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Nordine Oubaali His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age And More!

Nordine Oubaali His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age And More!


Who Is Nordine Oubaali?

Nordine Oubaali is the impressive French Pro Boxer that rose to the top and became the undefeated Bantamweight Champion. Oubaali has never lost a professional fight on French soil, and considering he has fought 13 of his fights there, it’s obvious he is an exciting talent to watch.

Who Is Nordine Oubaali?

Nordine Oubaali is the impressive French Pro Boxer that rose to the top and became the undefeated Bantamweight Champion. Oubaali has never lost a professional fight on French soil, and considering he has fought 13 of his fights there, it’s obvious he is an exciting talent to watch.

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Oubaali has won 4 different titles over his career and he did it all without losing a fight! On the 2nd of May 2015 he knocked out fellow Frenchman Hassan Azaouagh to secure the French Bantamweight title. 

Oubaali’s undefeated run continued through 5 more opponents over the next 12 months, showing off his durability as a Pro Boxer. On December 17 2016 Oubaali challenged Julio Cesar Miranda for the WBA Inter-Continental Bantamweight title, where Oubaali secured the TKO.

Over the next 12 months Oubaali would win the WBC Silver Bantamweight title by way of another TKO against the Mexican Alejandro Hernandez. Oubaali then defended that title against Phillipino Mark Anthony Geraldo.

Oubaali was in great shape and still undefeated at 14 - 0 heading into a showdown with American Rau’shee Warren. Oubaali won a hard fought 12 rounds in a unanimous decision, winning himself the crown of the WBC Bantamweight title.

Oubaali successfully defended his title twice over the next 12 months. With his sights set on a third defense, he went into the title fight against Nonito Donaire, supremely confident and expecting to win. 

On the 29th of May 2021 Nonito Donaire of the Philippines simply outclassed his opponent and knocked out Nordine Oubaali in the fourth round. Oubaali, suffering his first professional defeat, is left licking his wounds while he plots his return to the top. 

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How Old Is Nordine Oubaali?

Nordine Oubaali was born in Lens, Pas-De-Calais, France on the 4th of August 1986, making him 34 years old.

Nordine Oubaali's Family!

Nordine’s Father was Azzouz Oubaali and his Mother Milouda Oubaali, they both left Morocco to settle down in France, where Azzouz worked in a coal mine to provide for his family. He also worked as a chauffeur in the summer time driving between Morocco and France. 

Azzouz's family was huge as he had 13 boys and 5 girls and Nordine was the 13th born child. Growing up in France in a large family with mixed ethnicity was challenging at the best of times. All the brothers loved to box and Nordine’s two older brothers Moussa and Ali were famous for the many boxing competitions they won.

Nordine soon rose through the ranks and found notoriety when he won a bronze medal in the 2007 World Amatuer Boxing Championship in Chicago. He also competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics. Nordine beat Rafikjon Sultonov 8 - 7, then nearly made history by giving the superstar Zou Shiming a scare and losing a close jury decision. 

Oubaali backed up at the 2012 Summer Olympics and competed as a flyweight, where he beat some great fighters like Ajmal Faisal and Rau’Shee Warren. Nordine went on to put in a gallant effort losing to Ireland’s Michael Conlan in the quarterfinal.

Nordine has spoken about his motivations for fighting and he always likes to live by the lessons his Father taught him. Which is; work hard, be courageous and stay committed, those values have helped Nordine achieve his goals of becoming champion. 

How Much Is Nordine Oubaali Worth?

Nordine Oubaali has been involved in boxing for the best part of two decades so it’s no wonder his wealth is extremely high. After his notoriety of becoming French Champion, his net worth has climbed somewhere up near the 18 Million dollar mark. 

How Tall Is Nordine Oubaali?

Nordine Oubaali is a short and compact fighter coming in at 5 feet and 3 inches tall, which is 160 cm. He also has a 67 inch reach.

How Much Does Nordine Oubaali Weigh?

Nordine Oubaali fights in the Bantamweight division, he weighs in at 117 lbs or 53 kilograms. 

Nordine Oubaali’s Fight List!

Nordine Oubaali has fought some very skillful fighters over the course of his career. He has won many amatuer bouts and 17 professional bouts in a row, against fighters like Luis Melendez, Takuma Inoue, Juilo Cesar Miranda, Alejandro Hernandez and Rau’Shee Warren. 

It is a star studded fight list and Nordine Oubaali has conquered them all bar one. His accomplishments inside the ring are phenomenal and are attributed to his hard work ethic and commitment from his supportive family. 

Nordine Oubaali’s Best Fight of All Time!

Oubaali has been a dynamic boxer throughout his whole career, and with 12 professional knockouts out of 18 fights, he has an extremely good highlight reel. 

For Nordine, it has always been about a pursuit for the championship. His ambition to hold that Bantamweight title above his head has been a constant motivation. So when he beat Rau’Shee Warren for the second time and was crowned the WBC Bantamweight Champion it had to be his best fight.

 The two boxed on for 12 rounds, and Oubaali took control in the seventh round with a stunning combination that staggered his opponent. It was a hard fought match that saw the judges give Nordine Oubaali a unanimous decision. 

 Who Did Nordine Oubaali Lose To?

Nordine Oubaali has had an amazing boxing career, as an amatuer he fought in over 200 fights. He fought in world championships and he fought in the olympics, he had many wins and some hard fought losses. 

As a professional he has only lost one fight, and that was recently. On the 29th of May 2021, Nordine Oubaali went toe to toe with the “Filipino Flash” Nonito Donaire. Nordine had his work cut out for him as Nonito was a 9 time world champion in 4 different weight classes.

It was a slow start to the match as both fighters got a feel for each other's range. Donaire started to get busy in the second, and by early in the third he landed his trademark left hook, dropping Oubaali. Another hook late in the third scored Donaire another knockdown, before early in the fourth round he landed the finishing left uppercut. Oubaali had lost his title and his first ever professional fight. 

What Is Nordine Oubaali’s Record?

Nordine Oubaali has a formidable professional boxing record of 17 wins with only 1 loss. His impeccable record also comes with 12 knockouts and a win streak of 17 fights.

Nordine Oubaali became the first ever French or Moroccan national to win a WBC Bantamweight championship. 

Has Nordine Oubaali Had Any Injuries In His Career?

Nordine Oubaali has been lucky to fly under the injury radar, his dedication to his boxing has seen him condition his body expertly. He did test positive to Covid-19 in 2019 but after a recovery period he was released and able to continue his boxing career without any issues. 

Is Nordine Oubaali Retired?

Nordine Oubaali has had a stellar career and at age 34 he is far from finished producing highlight reels for his fans. The Moroccan born Frenchman plans to regain his title and take it further by winning other belts in the future. He hopes to inspire generations of young Moroccans and show them that anything is possible,  you just have to put in the hard work and give yourself the means to try. 

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