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John Gaglione His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

John Gaglione His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is John Gaglione?

John Gaglione is a Sport Performance specialist who works out of Long Island in New York. John is a strength training and powerlifting coach and he is the owner and head trainer at Gaglione Strength. John has been a coach for 14 years and has run his own business for 9 years now. John has competed in open powerlifting and kettlebell competitions, and has won multiple tournaments including National and World Championship events. 

Who Is John Gaglione?

John Gaglione is a Sport Performance specialist who works out of Long Island in New York. John is a strength training and powerlifting coach and he is the owner and head trainer at Gaglione Strength. John has been a coach for 14 years and has run his own business for 9 years now. John has competed in open powerlifting and kettlebell competitions, and has won multiple tournaments including National and World Championship events. 

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It wasn’t all bells and whistles for John Gaglione in his quest to become successful. In high school he had aspirations of becoming a pro wrestler and as he tried to climb the mountain of wrestling, a lot of obstacles stood in his way. John suffered multiple injuries all throughout high school which hindered his hopes of joining the pro ranks in wrestling. No matter how hard John tried he had always felt like he was failing. John lifted weights, he went to camps and clinics, he even ate extremely well, but nothing he did would result in success.

John knew he had to train smarter not harder, because he realised that it took more than hard work to be successful. John began entering powerlifting events where he won titles in the 17 - 19 year old divisions. John won the New Jersey and New York state opens, he secured a second place at the All Raw World Cup and in 2006 he won a World Championship. During John’s final year of high school he began coaching the youth wrestling team, which started to give him a sense of purpose. After losing his chance to wrestle in the last year of high school, John’s dreams of wrestling professionally came crumbling down. John started researching the correct way to train the body, so he implemented that into his own training.

After graduating from high school, John took on an entry level coaching role at Plainedge high school. Through John’s failures as an athlete, he vowed to help other hopeful athletes achieve their goals. John was coaching for several years and as a result of his new found passion, he let his own health slip out of his grasp. John ballooned out to an unfit and overweight 340 pounds. John decided that he needed to get his health back in shape, so he hired several coaches including; a business, nutrition and a strength coach to help him get his life in order.

John rented his own space and as he put in the hard yards, he lost over 60 pounds. John was starting to feel good again as Gaglione Strength was born. John began competing in powerlifting and kettlebell events again from 2013 and onwards, where he won multiple titles. John has entered many competitions and has taken out first place in events like the USA Nationals, PowerPalooza and Supreme Iron Warrior. John’s most recent event was extremely successful as he finished first and competed in the 90 kilogram division.

John has also furthered his career by publishing his own books on various powerlifting and strength and conditioning, his books were titled “Powerlifting for the People” and “The Powerlifting Handbook” both books have become quite popular. John is also heavily involved with powerlifting seminars, where he showcases his expertise in the correct procedures of lifting weights.

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How Much Is John Gaglione Worth?

John Gaglione has become one of the most successful powerlifting coaches in the United States. He has smashed many records as a powerlifter and coached some incredible athletes like Larry Wheels. Over John’s successful career as a lifter, coach and published book writer, he has amassed a significant nest egg. His net worth is reported to be over 2 million dollars and is increasing every year. 

How Tall Is John Gaglione?

John Gaglione stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is the equivalent of 177 centimetres. 

How Much Does John Gaglione Weigh?

John Gaglione weighs in at 89.2 kilograms (196 lbs) as of his last competition, John has been up and down with his weight all throughout his career. He has been as heavy as 154 kilograms (340 lbs) John has also competed at 98 kg, 108 kg, 123 kg, 136 kg and 147 kg.

John Gaglione’s Event List!

John Gaglione has been competing in Powerlifting and Kettlebell events since 2006, although he took 5 years off between 2008 and 2013. John has competed in 22 events and apart from his 3 disqualifications he has never placed worse than 3rd. He has competed at; World Championships, US Nationals, PowerPalooza, Heatwave, Iron Frenzy, Lexen Fall Classic, Super Training Classic, All Raw World Cup, State Open and State Championships, InserreXtion 2, Supreme Iron warrior, Raw Dawg Nationals and the New York Grand Prix and Westside Pro Invitational.

John Gaglione's Best Event Of All Time!

John Gaglione has competed in multiple powerlifting events and taken home many division wins. In 2006 John won the WNFP World Championships held in New Jersey, competing in the 17 - 19 year old division his performance was outstanding. In the 90 kg division using the wraps, John secured lifts of 195 kg in the squat, 115 kg in the bench and 205 kg in the deadlift. John has won other events like the New Jersey and the New York open, some of his best events have happened recently. In 2020 John finished 3rd at the World Championships with a squat of 371.9 kg, a bench of 217.7 kg and a deadlift of 285.7 kg. In 2021 John won the US Nationals in the under 90 kg weight class with lifts of; 340.1 kg in the squat, 210.9 kg in the bench and 269.8 in the deadlift.

What Did John Gaglione Lose?

John Gaglione lost many wrestling matches, and with all of his annoying injuries it became next to impossible for john to succeed. John lost his last chance at becoming a serious wrestler, as he failed to place at a national event when he lost the match in a double overtime. Other significant losses for John were at various powerlifting and kettlebell events. John has been disqualified at three separate events in 2015, 2018 and 2019, as he failed to hit the mark at the Jingle Bell Blast, the Slingshot Record Breakers and the Autumn Apocalypse 10 respectively.

John Gaglione’s Record!

John Gaglione has amassed quite the record now as a powerlifter, he has lifted a personal best of; 

Squat - 297.1 with the wraps, 371.9 unlimited, 385.5 multi. 

Bench - 170.1 raw, 217.7 unlimited, 260.8 multi. 

Deadlift - 283.5 raw, 285.7 unlimited, 299.3 multi.

John has won many tournaments and has never finished lower than third, apart from his 3 Dq’s. His event wins include;

World Championship 90 kg (2006) New Jersey State Title (2006-90kg, 2007 - 110kg) New York State Open (2007 - 100kg) Iron Frenzy (2013 - 140kg) Heatwave (2013 - 136 kg) InsurreXtion 2 (2013 - 142kg) Supreme Iron Warrior (2014 - 134kg) Raw Dawg National Championships (2016 - 147kg) Lexen Fall Classic (2017 - 123kg) PowerPalooza 21 (2019 - 99.5 kg) US Nationals (2021 - 89.2 kg)

John also finished in 3rd place at the 2020 World Championships held in New York.

John Gaglione’s Injuries!

John Gaglione has been riddled with injuries all throughout high school, many of the injuries John faced put him squarely out of contention of wrestling at a professional level. In John’s junior year he tore his abdominal muscles which was a huge setback for him, he struggled to recover properly for several months. In John’s senior year he would face more adversity as he tore his hamstring off the bone, this was an extremely serious injury that basically stopped John dead in his tracks. John's bad luck continued as he strained many other ligaments and muscles, it took John to change his whole philosophy before he would put his body back on the right trajectory. Although John's injuries hindered him from achieving his aspirations, it put him on a path to a different level of success through coaching.

Is John Gaglione Retired?

John Gaglione is still an active Powerlifter, he has recently competed at the US Nationals in New York in 2021. John is making up for lost time ever since his failings through high school where his dreams of wrestling professionally never came to fruition. Now as a powerhouse weightlifter and Sports Performance specialist, he competes intensively and coaches many athletes with his expertise.

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