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Mike Perez His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age And More!

Mike Perez His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age And More!


Who Is Mike Perez?

Mike Perez is a former professional southpaw boxer who has had over 400 amatuer boxing fights and 28 professional boxing fights. The Cuban born boxer is well known throughout the boxing community for his journey of fate into the professional boxing world. 

Who Is Mike Perez?

Mike Perez is a former professional southpaw boxer who has had over 400 amatuer boxing fights and 28 professional boxing fights. The Cuban born boxer is well known throughout the boxing community for his journey of fate into the professional boxing world. 

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In 2004 Mike Perez won the World Junior Championships in South korea. He beat the Englishman Danny Price in the semi finals, before taking on Russian fighter Nikolay Pavlyukov in the final where he dominated his opponent 38 - 16 earning himself a Gold medal.

In 2006 Mike Perez went up in weight class to 201 lbs where he would struggle to make an impact on the scene. Going up against world class boxers like Luis Ortiz it took Mike some time to settle into the division. By 2007 Mike avenged some of his losses from the previous year, but still fell short by losing to Osmay Acosta in the final of the championships.

In 2008 Mike Perez moved to Ireland and turned Pro where he fought under the tutelage of Nicholas Cruz Hernandez. By 2011 Mike had won a prizefighter tournament in London, beating American Tye Fields in the final. Over the next two years Mike won big fights that took him closer to the USNBC Heavyweight title.

November 2nd 2013, Mike Perez took on the heavy handed Magomed Abdusalomov at Madison Square Garden. In a fight that rocked the boxing world, with Mike Perez winning the title by a unanimous judge's decision came at a cost. Magomed Abdusalomov suffered extensive brain injuries that put a stop to his career.

Mike Perez suffered from mental health issues from this tragic event and went on to lose most of his next few fights. Then in 2015 Mike was brutally knocked out by Alexander Povetkin in a WBC Heavyweight eliminator. Following this loss Mike spent two years away from the boxing world while he recovered from his mental demons.

In 2017 Mike resurfaced and entered the federation as a cruiserweight boxer where he won 3 out of his next 4 fights. Mike challenged for the WBC Cruiserweight title but he unfortunately fell short and lost to “The Latvian Punisher” Mairis Briedis. In Mike Perez's last fight he beat Puerto Rican Keith Tapia and won the vacant WBA Fedelatin Cruiserweight title  

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How Old Is Mike Perez? 

Mike Perez was born on the 20th of October in 1985 in Ciego De Avila Cuba, this makes Mike 35 years old.

About Mike Perez’s Family!

Mike Perez was born in Ciego De Avila in Cuba, growing up in the Cuban streets it was only natural Mike would take to boxing. He came from a poor family so his need to make money was crucial for their survival. He quickly became a talented amatuer boxer winning a tremendous amount of fights. 

By 2004 Mike was a Gold medallist at the Junior Championships, and boxing for the Cuban National Team alongside greats Guillermo Rigondeaux and Erislandy Lara. Mike had incredible punching power and technical abilities, which gave him the confidence to strive to the top. 

At a tournament in Liverpool in 2005 Mike would impress Gary Hyde the Irish boxing promoter, who would later help Mike turn Pro. By 2007 Mike Perez was desperate to turn Pro and with Cuban law preventing him from making money professionally he knew he had to leave. Mike’s ambition to box at a professional level would come at a serious risk. 

Mike had to get to Ireland, so he decided to defect from Cuba late one night by swimming out to a smugglers boat. Mike spent 9 days at sea that was filled with storms and little food or water. He transferred through several boats before being taken by Mexican Cartel. In Mexico he waited at gunpoint for Gary Hyde The Irish promoter, to come and pay for his release. After this ordeal Gary took Mike on a flight to his new home in Cork Ireland, famously known as Rebel Country which is how Mike got his nickname “The Rebel”. 

How Much Is Mike Perez Worth?

Mike Perez has come from a poor beginning but over his career he has steadily built a legacy. His net worth has been on a steady increase and his value is estimated at close to 5 Million dollars. 

How Tall Is Mike Perez?

Mike Perez is 6 feet and 2 inches tall, which is 185 cm.

How Much Does Mike Perez Weigh?

Mike Perez is a 190 lbs Cruiserweight, which in boxing sits between a heavyweight and light heavyweight. He went up to heavyweight competing at 201 lbs before finishing his career at Cruiserweight. 

Mike Perez’s Fight List!

Mike Perez has fought some of the best boxers on the planet, guys like Luis Ortiz, Zack Page, Travis Walker, Tye Fields, Alexander Povetkin and Mairis Briedis.  

Mike Perez’s Best Fight Of All Time!

Mike Perez has had some brutal fights over his career, some of which he would like to forget. His best fight of all time is hard to pick as he has done astonishing things inside the ring. One fight that does stand out is his 2014 fight against Carlos Takem.

In the much anticipated return of Mike Perez, after the tragedy of the Abdusalomov fight, Mike took on Carlos Takem, the French boxer who was known for his knockout power. The fight was a close and heated battle that ended in a draw, proving that the once supremely confident Perez was back after his hiatus and looking forward to his title shot. 

Who Did Mike Perez Lose To?

Mike Perez has had a career of ups and downs and although he only lost 3 professional fights he is still somewhat haunted by his past. The once Undefeated boxer with that killer instinct would soon learn that after his life changing events it would be hard to stay at the top. 

After the Carlos Takem fight the undefeated Mike Perez (20-0-1) would finally lose to Bryant Jennings of America. Mike was starting to feel the pinch, and even though he executed a TKO on Darnel Wison in his next fight to secure his title shot. It would ultimately end with Mike Perez suffering a brutal knockout only 91 seconds into the title fight against the Russian Alexander Povetkin.

Unfortunately for Mike Perez the last loss of his career came at the hands of “The Latvian Punisher” Mairis Briedis. Who beat Mike for the Cruiserweight Title in a fight that seemed to frustrate the crowd, as the Latvian used a lot of clinching to slow down the fight.  

Does Mike Perez Have Any Records?

Mike had a great start to his professional career going 20 - 0 with 1 draw before his fight with Abdusalomov. He was on track to becoming one of the best fighters of all time until fate dealt him a different hand. Mike would still be pleased with his credentials as he holds a professional record of 24 wins, 3 loses and 1 draw. 

Has Mike Perez Had Any Injuries?

Mike has not had any significant injury to speak of physically throughout his boxing career. He has suffered from PTSD and depression as a result of the tragic events that unfolded on that fateful night on November 2nd 2013! 

Is Mike Perez Retired?

Mike Perez’s last fight was in 2018 where he beat Keith Tapia for the vacant WBA Fedelatin Cruiserweight title. Mike now resides in Cork, Ireland with his wife Camille and his three daughters. 

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