 2008, and he lost the bout by unanimous decision. His last professional MMA fight was against Chuck Grugsby at VFC 26: Onslaught for the VFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Bobby lost this fight by knockout.

Prior to his MMA career, Bobby worked as a police officer with Peel Regional Police and the Toronto Police Service. Following his MMA career he really dove into the world of strength and conditioning. He served as the GM and training director of Gym Jones in Salt Lake City from 2008-2017. During his time at Gym Jones he worked with numerous different tier one assets as well as special forces military groups. He has since moved on from Gym Jones and built the “Maximus” family brand of world class gyms.

One of the things Bobby is particularly known for is his lack of use of workout equipment. He talks about the popular mentality that the more expensive and special equipment equates to better results, and how this opinion is far from the truth. He states that fitness is all about the willingness to do the work and have the dedication, and having fancy equipment is not part of that.

His philosophy is that not only do you not need any equipment, but you don’t need a gym membership either. He came to this conclusion as he was training and aspiring to wrestle in the Olympics and took a job working in the kitchen at a summer camp. He was promised that there would be a gym at the camp that he could use, but when he got there there was in fact no gym.

He could have quit right there, but his dedication allowed him to push through and find another method to stay in shape. He got creative and thus began the journey of the development of all of his successful and world class methods.

His workouts contain so many different exercises including pushups, air squats, sit ups, burpees, lunges, and so much more. The reps and time allotments for each exercise and carefully tuned to manifest particular outcomes. 

Bobby’s career and record speak for themself. He has a long list of accomplishments that are all backed up by his grit and determination. He has a powerful passion for dominating life and helping others achieve the same goal. He is a family man, motivational speaker, fitness instructor, life coach, and the list goes on.

Is Bobby Maximus Retired?

Bobby Maximus has been retired from professional MMA since 2009, but is still very much active in the world of fitness.strength and conditioning coaching.

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