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Bryce Meredith His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age and More!

Bryce Meredith His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age and More!


Who is Bryce Meredith?

Bryce Robert Meredith is an American MMA fighter, freestyle and folkstyle wrestler. Currently, Bryce Meredith competes in MMA for the Legacy Fighting Alliance. 

Who is Bryce Meredith?

Bryce Robert Meredith is an American MMA fighter, freestyle and folkstyle wrestler. Currently, Bryce Meredith competes in MMA for the Legacy Fighting Alliance. 

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Bryce Meredith started wrestling in high school when he attended Cheyenne Central High School in Wyoming. In his high school career Bryce Meredith would become a 4 time state champion and end his career with a total record of 123 wins and 8 defeats.

After graduating from High School, Bryce Meredith would go on to attend North Carolina State University and compete for that school's team, the Wolfpack, where he would end the  2014-2015 season with a 14 and 6 record. 

After that year, Bryce Meredith would transfer to the University of Wyoming which was closer to home for him as he was feeling homesick in North Carolina. 

In 2018, Bryce Meredith would begin to compete in Freestyle wrestling while still in his senior year of University. 

Eventually competing and winning big in some of the biggest tournaments in the world, Bryce Meredith would make his MMA debut in May 2021 for LFA.


How Old is Bryce Meredith?

Bryce Meredith was born on April 30, 1995 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, U.S. This makes Bryce Meredith 26 years old at the time of writing. 

Bryce Meredith’s Family

There is little information out about Bryce Meredith’s family. 

How Much is Bryce Meredith Worth?

Bryce Meredith’s estimated net worth in 2021 is currently unknown. 

How Tall is Bryce Meredith? 

Bryce Meredith stands at 5 foot 9 inches tall or 1.75 meters tall.

What is Bryce Meredith’s Reach? 

Bryce Meredith’s reach is currently unknown.

How Much Does Bryce Meredith Weigh?

Bryce Meredith has competed in the 133, 141, 143 and 145 pound weight divisions in wrestling. 

In MMA, Bryce Meredith competes in the 135 pound bantamweight class. 

Bryce Meredith’s Fight List

Bryce Meredith’s official fight list starts in his freshman year of university at North Carolina State University. That year he would go 15 and 6 

In his sophomore year, Bryce Meredith would go 29 and 5 and in his junior year he would go 31 and 8. In his final year at university, Bryce Meredith would go 33 and 2. 

Bryce Meredith would also compete at the NCAA championships from 2016 to 2018. At the 2016 NCAA Championships Bryce Meredith would defeat his first 4 opponents but lose to the fifth in the finals and take home the silver medal. 

At the 2017 NCAA Championships Bryce Meredith would place forth after losing to 2 of his 6 opponents. At the 2018 NCAA Championships, Bryce Meredith would once again get the silver medal after beating 4 people and losing to Yianni Diakomihalis in the finals. 

Bryce Meredith would start his freestyle career in 2018 at the 2018 Alans International where he would lose against Imam Adzhiev. 

Bryce Meredith would make his freestyle comeback in 2019 at that years Dave Schultz M. International tournament. He would take home third place after going 4 and 1 in the tournament. 

At the 2019 US Open DNP Bryce Meredith would go 2 and 2 winning his first and third match and losing his second and fourth. 

At the 2019 US Last Chance WTT DNP Bryce Meredith would beat his first opponent and lose to his second. 

At the 2019 Bill Farrell Memorial Bryce Meredith would defeat 3 out of 5 of his opponents. 

For his final competition of 2019, Bryce Meredith would compete at that year's US Nationals where he would place 6th after beating 4 out of his 7 total opponents. 

Bryce Meredith would then compete twice in 2020, first at that year's Granma y Cerro Pelado tournament in Cuba. where he would win his first match and lose his next two. 

Then Bryce Meredith competed at the Flo 8-Man Challenge DNP over the course of October 2020 to December 2020. Bryce Meredith would beat his first two opponents and lose to his last two. 

Bryce Meredith would compete next at his MMA debut at LFA 108 on May 21, 2021 against Steven Merrill. Bryce Meredith would win the match in the first round via a TKO. 

Bryce Meredith's Best Fight of All Time

Bryce Meredith’s best fight, at least at this point in time, is his MMA debut at LFA 108. The match started with Meredith pushing forward and being aggressive where he would back up his opponent to the cage. He showed very well developed striking for someone who was a wrestler for their whole life. 

However Bryce Meredith was caught with a punch that dropped him to his hands. His opponent then jumped to a guillotine choke but Meredith was able to escape to the top and was able to land a lot of ground and pound from various positions before ultimately finishing his opponent. 

Who Did Bryce Meredith Lose to?

Bryce Meredith has lost to, in order, Dean Heil, George DiCamillo, Kevin Jack, Yianni Diakomihalis, Imam Adzhiev, Bernard Futrell, Jaydin Eierman, Joey McKenna, Dean Heil, Jordan Oliver, Evan Henderson, Jordan Oliver, Yianni Diakomihalis, Frank Molinaro, Alejandro Valdés, Cristian Solenzal, Seth Gross, James Green. 

What is Bryce Meredith’s Record?

Bryce Meredith had a total collegiate record of 129 matches with 108 wins and 21 losses. In NCAA tournaments he has a record of 16 matches with 12 wins and 4 losses.  

In his freestyle career, Bryce Meredith would have a total of 32 matches with 18 wins and 14 losses. 

In MMA, Bryce Meredith has a record of 1 match and is 1 and 0. 

This gives Bryce Meredith a total record of 178 matches with 153 wins and 39 losses. 

This gives Bryce Meredith a total win percentage of 86 percent. 

What Titles Has Bryce Meredith Held?

Bryce Meredith won a gold medal at the 2018 Big 12 Championship in the 141 pound weight class. 

Has Bryce Meredith Had Any Serious Injuries?

Bryce Meredith has had no serious injuries that are worth noting. 

Is Bryce Meredith Retired?

Bryce Meredith has not officially retired from wrestling but has not competed since 2020. He is also currently active in MMA and is expected to have his next match soon. 

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