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Neil Melanson

Neil Melanson

Who is Neil Melanson? Neil could easily be considered one of the most dangerous men on the planet. Neil is the head coach of the infamous Blackzillians MMA Team at the Jaco Hybrid Training Center, he has coached some of the best UFC fighters to ever compete to the pinnacle of the sport. Some of the names that he has coached include, Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort, Randy Couture, Matt Mitrione, and the list goes on. Neil used to be the head grappling coach at world famous MMA gym, Xtreme Couture and has notably been referred to as the most dangerous man on the planet by several MMA fighters. Chael Sonnen went as far as to say “Neil would slap Rickon Gracie around like it was easy.’ This is a bold statement made by a bold man, but they say Neil has some of the absolute best grappling in the world. He is a much larger man standing well above 6 feet and weighing well over 200 pounds. Given his physical stature and lack of physical limitations you would assume that he smashes people, this assumption would be wrong. Neil is a guard player through and through, and many say that they have seen him grapple multiple time world champions and ADCC veterans and toy with them. Former UFC Champion, Vitor Belfort who is also a black belt in Jiu Jitsu stated that “Neil could triangle anybody in any room.”


Below is an extensive list of Neil Melanson's accomplishments in both Grappling and MMA

Xtreme Couture Head Grappling Coach
Blackzillians Head Grappling Coach
Alliance MMA Head Grappling Coach
Coach of Chael Sonnen
Coach of Randy Couture
Coach of Vitor Belfort
Coach of Several Other High Level UFC Fighters
Published Author for a Book solely on The Triangle Choke


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