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Max Askren His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age And More!

Max Askren His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age And More!


Who Is Max Askren

Max Askren is a highly sought after wrestling coach, the former 3 time All American NCAA Wrestler has won many wrestling titles including an NCAA Division 1 championship in his senior year. He is the co-founder of Askren Wrestling Academy and AWA ( which stands for American Wrestling Association) Max runs the AWA North Shore location in Wisconsin, USA.  

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With his 26+ years of wrestling and coaching experience, Max is well known for his formidable and experimental wrestling style. Brother to the famed UFC fighter Ben Askren, Max and Ben are highly regarded for their wrestling dominance. 

Max Askren had plenty of offers for college, but his heart was set on the University of Missouri where he would drill daily wrestling techniques with his brother Ben. Max was impressive throughout college finishing with the second best win percentage in Missouri’s history. In his senior year Max went on to become a three time NCAA All American and Division 1 NCAA champion.

Max had a talent for wrestling but his true gift lived inside the classroom. Max was a 4 year All American Academic as an interdisciplinary studies major. His ability to impress with his aptitude of linguistics was outstanding as he spoke fluent Japanese, French and Russian. He also spoke some Spanish and along with his flawless English this has given rise to an understanding of wrestling beyond the normal realm. Max’s ability to communicate with foreign sources has improved his wrestling attributes exponentially, giving birth to the main concept at AWA which is “Total Wrestling” 

While attending college Max and his brother Ben started developing their unique system of wrestling. They coordinated several summer camps including the ‘Funky Fresh Scrambling” camp where they mastered their skill sets which eventually led to the formation of the AWA! 

Max Askren had an outstanding career in wrestling consisting of numerous titles and a wrestling record of 104 wins with only 16 losses. In 2015 Max Askren was inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

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How Old Is Max Askren

Max Askren was born on the 9th of September in 1986 in Cedar Rapids in Wisconsin.  

Max Askren’s Family

Max Askren was born in Cedar Rapids in Iowa Wisconsin, he later moved with his family to Hartland Wisconsin, where he attended Arrowhead High School. His father Chuck and his mother Michelle raised Max and his older brother Ben in a good Christian home. 

Max and his brother played many sports from a young age, and as they grew up they became competitive siblings, this pushed them to achieve great heights. Naturally Max would follow his brother Ben into wrestling as it was introduced by their father Chuck in grade 6.

Max and Ben competed in many Wisconsin Wrestling Federation events including many state tournaments and the USA wrestling competition. They continued their training and domination through high school and college with the support of both their parents.  

How Much is Max Askren Worth?

It’s estimated that Max Askren is worth several million dollars! With the formation of his very successful Wrestling Academy and the reported earnings of his brother Ben Askren ranging somewhere in the 10 million dollar stratosphere! The Askren family wealth is extremely fruitful and it proves that hard work does pay off. 

How Tall is Max Askren?

Max is only a couple of inches taller than his older brother Ben, Max is just barely scraping in at 6 foot, while his older brother sits at 5 ft 10. 

How Much Does Max Askren Weigh?

Max Askren competed as a 197 pound wrestler right up until 2008, he later finished off his career as a 184 pound professional wrestler. 

Max Askren’s Fight List

Max Askren has taken on many high school and collagen wrestlers in his illustrious career. Names like Jake Varner, Brent Chriswell, Craig Brester, Eric Lapotsky and Clayton Foster just to name a few. 

Max has been involved in some thrilling wins that has seen his team win state titles and even earn himself a NCAA Division 1 championship where he took on the number 1 seed Kirk Smith. 

Max Askren’s Best Fight Of All Time

Max Askren has had many great fights, including a win that only took 38 seconds to dispose of his opponent off the mat. 

Arguably his best win ever was his NCAA Division 1 championship that he won in 2010. Max took on Kirk Smith who was the heavy favourite to win the title. Kirk was the number 1 seed and he was on an undefeated run until he came up against the future Hall of Famer.

Max was quick to assert his dominance by scoring a takedown in the first 30 seconds of the fight. Max then was able to pin his opponent’s back down twice to be up 7-1 at the end of the first period.

As the match went on Max would dominate his opponent and eventually win the NCAA Division 1 title. The crowd was chanting for Max as he took another step towards stardom and the Hall of Fame.

Who Did Max Askren Lose To?

Max Askren didn’t lose many wrestling fights in his career, his formidable fight record of 104 - 16  told stories about his precision inside his performances. 

Max Askren collected his second All American badge of honour in 2008 after finishing 5th in the tournament. He won 3 fights in a row before losing to second place seed Jake Varner.

Another notable loss was to league MVP and second placed seed Craig Brester in the 13th Annual Big 12 Championships. After the loss Max managed back to back wins to put himself in third place for the tournament.

What Are Max Askren’s Records?

Max Askren has had a prestigious career with a high volume of wins and  he has accrued many records throughout his journey. 

With Max’s amazing career performances of 104 wins and only 16 losses with a win ratio of ( .867 ) this made Max only the second person in Missouri history with such a high win percentage.

Max also has the best fight record ever for a freshman in Missouri, which he has held for over 10 years. Max became a Big 12 Champion in his Freshman and Sophomore years, making him the fourth person in history to win the conference title twice. 

Max and his brother Ben are the 10th set of brothers in history to win Division 1 NCAA championship titles. 

After Max dropped down to 184 pounds and won his second title, he rode out his career on a high. He won 20 matches out of his last 22 making it a rewarding end to his illustrious and dominating career.

Has Max Askren Had Many Injuries?

Max has never had any surgeries or suffered any significant injuries throughout his career. He has always maintained that his healthy approach to his life has always kept him in prime condition. 

Max talks about keeping his body out of bad positions so you don't end up spending months on the sidelines. For Max this plays a substantial role into how he manages his body and keeps himself free from injuries. 

Is Max Askren Retired?

After an outstanding career of wrestling with multiple titles and over 100 wins, Max Askren is accomplished with his wrestling career.

Max is now a wrestling coach and a co-founder along with his brother Ben Askren and his former high school coach John Mesenbrink, at the Askren Wrestling Academy located at North Shore in Wisconsin. 

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