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Keith Owen His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Keith Owen His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Keith Owen?

Keith Owen is a 4th degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt who was graded by the famous Pedro Sauer. He is also a 4th degree Black belt in T.A.I Kung Fu and a Black sash in Wu Wei Gung Fu under the world renowned Joseph Cowles who was a student of Bruce Lee. Keith is also an extremely accomplished firearms instructor who has trained many American civilians and law enforcement. Keith also teaches the Idaho Police force how to deal with attackers, ustilsing ground fighting and tactical weapons techniques.

Old School Submissions from Side Control by Keith Owen

Keith first discovered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 1993 when he watched Royce Gracie compete in the Ultimate fighting Championship. Keith was 23 at the time and already had a Black belt in Kung Fu, he also ran his own Kung Fu academy. Keith met a man named Dean Heilieman who later became his friend and training partner. Together they both found an instructor in Gracie Jiu Jitsu, the famed Pedro Sauer was teaching Jiu Jitsu out of Salt Lake City. Joining up with Pedro Sauer was the best move that Keith had ever made and he often speaks about how incredible Pedro’s Jiu Jitsu instruction is. 

Keith spent over a decade training under Pedro Sauer and has since been graded to a 4th degree on his Black belt. Along with his other Black belt accreditations Keith has become one of the premier instructors in the US. Keith runs his own academy in Meridian Idaho called “Ultimate Karate and Jiu Jitsu” where he has accumulated over 150 students. Half of his students are BJJ kids and adults, while the rest are a composite of Bruce Lee’s Wu Wei Gung Fu and Tai Kung Fu enthusiasts. Keith has developed many high level athletes under his instruction as he has 11 Black belts training under him from the US and Canada. 

Keith has never been much of a competitor, as from a young age he was always interested in coaching and developing. Keith has aspirations to be the best Jiu Jitsu teacher in the world, which was heavily influenced by Pedro Sauer. Keith was approached by Jean Jacques Machado to show some of his instructionals on his online forum, Keith spoke about how honoured he was to be asked by one of his idols. Keith has filmed many of his America wide seminars and sells them exclusively, he has also filmed a video called “Old School Submissions” where he shows some of his favourite moves. 

Keith has been a proud serviceman in the community of martial arts, as he used to work as a Sheriff's Deputy. Keith has worked extensively with the Idaho Police Academy where Keith teaches crowd control, arrest techniques, ground fighting, firearm and weapon retention, reactive impact and controlled force to many of Idaho’s finest law enforcement. Keith has a handgun and shotgun instructors certification through Front Sight Firearms Institute in Las Vegas Nevada. Keith has also created the ground control program for the Idaho Police force, where law enforcement practice many of Keith’s systematic attacking and defensive strategies.

Destructive Side Control Submissions by Ed Abrasley

How Old Is Keith Owen?

Keith Owen was born in Boise in Idaho in 1971, he is currently 50 years of age.

Keith Owen’s Early Life!

Keith Owen grew up in Boise in Idaho and as a young child he loved to grapple. Through his love of grappling he joined up with a wrestling program, Keith spoke about how much he hated wrestling at the time. Keith would have to match up with the bigger wrestlers and they would all try and smash him all over the mats. As he left wrestling he started studying Kung Fu and Wu Wei Gung Fu, for over a decade he dedicated his time to practising the Eastern Martial Arts. Keith became a 4th degree Black belt in TAI Kung Fu and received his Black sash in Wu Wei Gung Fu from Joseph Cowles. By the time Keith turned 23 he discovered the Gracie family and their formidable standing within the fight community, this guided Keith to source the Gracie Jiu Jitsu instructor and outstanding technician in Pedro Sauer. 

How Much Is Keith Owen Worth?

Keith Owen has worked extremely hard over his coaching career to increase his net worth. He has made a lot of his money through his businesses he has owned over his life, his BJJ gym has over 150 members which brings in some good income. Keith also co owns a firearms training company in Boise, Idaho called Triple Threat, where he trains many people in tactical firearm usage. Keith has also worked for a long time with the Idaho Police Academy where he trains an abundance of law enforcement personnel in the field of tactical combat and firearm use. Keith has also ran seminars all over the United States of America and filmed many instructional videos. Keith has a net worth of over 5 million dollars and his earnings are always on the rise.

How Tall Is Keith Owen?

Keith Owen stands at 6 feet and 2 inches tall which is the equivalent of 187 centimetres.

How Much Does Keith Owen Weigh?

Keith Owen weighs in at 92 kilograms which equates to 202 lbs, many of Keith’s students have said that Professor Owen feels like he weighs 300 pounds the way he knows how to use his pressure. 

Keith Owen’s Training List?

Keith Owen has been training in martial arts for a long time, his Kung Fu dates back to when he was a kid. Keith has trained and become an accredited teacher of Wu Wei Gung Fu, his expertise was taught to him by Joseph Cowes who is a former student of Bruce Lee. Keith spent over a decade training under the famous 8th degree Black belt Pedro Sauer. Keith spoke about his time training with Pedro as the best technique instruction in the world. He was often amazed that even after a decade of training under Pedro, that he would still be astonished by the new techniques that Pedro would teach. Although Keith has only been graded by Pedro Sauer, he has also trained under Sergio Penha when he lived in Las Vegas for two years. Keith has also spent some time training with Lowell Anderson.  

Keith Owen’s Family!

Keith Owen has an extremely busy lifestyle, he is an outstanding pillar in the community of BJJ and through all of his work with the Idaho Police force. Keith is also a family man who shares his life with his wife and his three boys. Keith is a proud father to his boys Alex, Carrigan and Chance who all train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under their father’s tutelage. Keith has spoken about how his family is the real inspiration for his life in martial arts now. Keith continues to help develop his boys in life and in martial arts, especially Jiu Jitsu.

What Is Keith Owens Most Defining Moment?

Keith Owen has been extremely open when it comes to his reasons behind his passion. His martial arts have guided him to becoming the honourable man you see today. Keith would experience his most defining moment when he first met Professor Pedro Sauer. Keith entered his gym as a fit 23 year old with a Black belt in Kung Fu, and Pedro Sauer would pit a smaller girl against him. During the grapple, Keith would lose as the smaller girl secured an armbar on Keith. “That’s amazing” said Keith as he realised that this martial art can be used by a smaller person to defeat a much larger person. Keith knew at that moment that he had to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Keith Owen’s Record!

Keith Owen does not have much of a fight record as he has coached his whole career. Keith has records of accreditations as he holds Black belts in three separate martial arts. Keith also is certified in handgun and shotgun tactical training where he has taught a lot of police personnel. Keith has said “if you hate the police then haha because i trained them” Keith is a very proud teacher of martial arts and will always go the extra mile to produce and develop greatness.

Keith Owen’s Injuries!

Keith Owen has no significant injuries that have been reported over his career. Keith has spent his life teaching rather than competing, so he has been able to avoid any form of serious injury as a result of his martial arts. Although like many martial artists he has suffered from many aches, bruises and strains which are all just a part of the journey.

Is Keith Owen Retired?

Keith Owen is still a very active martial artist, as he teaches many of his students at his famous academy in Idaho. With over 150 students, Keith runs several programs throughout his academy including; BJJ, Kung Fu and Bruce Lee's Gung Fu. Keith still teaches many police officers in Idaho his extremely valuable concepts into many aspects of law enforcement techniques. As a 50 year old Keith still feels like he has plenty of valuable insight to offer the community, and with his work through BJJ Fanatics he is helping athletes on a much larger scale.

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