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Yuri Simoes

Yuri Simoes

Yuri Simoes was introduced to BJJ by his father at the early age of 9 years old. One of his earliest and most formative instructors was Mauricio Behring who inspired the competitive spirit in the young Yuri early on. When Behring was tragically murdered in 2006, Yuri worked through his grief at the loss of his teacher and mentor and thankfully continued to train BJJ under Ricardo Vieira where he would earn his purple and brown belts and continue developing his competitive prowess. After a brief stint at Atos, Yuri would remain with Checkmat under Vieira until 2013 when he made the move to Caio Terra’s association where he finds his home today.

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In the short interview with world champion and BJJ legend, Saulo Ribeiro, Yuri shares the stories of his earliest days in grappling and his development today.

Yuri Simoes speaks to Saulo Ribeiro

Notable Techniques

Yuri Simoes is one of the top Gi and No Gi competitors in the world today.  He has battled back from injuries in recent years to have epic matches against the best in the jiu jitsu world as well as a judo Olympian in Travis Stevens.

In the pass instructional video, Yuri displays his patented top pressure game to control the hips of the opponent.  He defeats all of the standard defenses that the opponent offers by not moving forward, but instead moving around the defenses, keeping the knees tied up and smashed.

Double Over Pass from Half Guard for BJJ Fanatics

Butterfly Cradle to Back Take

By simulating the guillotine and controlling the opponent's hips, Yuri is able to effectively nullify the opponent's butterfly guard to pass it and set up his back take.

High Crotch Single Leg from BJJ Fanatics

Setting up from the inside tie position, Yuri controls the opponent's body and movement to attack the single leg.



Below you will find a number of Yuri Simoes BJJ and grappling highlight videos.  

Yuri Simoes Gi BJJ Highlight

Yuri Simoes vs. Dean Lister Superfight Highlights

This video gives a great overview of Yuri versus grappling legend Dean Lister in the Fight to Win promotion.

Yuri Simoes Highlight Video

In this final highlight video, we get behind the scenes look at the two time ADCC champion and his path to his current position as one of the top grapplers out there today.


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