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Manachai: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Manachai: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Manachai?

Jirapart Waiprakorn, most commonly known as Manachai is a world champion Muay Thai kickboxer from Thailand. He currently trains and fights out of YOKKAOSaenchaiGym, which has been known as the home of some of Thailand's best fighters since its inception in 2010. Despite a brief layoff in mid-2019, Manachai has returned to active competition with his gym and is currently the WMO Welterweight World Champion.

Thai Boxing Low Kicks by Manachai

Manachai was born on October 20, 1996 in the north-eastern part of Thailand known as Isaan in a town called Buriram. He began training and competing at the incredible age of eight years old, winning his first fight for 500 baht, which is equivalent to about fifteen U.S. dollars today. Although it may not seem like much, the prize was serious motivation to a Thai Child who was familiar with poverty. After this, Manachai began his professional training in his hometown with notable Thai fighters such as Rungnarai and Superlek.

After years of fighting in his native region, Manachai began to perform on bigger stages. Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok provided a platform for him to put his skills on display, and he became ranked as the number one welterweight soon after arriving. In 2016, Manachai took a huge step in his career and moved to his current gym, YOKKAOSaenchaiGym in Bangkok.

Upon reaching Bangkok as a full-time destination, Manachai was greeted with legendary training partners such as Saenchai and Pakorn, who had begun to make names for themselves before the up-and-coming Manachai’s arrival. Saenchai and Manachai even found their way onto US airwaves when they were featured in a documentary about the gym’s success by CNN.

During 2016, Manachai had an adjustment period where he took some tough losses, but he returned with a vengeance to go on a nine fight winning streak that began in the summer of 2017 until April of 2018, when he lost in the third round to european Mo Abdurahman via a vicious right hook.

By May of 2018, Team YOKKAO announced that Manachai would become a member of the All Star Fight Dream Team, which was a collaboration between the best Thai fighters from different camps. This gave him a chance to team up with former rivals, such as Buakaw Banchamek, Superbon Banchamek, and Jomthong Chuwatthana, to name a few. Together, they represented the best that Thailand had to offer the sport of Muay Thai.

In 2019, the fight world was momentarily surprised when YOKKAO publicly announced a suspension for Manachai, citing his recent KO losses. This was only a minor hurdle for Manachai, who was able to refocus himself, rejoin the competition circuit, and eventually claim the world title at 147 pounds.

Thai Boxing Fundamentals by Youssef Boughhanem

How Old is Manachai?

Manachai is 24 years old as of 2021. He was born on October 20, 1996 in Buriram, Thailand.

Manachai Family

Little has been written about Manachai’s family; in public, he represents himself solely as a fighter.

How Much is Manachai Worth?

Manachai’s net worth is unknown at this time.

How Tall is Manachai?

Manachai is 5’7” tall. This makes him about average build for a welterweight Muay Thai fighter.

How Much Does Manachai Weigh? 

Manachai holds the world title at 147 pounds, which is about 66.5 kg. He has also been listed as low as 143 pounds, or 65 kg. He is not known to fluctuate heavily between bouts, instead keeping himself close to fight weight at all times.

Manachai Fight List

Manachai has well over three hundred fights and has been competing since eight years old, making it impractical to list them all here. His proudest achievements in the sport of Muay Thai are becoming the 2018 WBC and current WMO World Champion at 147 pounds.

Manachai's Best Fight of All Time

Manachai has well over three hundred fights but there’s no denying that some stand above the rest. One of his proudest moments came in late December of 2019, when Maachai was matched up with Trithep, from rival Thai gym LSM 99 Max. He managed to knock out his opponent in the fourth round to become the WMO World champion at 147 pounds.

Who Did Manachai Lose To?

Muay Thai is a brutal sport, and one in which it’s competitors are asked to perform very frequently. As a result, many Muay Thai fighters sustain cold periods in their career as injuries and cumulative damage begin to pile up. One of the most notable losses that Manachai has faced actually repeated itself twice.

Starting in 2016, Manachai entered the Toyota 8-man Tournament twice. He progressed through the early rounds easily but found himself facing Yodthuangton, a journeyman in his own right, in both instances of the Toyota tournament. On both occasions, Manachai was bested by Yodthuangton, losing to him by decision not once, but twice.

Manachai Record

Manchai has fought in over 300 professional Muay Thai bouts and has a record of 210-94.

Manachai Injuries

Muay Thai’s brutal style and pace results in injuries to many of its greatest athletes; Manachai is no different. He has had multiple fights end in injuries to himself, including a January 2019 loss to Italy’s Luca Falco at YOKKAO 36. Traveling to face Falco in his home country of Italy, Manachai went down in the 4th round with an injured ankle that ended the bout. 

This injury had a ripple effect on Manchai’s next bout, as he was unable to compete against the number three ranked muay thai fighter in the world at 66.6 kg, Jack Kennedy. It was shortly after this withdrawal, later in 2019, that YOKKAO announced it’s temporary suspension of Manachai.

Is Manachai Retired?

As the current 147 pound WMO Champion, Manachai is far from retired. He is 24 years old, which is older than it may sound at first, due to the incredible amount of wear and tear that Thai fighters take in the course of competing and training. Still, Manachai returned from his short break in 2019 to go on another streak in 2020 and 2021. He remains one of the top-ranked Muay Thai fighters in the world.

In his downtime, Manachai stays active by creating instructional videos to help share his supreme knowledge of Muay Thai. He has even teamed up with BJJ Fanatics to film his “Thai Boxing: Low Kicks”, which is already available to stream. He covers not only the setups and defenses to common leg attacks in Muay Thai, but also focuses on using that defensive base to safely and effectively launch attacks of your own.

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