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Alain Cohen: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Alain Cohen: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Alain Cohen?

Allen Cohen is an internationally recognized Krav Maga coach, lecturer, and consultant of Israeli heritage. He is a 5th dan black belt in Krav Maga and his lineage is as pure as it gets, having learned the art from one of the system’s first black belts, Grandmaster Raphy Elgrissy. Cohen’s teacher Elgrissy, in turn, learned from the founder of modern Krav Maga, lmi Lichtenfeld. 

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He is a certified coach of Krav Maga, as well as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts instructor. As a lecturer, he has traveled around the world to share his knowledge of this highly-specialized street-defense system that he has learned over the years. He attended and graduated from the Wingate institute, which is a sports and military training complex located in his homeland of Israel.

Since graduating from Wingate, he has become a member of it’s guidance committee, continuing to serve the institution as an ambassador for Krav Maga. Rightfully so, since he is also the co-founder of the official Israeli Krav Maga program at the school. 

In addition to his academic credentials, he has also helped to popularize the style as a self-defense art to be used in counter-terrorism efforts, both land-based, and for air marshalls. He is sanctioned as a fitness instructor for the israeli Sport Ministry, and certified as a Thai boxing coach.

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How Old is Alain Cohen?

Alain Cohen’s age is not published, nor is his birthday or place of birth. Based on the timeline of his teaching career, it is likely that Cohen is in his 40s or 50s.

Alain Cohen Family

Perhaps due to his history as a defense operative, all details of Alain Cohen’s personal life have been kept private, including information about his family.

How Much is Alain Cohen Worth?

Alain Cohen’s net worth has not been estimated online. The information is not available at this time.

How Tall is Alain Cohen?

Alain Cohen does not have a competition record that would require him to publish his height, but he appears to be a taller than average person in his YouTube videos.

How Much Does Alain Cohen Weigh? 

Cohen is not a small man, appearing to weigh around 200 pounds in many of his videos.

Alain Cohen Fight List

Alain Cohen was not a professional fighter, but an instructor, lecturer, consultant, and ambassador for the art of Krav Maga.

Alain Cohen's Best Fight of All Time

Alain Cohen does not have a fight record to select from. His time has been spent teaching Krav Maga, creating his own version of the system, recording instructional content, traveling for seminars, and spreading his love of Krav Maga.

Who Did Alain Cohen Lose To?

Alain Cohen never competed in combat sports, instead contributing through an intense study of martial arts under some of the first Krav Maga practitioners to receive black belts from the system’s founder, Imi Lichtenfeld.

Alain Cohen Record

Alain Cohen was not a competitor at the professional level and does not have a fight record. His various certifications as an instructor and security consultant can be found on his website.

Alain Cohen Injuries

Alain Cohen has not been public with any record of injury, and did not compete in an organization that would bring attention to any problems he may have had. 

Is Alain Cohen Retired?

Alain Cohen is not retired, he maintains an active seminar schedule and continues to create video products to show off the latest and greatest that Krav Maga has to offer for its practitioners. He has created many of these over the years, such as “Krav Maga Personal Protection: The Israeli Method of Close-Quarters Combat” and “Israeli Defense System Krav Maga”, in these DVD sets, Cohen shares his experience as a security operator and martial arts specialist to arm you with the techniques necessary to survive a real encounter with danger.

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