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Matheus "King Kong" Diniz

Matheus Diniz

At only 25 years of age, Matheus Diniz has secured his position as one of the most decorated black belts to come out of the Marcelo Garcia Academy.  Part of an illustrious class of powerhouse students who were promoted in 2015, he most recently proved his mettle at the Kasai Pro 2 event in New York City where he was crowned middleweight champion.

Born in 1993, as a young boy, his family would eventually settle in the city of Formiga, where his long time mentor and instructor Marcelo Garcia also lived.  His first involvement in martial arts as a child came in the form of capoeira.  Known to be rambunctious and a bit of a troublemaker, Matheus would eventually cross paths with a fellow student who wanted to fight.  

Not one to shy away from conflict, Matheus tracked him down to the rival's BJJ academy and when he approached the instructor looking for the boy, his eventual instructor Rodrigo Ranieri defused the situation and was able to win Matheus over to jiu jitsu where after only a week or so, he found himself already competing and being successful as a white belt.

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After a number of years and after earning his blue belt, Matheus would follow in the footsteps of his eventual mentor, Marcelo Garcia and move away to the city of Pocos de Caldas to train with Paulo Rezende, from whom he would earn the rest of his color belts, namely his purple and brown.

After Diniz earned his brown belt, Marcelo invited him to New York City to continue his development at his academy.  It would be as a brown belt under Marcelo Garcia in New York City that his BJJ career would begin to skyrocket.  In April of 2015, Diniz was awarded his black belt amongst the likes of other high level students like Jonathan Satava, Marcus Tinoco, Dominika Obelenyte, Dillon Danis and Mansher Khera.

As a black belt, Diniz continues to evolve and bring the spirit of his nickname "King Kong" to all of his matches.  His aggressive, but technical approach makes him a formidable opponent for any competitor.

Here is a short highlight film of Matheus "King Kong" Diniz in action.

Matheus Diniz Highlight

This short highlight video will give viewers a good snapshot of Matheus' aggressive take down game and his 'in your face' passing style that blitzes the opponents and overwhelms them with equal parts speed, power and precision.

Notable Techniques

 In the first technique, Matheus sets up a solid half guard foundation using his knee shield and arm frames, maintaining a solid distance from the opponent.  After kicking through and seeking a strong underhook, Diniz will tuck himself under the partner to secure deep half.

By continuing to unbalance his partner, Diniz is able to finish the trash sweep and set up potential back attacks.

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BJJ Fanatics Deep Half Guard to Throw Away the Trash Sweep

In the next technique, Bernardo Faria sits down with Matheus Diniz and most interestingly recalls his first training session with Diniz in which he credits Matheus with being his toughest training partner.

Half Guard Sweep to Back Take and Choke featuring Bernardo Faria

Matheus uses a shallow De La Riva to set up a reaction that allows for a unique single leg sweep which scoops the leg out from other the partner and sets up a knee bar submission or potential over under pass.

BJJ Fanatics De La Riva Single leg Sweep to Knee Bar or Over Under Pass



Below are a few of the fight or match videos that are available on YouTube for Matheus Diniz.

Matheus Diniz vs. Murilo Santana

Matheus Diniz vs. Gilbert Burns

Matheus Diniz versus Romula Azevedo


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