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Ricky Lundell His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Ricky Lundell His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Ricky Lundell?

Ricky Lundell is a fourth degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the famous Pedro Sauer. Ricky achieved the rank of Black belt when he was 19 years of age and is credited for being the youngest North American to ever achieve this honour. Ricky is also a former College wrestler who was recruited because of his formidable grappling skills by Cody and Cael Sanderson. Ricky is a three time Pancrase Submission Wrestling World Champion, Ricky also won back to back FILA Grappling World Championships. 

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In 2008 Ricky Lundell became the head wrestling coach at Bishop Gorman High School, his wife Lindsay also complemented his coaching by helping Ricky as an assistant coach. Ricky also holds the position of strategy coach and head trainer at the University of grappling in Lindon, Utah. Ricky has been involved in coaching for over a decade and is currently an MMA coach to some of the UFC’s greatest, fighters like; Jon Jones, Travis Browne and Frank Mir. Ricky has also coached former fighters; Dan Hardy, Miesha Tate and Carlos Condit. 

Ricky has had a superb competition career as he has lit up the world stage of submission wrestling and grappling. In 2006 Ricky won the Gold medal in his weight class and secured a Bronze medal in the Black belt Absolute division at the Gracie World championships in California. The following year Ricky would win the National Grappling Championship and the FILA World Submission Grappling Championship in the 70 kg division held in Turkey. Ricky was well on his way to stardom as he excelled in the art of grappling.

In 2008 Ricky would win his second straight FILA World Championship, this time competing in Switzerland. Ricky also entered into the International Pancrase Submission Wrestling World Championships, where at 67 kg he took out first place and was crowned World Champion. Two years later in 2010 Ricky would head back to the Pancrase World Championships where he won dual World titles. Ricky again was crowned world Champion in his 67 kg weight bracket and impressively in the Absolute division where he submitted the 265 pound monster Brandon Ruiz.

In 2012 Ricky Lundell appeared on Spike TV’s popular series The Ultimate Fighter - Team Jones Vs Team Sonnen. Ricky was hired as the wrestling/grappling coach for Jon Jones’ team. Ricky’s skills and coaching abilities were highly regarded throughout the series, as many of the contestants reported how amazing it was to work with the former World Champion.

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How Old Is Ricky Lundell?

Ricky Lundell was born in the United States on the 30th of April in 1986, he is currently 35 years of age.

Ricky Lundell’s Early Life?

In 2001 as a 15 year old student, Ricky Lundell attended Utah Valley University. Ricky was always interested in science and chose science as his major, where he earned a degree by the age of 18. Ricky had already become a grappling sensation and was recruited by Cody and Cael Sanderson to wrestle in his senior year. Ricky made the move to Iowa State University where he became the first NCAA division 1 wrestler to be recruited with no former collegiate wrestling, his only skills were pure grappling and Jiu Jitsu. Ricky excelled at wrestling as he went on to win the Big 10 Conference titles and the USA World Team Trials, where he was awarded the most outstanding grappler. Ricky also competed in division 1 at the NCAA Championships, where he secured second place. Ricky was in great shape as he headed towards a bright future in professional Martial Arts.   

How Much Is Ricky Lundell Worth?

Ricky Lundell has become quite wealthy over his outstanding career of Martial Arts. Over his two decades of fighting he has secured plenty of cash prizes, and accumulated significant remunerations for his world title wins. Ricky has also had great success with his online instructionals and has also published an ebook called “The 1% Better Every Day Strength Building System” available exclusively through BJJ Fanatics. Ricky has risen his net worth as reports show he is worth nearly two million dollars.

How Tall Is Ricky Lundell?

Ricky Lundell stands at 5 feet and 11 inches tall which is the equivalent to 180 centimetres.

How Much Does Ricky Lundell Weigh?

Ricky Lundell has competed in grappling and submission wrestling at 67 kg (147lbs) and 70 kg (154 lbs) he has also had significant victories competing in Absolute divisions.

Ricky Lundell’s Magic Moment!

