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Jean Charles Skarbowsky His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Jean Charles Skarbowsky His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Jean Charles Skarbowsky?

Jean Charles Skarbowsky is a former French kickboxing icon, he is a three time European Muay Thai Champion. Jean’s outstanding skills in kickboxing has given him worldwide popularity, as many aspiring fighters want to learn his kickboxing prowess. Jean has also won a French Muay Thai Championship, an ISKA Muay Thai World Championship, a Kings Cup and a Superbout Kings Cup.

Who Is Jean Charles Skarbowsky?

Jean Charles Skarbowsky is a former French kickboxing icon, he is a three time European Muay Thai Champion. Jean’s outstanding skills in kickboxing has given him worldwide popularity, as many aspiring fighters want to learn his kickboxing prowess. Jean has also won a French Muay Thai Championship, an ISKA Muay Thai World Championship, a Kings Cup and a Superbout Kings Cup.

Advanced Edition: Muay Thai Masterclass by Jean Charles Skarbowsky

In 1992 Jean Charles began his kickboxing career, as he stormed onto the scene with a few wins and losses he challenged for the French Muay Thai Championship. After his title win Jean Charles continued on and was awarded a European Championship title shot. Jean Charles defeated Yigin Osman of Germany to become the European Muay Thai Champion. After a succession of 4 non title wins all with second round KO results, Jean Charles would defend his title against Kader Marouf who gave up, securing Jean Charles the TKO. Two months later Jean Charles would again defend his title by winning a 5 round decision against Benoit Atayi.

Over the next 4 years Jean Charles secured 9 KO victories out of 10 fights, including winning fights in Thailand. On the 8th of June 2000 Jean Charles won the ISKA World Muay Thai championship against Robert Kaennorasing with a left hand uppercut KO in round 1. Jean Charles had also brought his fight win streak to 20 matches and 6 years since his last loss in 1994. Jean Charles then went on a 6 match losing streak including suffering a KO from the elbow of Sak Kaoponiek for the Trieste World Muay Thai Championship. 

Over the next 5 years of competitive kickboxing Jean Charles would win 19 out of 35 matches. He became the number #1 ranked fighter at Rajadamnern Stadium twice, first after his KO of Munkong Kiatsomkuan and second with his KO by punches against Lamsongkram Chuwattana. Jean Charles challenged for the S-1 World Title at Xplosion 2005 but lost a unanimous decision to Buakaw Por. Pramuk. 

In 2010 Jean Charles made an appearance on the Mixed Martial Arts reality TV series, The Ultimate Fighter 12 - Team GSP vs Team Koscheck. Jean Charles was hired as a Muay Thai coach who worked extensively with team GSP. Jean Charles showed superior striking skills as he helped develop many of George St Pierre’s team members. Jean Charles had run-ins with Josh Koscheck, as tensions were flying in the heated series that had fans tantalised by the events.

Jean Charles spends his days living in Thailand running his own kickboxing Gym called Skarbowsky Gym which was formerly the famous Jockey Gym. Jean Charles also has filmed many instructional videos including a 5 DVD series with BJJ Fanatics and Dynamic Striking called “Muay Thai Masterclass” where he has brought out; Beginner, Intermediate, Tei Kra, Advanced and Clinch editions.

Muay Thai Masterclass: Clinch by Jean Charles Skarbowsky

How Old Is Jean Charles Skarbowsky?

Jean Charles is a French born kickboxer born in Paris on the 10th of March in 1975, he is currently 46 years of age.

Jean Charles Skarbowsky’s Family!

Jean Charles’ mother was born in Romania and at the age of 25 she emigrated to France to start a new life. Jean Charles was born and from a young age he was obsessed with striking, as Muay Thai kickboxing became his passion. After Jean’s father passed away when he was really young he was forced to grow up the hard way, but he did it like a man. Studying in the art of Muay Thai was more than a sport it became a lifestyle as it does for many Thai fighters. Jean Charles had a desire to become World Champion and as he trained extensively in the arts his destiny slowly became a reality. Jean Charles discovered boxing when he was 16 years of age as he accidentally pushed open the door to the “Siam Boxing Club” in Paris. Jean Charles met the famed Muay Thai coach Andre Zeitoun who later became like a spiritual father to Jean Charles. In Jean’s first kickboxing fight he found it too hard to compete, but because his coach had lent him the shorts he went back to the gym to return the shorts only to be talked into continuing his training. From that moment on Jean Charles became a formidable kickboxer and one of the best in the world.

