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Tim Webb: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Tim Webb: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Tim Webb?

James Timothy Webb, also known as “Spider” Webb, is a retired professional boxer from the United States. He grew up hard in Columbia, Tennessee, and worked his way up to the pro level with a successful run as an amateur boxer. After turning professional in 2001, Webb delivered knockout blows to 20 of his 25 opponents in the ring, placing him high on the list of most efficient knockout artists of all time. 

The Judo Academy by Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens

In 2000, before launching his 7-year career as a professional prizefighter, he competed in the Olympic Trials for the ability to represent Team USA. He performed well, earning rights to an alternate position in the games in Sydney, Australia that year. 

Towards the end of his fast and furious boxing career, while undefeated at 18-0 in the wake of a victory over Jose Celaya, Webb returned home to Tennessee to receive a key to the city of Columbia and honors as a hometown hero. Today he embraces his role as part of boxing’s storied history and coaches fighters while creating easy-to-follow striking instruction in his video products.

American Judo System: Ogoshi Encyclopedia by Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens

How Old is Tim Webb?

Tim Webb was born on January 4th, 1974 in Columbia, Tennessee. That makes him 48 years old in 2021.

Tim Webb Family

Details about Tim Webb’s family have not been made public.

How Much is Tim Webb Worth?

Tim Webb’s net worth has not been made public. He’s made money as a professional fighter, a coach of other boxers, and an instructor through his series of video offerings.

How Tall is Tim Webb?

Timm Webb’s height is listed as 5’10” or 178 cm. He has a reach of 74”, or 188 cm, meaning that he has a noticeably long wingspan and reach for an athlete of his height.

How Much Does Tim Webb Weigh? 

Tim Webb competed in the super welterweight division, which covers fighters from 147 pounds to 154 pounds (66.5 to 70 kg). It is likely that he cut weight to hit that number.

Tim Webb Fight List

Tim Webb had a very active schedule as a professional boxer from the spring of 2001 to the winter of 2008. He sometimes fought twice in a single month and once competed during back-to-back weekends in October of 2002. See below for a full list of Tim Webb’s professional boxing matchups, as well as their results and method of victory:

  • May 12, 2001 - Elshon Warren - W (TKO)
  • Sep 9, 2001 - Toris Smith - W (TKO)
  • Feb 2, 2002 - Anthony Bowman - W (KO)
  • Jun 1, 2002 - Corey McCants - W (TKO)
  • Oct 12, 2002 - Reggie Strickland - W (UD)
  • Oct 19, 2002 - Joe Anderson - W (KO)
  • Jun 20, 2003 - William Skaarup - W (KO)
  • Aug 22, 2003 - Tim Steele - W (TKO)
  • Oct 7, 2003 - Norman Johnson - W (KO)
  • Oct 25, 2003 - Tim Scott - W (DQ)
  • Nov 15, 2003 - Chris Patterson - W (TKO)
  • Feb 7, 2004 - Corey Trotter - W (UD)
  • Mar 13, 2004 - Anthony Bowman - W (TKO)
  • Apr 30, 2004 - Xavier Toliver - W (TKO)
  • Aug 3, 2004 - Greg Dickson - W (KO)
  • Sep 18, 2004 - Dean Nichols - W (TKO)
  • Apr 5, 2005  - Lester Yarbrough - W (TKO)
  • May 13, 2005 - Jose Celaya - W (TKO)
  • Jan 7, 2006 - Mark Suarez - L (TKO)
  • May 31, 2006 - Rohan Nanton - W (TKO)
  • Nov 4, 2006 - Miguel Angel Rodriguez - L (KO)
  • Aug 9, 2007 - Toris Smith - W (TKO)
  • Sep 14, 2007 - Tyrone Wiggins - W (TKO)
  • Nov 13, 2007 - Tyrone Mack - W (TKO)
  • Feb 29, 2008 - James De la Rosa - L (TKO)

Tim Webb's Best Fight of All Time

In May 2005, Tim Webb stepped up to take on the heavily favored Jose Celaya in a highly publicized match. Webb was down on the score cards moving into the later rounds, but was able to rally and secure the come-from-behind victory when he sent Celaya to the canvas. Unable to answer the referee’s call, a stunned Celaya lost the match by TKO. 

This match propelled Webb to even greater publicity and helped him set up his next match at Madison Square Garden in January of the following year. He also received a huge honor from his hometown of Columbia, Tennessee, in the form of a key to the city and an official day of recognition in his name. It’s hard to argue with this victory as the pinnacle of Webb’s impressive career.

Who Did Tim Webb Lose To?


Tim Webb Record

Tim “Spider” Webb’s overall record as a professional boxer is 22-3, including an eighteen fight win streak from 2001 to 2005. During that four year run, he competed an average of four or five fights a year and built a reputation for heavy hands by finishing fifteen of his eighteen opponents by knock out. 

Tim Webb Injuries

Tim Webb was an exceptionally active fighter during his 7-year stint as a professional. A quick look at his competition record will tell you that he only took off a handful of months between any two bouts for the whole time. Webb did not experience significant injury during his career.

Is Tim Webb Retired?

As he approaches 50 years old, Tim Webb is definitely retired from professional boxing. Since he hung up the gloves in early 2008, he has turned his focus to coaching the next generation of striking athletes. In addition to his daily work as a boxing trainer, Webb is active in the online community and has teamed up with Dynamic Striking in order to produce and distribute his comprehensive look at the weapons of boxing.

His instructional “Mechanics of the Jab and Other Offensive Tools” is available now. In it, you’ll learn to set-up punches, deliver them with more power and accuracy, and to land with more frequency. No matter if you’re new to the sport or have years of experience, with 20 knockouts under his belt, Webb can certainly give you some tips to expand your game.

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