Ricky Lundell has spoken out about a moment in time that he holds dear to his heart. While Ricky was training in Las Vegas one night, a man came bursting through the door. The man was in a state of panic and Ricky remembered thinking that this man would not last in a zombie apocalypse. The man was screaming, does anyone know CPR, there is a man outside and I think he is dead. Ricky instantly followed the man out the door and into the street where they found a man’s lifeless body laying in the middle of the street. In a car next to the man was his wife and child as they looked on in horror. Ricky noticed a whole crowd around the lifeless man as none of the onlookers knew what to do. Ricky crouched over the man as he began CPR, Ricky noticed how pale the man was. As Ricky began compressions he could see the man trying to breathe but no air would get in. Ricky kept up the CPR and before long the man finally began to breathe as the colour returned to his face. Ricky accredits his fast action to his competitive Martial Arts background that helped him think fast on his feet. Ricky was the hero as he spoke about how he saved a man’s life being one of his greatest memories.

Ricky Lundell’s Fight List!

Ricky Lundell has taken on some of the toughest fighters in the business. His exceptional grappling skills have consistently earned him victories and worldwide notoriety. Ricky has fought guys like; Brandon Ruiz, Nicolas Renier, Tom Lecuyer, Alberto Crane, Jeff Glover, John Kavanagh and Johan Perez. Ricky has also coached great fighters like Jon Jones, Frank Mir, Travis Browne, Miesha Tate, Ronda Rousey, Dan Hardy and Carlos Condit. Ricky also served as an assistant coach to Jon Jones in 2012 on the Ultimate fighter TV series. 

Ricky Lundell’s Best Fight Of All Time!

Ricky Lundell has showcased his exceptional grappling talents over the course of his career. Ricky has achieved more than most athletes, as he boasts 5 World Championship titles. Ricky has exceptional wins over Jeff Glover, Alberto Crane and Nicolas Renier. Ricky put himself on the map in 2007 after he submitted the veteran John Kavanagh with a footlock in the final of the FILA Grappling World Championship. Ricky has won three Pancrase Submission Wrestling World titles, one in 2008 and two in 2010. His best win was in 2010 when he won the Absolute division securing the Pancrase World title. Ricky became the lightest athlete at 149 lbs to win the title when he submitted the formidable Brandon Ruiz, who weighed in at a whopping 265 lbs.

Ricky Lundell’s Record!

Ricky Lundell has performed on the world stage with enthusiasm and proficiency. Ricky has executed a high degree of grappling skills as he has showcased them worldwide. Ricky has achieved some incredible feats including; 

International Pancrase Submission Wrestling World Champion (2008, 2010) International Pancrase Submission Wrestling World Absolute Champion (2010) FILA World Champion (2007, 2008) US Open Champion BJJ (2004, 2005) Gracie BJJ Champion (2006) Gracie BJJ Champion Bronze Medalist (2006) National Grappling Champion (2007) 

Wrestling; USA World Team Trials Champion (2007) USA Team Captain, Most Outstanding Wrestler Award, Iowa State Big 10 Champion, NCAA Division 1 Runner Up.

Ricky Lundell’s Injuries!

Ricky Lundell has had no significant injuries to report about, Ricky has always trained in a coordinated and professional manner. Throughout his career Ricky has put a lot of time and focus into how to best prepare his body for high intensity competitions. After 25 years in Martial Arts, Ricky has acquired a lot of knowledge in regards to his personal conditioning.

Is Ricky Lundell Retired?

Ricky Lundell has had an outstanding career as a competitive Martial Artist, he has compiled a list of accolades that have put him in an illustrious group of athletes. Ricky’s numerous world titles have given him the platform to be able to teach at an expert level. Ricky spends his time coaching many students and helping to develop them toward a successful future in grappling. Ricky also has his own online website ( where students from all over the world can learn from Ricky’s instructional videos. Ricky Lundell is an extremely popular Martial Artist and has a passion for spreading his knowledge of grappling worldwide. 

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