How Much Is Jean Charles Skarbowsky Worth?

Jean Charles has fought kickboxing fights all over the world including places like; Thailand, France, Sweden, New Zealand, Tokyo, Italy, Cambodia and Las Vegas. Jean has accumulated a vast wealth through the tremendous amount of fights he has been involved with. His net worth has increased beyond a million dollars now and is steadily increasing due to his ongoing kickboxing gym, and the commission he makes from his instructional DVD’s. 

How Tall Is Jean Charles Skarbowsky?

Jean Charles stands at 5 feet and 9 inches tall which is the equivalent to 175 centimetres.

How Much Does Jean Charles Skarbowsky Weigh?

Jean Charles has competed in the 65 kilogram (143 lbs) division for the majority of his career.

Jean Charles Skarbowsky Fight List!

Jean Charles has had an outstanding kickboxing career filled with numerous KO victories. Jean Charles has fought some of the toughest guys from Thailand, France and Japan guys like; Yigin Osman, Ange N’Kemi, Kader Marouf, Benoit Atayi, Samir Gharbi, Alex Snedden, Robert Kaennorasing, Duan Esarn, Munkong Kiatsomkuan, Sak Kaoponiek, Masaaki Kato, Paolo Balicha, Lamsongkram Chuwattana, Farid Khider and Chris Van Venrooij.

Jean Charles Skarbowsky's Best Fight Of All Time!

Jean Charles has had many exciting knockouts in his fighting career. He has won European Muay Thai Championships and many other title belts. In the year 2000 Jean Charles would fight Robert Kaennorasing on two separate occasions, the first was for the ISKA World Muay Thai Championship in Las Vegas where Jean Charles would win with a first round knockout. Six months later a rematch would take place in Thailand at the Kings Birthday, in what would be the fight of the year according to the Sports Writers Association of Thailand. The fight was a frenetic battle that went all 5 rounds with Jean Charles losing in a decision to Robert Kaennorasing.

Who Did Jean Charles Skarbowsky Lose To?

Jean Charles has lost some fights in his career, including losses in title matches. Some of his losses were to; Robert Kaennorasing, Sak Kaoponiek, Satoshi Kobayashi, Samir Mohamed, Shane Chapman, Ole Laursen, Jordan Tai, Buakaw Por. Pramuk and Jean Luc Janvier, he also lost 3 fights to Eh Phoutong. Jean Charles lost a semi final fight at the 2004 S1 World championships against the famous John Wayne Parr. 

Jean Charles Skarbowsky’s Record!

Jean Charles boasts an incredible kickboxing record of 75 wins 23 losses and 3 draws, including a stunning 51 knockout victories. Jean Charles has a list of accolades that includes; 3 x European Muay Thai Champion (1995 - 1996) French Muay Thai Champion (1995) ISKA Muay Thai World Champion (2000) Kings Cup Winner (1999) Superbout Kings Cup Winner (2002) Fight of the Year award - Sports Writers Association of Thailand (2000) Rajadamnern #4 ranking (2005) Rajadamnern #1 ranking (2003, 2006 Jean Charles is the only fighter not hailing from Thailand to record that number #1 ranking at the stadium) Jean Charles made an impressive appearance on The Ultimate Fighter as a Muay thai coach on team GSP.

Jean Charles Skarbowsky’s Injuries!

Jean Charles suffered from a broken hand after defending his European Muay Thai title. The injury was extremely serious as the doctors predicted Jean would not fight again. Jean Charles showed extreme resilience and expert recovery techniques as he rebuilt the strength in his hand, and after a short time away from fighting he came back with a vengeance. Jean Charles would not accept his Doctors advice and he went on to win the ISKA World Muay Thai Title.   

Is Jean Charles Skarbowsky Retired?

Jean Charles has retired from competitive kickboxing, his last fight was a TKO loss in 2006. Since then Jean Charles has been teaching many athletes how to fight, including MMA fighters and Muay Thai fighters in Thailand through his Gym that he runs. Jean Charles also spends time filming instructionals as they have become extremely popular since you tube and social media has taken off all over the world. 

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