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Jake Shannon His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Jake Shannon His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Jake Shannon?

Jake Shannon is one of the pioneers for Catch Wrestling in the USA, his scientific approach to wrestling and martial arts is unprecedented and highly valuable to the martial arts community. Jake received his coaching certification under the famous Billy Robinson, and has been coaching catch as you can wrestlers all the way to high level professional athletes, including; grapplers, mixed martial artists and competitive wrestlers. 

Who Is Jake Shannon?

Jake Shannon is one of the pioneers for Catch Wrestling in the USA, his scientific approach to wrestling and martial arts is unprecedented and highly valuable to the martial arts community. Jake received his coaching certification under the famous Billy Robinson, and has been coaching catch as you can wrestlers all the way to high level professional athletes, including; grapplers, mixed martial artists and competitive wrestlers. 

Catch Wrestling Submissions by Jake Shannon

In 2006 Jake Shannon developed the highly regarded “Certified Catch Wrestler” which is a program that provides catch wrestling training and authentic certification. His top notch program has been received with many praises worldwide from high ranked martial artists including; professional MMA fighters, Catch Wrestling legends, Gold medal winning wrestlers and grapplers. Jake has also worked with Karl Gotch as they co-founded “The King Of Catch Wrestling” a tournament dedicated to professional catch wrestling.

In 2006 and 2007 Jake Shannon introduced the first Open Catch As Catch Can seminar and training camps, with legends like; Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Dick Cardinal and Billy Robinson. Jake has also produced 3 highly successful documentaries entitled; “My Cigar With Karl”, “Scientific Wrestling Revolution - Billy Robinson’s Return To England”, and “Do It Again: My Lost Training Footage With Billy Robinson”. Jake has taken his martial arts to an extremely high level of coaching as he is passionate about developing athletes and passing on his knowledge.

Through Jake’s love of martial arts he has invented some exercise equipment, called the Macebell which is similar to a mace used in ancient India. The macebell is a training tool used to swing around with good form, in order to strengthen your muscles and the joints in your shoulders while simultaneously increasing flexibility. Shannon has also created the first ever mace instructional DVD and certification.

In 2011 and 2012 Jake Shannon wrote two novels that were best sellers in two different categories on Amazon. His first novel was titled “Say Uncle!: Catch As Catch Can and the Roots of Mixed Martial Arts, Pro Wrestling and Modern Grappling”. His second novel was titled “Physical Chess: My Life In Catch As Catch Can Wrestling” which is the memoirs of the great Billy Robinson. 

Jake has also been involved with many other martial arts instructionals with top level coaches in their field of expertise. More recently Jake Shannon has filmed instructionals with the exciting and popular brand BJJ Fanatics. His videos are titled “Catch Wrestling Takedowns - By Jake Shannon” and “Catch Wrestling Submissions - By Jake Shannon”.

Catch Wrestling Takedowns by Jake Shannon

How Old Is Jake Shannon?

Jake Shannon was born and raised in Denver Colorado in 1973, he is currently 48 years of age.

Jake Shannon’s Family!

Jake Shannon was raised in Denver Colorado, as a kid he always had an interest in martial arts. Jake had some serious issues as a teenager but as he overcame his adversity he began his journey into martial arts. Jake spoke about his love of Bruce Lee movies and when he tried to challenge his roommate to a duel, Jake was thrown all over the place by his friend who was a Judo green belt. Instantly Jake knew he needed to develop his skills in martial arts. Jake heard about an upcoming event called the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and he just had to go. Jake remembers sitting directly behind the Gracie family as he was awed by the skills of Jiu Jitsu and Catch wrestling. With the rise of Kazushi Sakuraba, Jake decided that catch wrestling would suit him to the letter. Jake now lives in Colorado with his wife, his three children, as well as his elderly mother and many household pets.

How Much Is Jake Shannon Worth?

Jake Shannon has built himself and his family quite a nice little bit of wealth. Through the sales of his DVD’s, novels, fitness equipment, apparel, seminars and training camps Jake has increased his wealth exponentially. Jake has also made a lot of money through his experience as a Quantitative Analysis expert, where he designs and implements complicated models that allows firms to identify profitable trade opportunities. Through all of Jake’s avenues he has significantly increased his net worth well beyond a million dollars, and with his ingenuity his stocks and profitability are constantly rising.

How Tall Is Jake Shannon?

Jake Shannon stands at 185 centimetres tall which is equivalent to just over 6 feet tall.

How Much Does Jake Shannon Weigh?

Jake Shannon weighs in at 81 kilograms which equates to 178 lbs.

Jake Shannon’s Fighters List!

Jake Shannon has been involved with martial arts for a very long time, since 1994 to be exact. He has trained extensively in Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Pro Wrestling and Catch Wrestling. Jake has trained with and met with many exceptional athletes throughout his long and illustrious career. Jake has been involved with guys like; Billy Robinson, Karl Gotch, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Dick Cardinal, Frank Shamrock, Josh Barnett, Brandon Ruiz, Wade Schalles and Danny Mitchell, 

Jake Shannon’s Best Revival Of All Time!

Catch Wrestling has been around for centuries and as its popularity grew, so did the money grabbing, rule changes and idiotic gimmicks involved. Jake Shannon has since revived the age-old martial art, through his website “scientific wrestling” where he spoke of old stories and talked about the science behind catch wrestling. Jake Shannon and Karl Gotch joined forces to co-found The King Of Catch Wrestling which is a tournament for catch wrestling. Since the rebirth of this old wrestling style the world has seen guys like Josh Barnett, Randy Couture, Erik Paulson, Frank Shamrock, Ken shamrock and Kazushi Sakuraba burst onto the world scene, winning UFC titles, Jiu Jitsu World Championships and even Gracie hunting with defeats over formidable grapplers. Many thanks go to Jake Shannon who does not get enough credit for his role in reviving such an aspiring and age old martial art.

Jake Shannon’s Achievements! 

Jake Shannon has achieved many certifications throughout his amazing martial arts journey. Jake earned himself a Masters of Financial Engineering in college, along with a degree in Quantitative Analysis. Jake has also become a certified Catch As Catch Can Coach under Billy Robinson. Jake also has completed level 2 certification in Shamrock Submission Fighting. 

His other achievements include; launching the promotion The King Of Catch Wrestling, Certified Catch Wrestler Platform, Scientific Wrestling Website, Maceball training equipment and apparel, 3 well known documentaries, 2 best selling novels, many other instructional DVD’s with many high profile coaches including 2 of his own through BJJ Fanatics.  

Jake Shannon Injuries!

Jake Shannon suffered extensively when he was a teenager from a debilitating cancer that gave him problems in his neck. Jake tried many healing solutions in his quest to rid himself of cancer as a teenager. Any child suffering from cancer has a huge obstacle of adversity to conquer. Jake was a strong kid and with the help of his parents he beat the odds and became a cancer survivor. Jake went through vigorous sessions of hypnotherapy to help him deal with and embrace how to overcome his illness. Nowadays Jake studies in hypnotherapy in order to help others deal with many of life's challenges. 

Is Jake Shannon Retired?

Jake Shannon is still heavily involved with martial arts, his training seminars and martial arts instructionals are all readily available online. He still maintains his website for scientific wrestling and he is still working with his businesses as he markets and sells equipment. Jake is one of those guys who will probably never retire as his passion for martial arts heavily aligns with his willingness to help and develop his community.

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