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James Tomlinson His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

James Tomlinson His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is James Tomlinson?

James Tomlinson is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt who trains under the ADCC absolute bronze medallist Lachlan Giles in Melbourne Australia. James is also a Black belt in TaeKwonDo. James has competed at four Jiu Jitsu World Championships although he has never made it to the podium. James is known worldwide for his partnership with Joey Worthington, together they co-founded Bulletproof BJJ, which is a strength and mobility program designed for BJJ athletes who want to perform at the best of their abilities.

Bulletproof For BJJ by Joe Worthington & James Tomlinson

In 2008 at the age of 21 James discovered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after seeing a group of athletes walking by wearing different coloured Gi's. James participated in a lesson and after getting beat up he realised that Jiu Jitsu was the real deal. James never looked back as his BJJ journey took him all over the world, he visited places like Canada, the United States and Brazil to learn from some of the best grapplers on the planet. James had an in depth look at Jiu Jitsu and learnt its functionality to a whole new level. He needed to know how to get fitter and stronger in a functional way for Jiu Jitsu, and before long James became the athlete to see about how to bulletproof your body for BJJ.

Travelling the world and training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helped James understand how the martial art was evolving. James was on a journey to constantly find the best training methodology in order to most effectively give him the best advantage on the mat. Training with multiple world champions has given James a solid foundation within his Jiu Jitsu. James moved to Melbourne in Australia, a place that is well known for its sports and where Jiu Jitsu is widely popular in the Australian state. James became a Black belt under Lachlan Giles at Absolute MMA, which is a well known gym that has produced famous grapplers like Mikael Yahaya, Jeremy Skinner and Craig Jones.

James was heavily into strength and conditioning and kettlebell training, he became a certified instructor of both. James had often heard rumours about a guy who looked just like him and was also a kettlebell instructor. Living in different cities in Australia, James would meet Joey Worthington at a Jiu Jitsu competition and as they traded information they became close mates. James and Joey put their minds together and created Bulletproof BJJ, which has become an extremely popular strength and mobility program designed to enhance core functionality within a Jiu Jitsu athlete. Bulletproof BJJ is now worldwide and with James and Joey’s knowledge and design skills they have become quite successful. 

James Tomlinson has always had a unique talent for designing and through his talents he has designed a card game. His game is a Jiu Jitsu inspired card game called JiuGo, where each card is meant to simulate the flow of Jiu Jitsu while you are inside of a roll. James has done exceptionally well with his marketing as he has now sold 15,000 copies.

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How Old Is James Tomlinson?

James Tomlinson was born in Sydney Australia on the 11th of June in 1987, he is currently 34 years of age. James later made the move to Melbourne. 

James Tomlinson’s Early Life?

James Tomlinson started his martial arts journey when he was 10 years old. As a kid growing up he was quite chubby, James was heavily bullied all through his schooling years. As James faced this adversity he yearned for a release, James found TaekwonDo. James became addicted to martial arts and soon after he discovered weight training, so he turned himself into a weapon. As his confidence grew the bullies left him alone and his decade long journey through martial arts and strength and conditioning led him to Melbourne. In 2006 and 2007 James won a National and International TaeKwonDo competition respectively. James has a thirst for knowledge as he became one of the first certified Kettlebell instructors in Australia, a short while later James discovered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the rest became history!

How Much Is James Tomlinson Worth?

James Tomlinson has become an extremely successful entrepreneur later in his career. With the popularity of Bulletproof BJJ and the sales of their instructional videos, James has had a significant rise in his stocks. James also co-founded and works as a head instructor at Kings MMA and Jiu Jitsu in Melbourne Australia. James has also marketed a successful card game called JiuGo and with his product stream now surpassing 15000 copies sold he is very excited. James Tomlinson has a net worth of over a million dollars now, with his revenue set to rise exponentially in the coming years.

How Tall Is James Tomlinson?

James Tomlinson stands at 6 feet and 2 inches tall which is the equivalent to 187 centimetres.

How Much Does James Tomlinson Weigh?

James Tomlinson weighs in at 92 kilograms or (202 lbs) James has competed at 86 kilograms (189 lbs) he also competed regularly in the absolute or open weight divisions.

James Tomlinson’s Most Effective Warmup Exercises! 

James Tomlinson is a co-founder of Bulletproof BJJ which is a program developed by James Tomlinson and Joey Worthington. James talks about the most effective warm up systems to put into place when trying to maximise your output as an athlete. James says Yoga is the best compliment to BJJ and that his favourite pose that helps his body is the Pigeon pose. James offers a slightly different variation as he remains active in the pose, lifting his body up and down but protecting his knee from soreness. His next movement involves the straddle as he moves his body side to side in order to warm up all the smaller muscles that you would use during training. The third movement is a sideline rotation where he lays on his side and utilises a large rotation with his arms to warm up the core, he also extends his leg to make the movement more difficult. James talks about how doing this movement will help with cartilage and rib injury, which is a common occurrence in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

James Tomlinson’s Most Effective Warmdown Exercises!

James talks about how important it is to warm down after exercise, especially BJJ. James utilises a wall to place his toes onto while his knee is on the mat, his other leg is posted firmly on the mat, using good posture he places his hands on his knee and stretches out his hip. This is a good way to loosen up your hip flexors. His second movement is the same as the first, except he starts to thrust his hip forward then backward and does this for 10 repetitions. The last movement is called a scorpion stretch, where you lay face down with your arms wide and you bring your leg backwards, twisting it over your body while keeping your shoulders flat. All of these movements are designed to help an athlete recover quicker and feel better after their workouts.

Who Did James Tomlinson Lose to?

James Tomlinson has competed at 4 World Championships in his career. Although James has a heart of a warrior he never made it to the podium. One of James Tomlinson’s most notable losses came at the purple belt level. James fought Craig Jones in the Absolute division final at the Melbourne Regionals. Craig Jones made short work of James as Craig secured a triangle in an incredible 18 seconds into the fight.

James Tomlinson’s Injuries!

James Tomlinson has suffered from extensive back injuries throughout his career. James was forced to dive deep into understanding how the body should be properly conditioned. Through his recovery, this inspired him to create Bulletproof BJJ and James has vowed that his knowledge of body conditioning will be used to help many other athletes in pursuit of their successes. 

Is James Tomlinson Retired?

James Tomlinson has retired from competitive Jiu Jitsu, as he now focuses on teaching, designing and business marketing. James is a world class Black belt instructor who teaches martial arts at Kings MMA and Jiu Jitsu. His gym is widely considered as one of the best in Australia, their brand offers world class instruction, online courses and an online shop. James spends his days working hard on building his brands and marketing for the future.

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