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Shintaro Higashi: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Shintaro Higashi: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Shintaro Higashi?

Shintaro Higashi is an American Judo competitor and coach of Japanese heritage. He is the son of Judo legend Nobuyoshi Higashi. He trained and fought at the highest level of Judo, and competed for an Olympic bid in 2012. Shintaro has been ranked as high as 43 in the world and medaled in many tournaments, including the World Championship for the US team.

Mastering Tomoe-Nage by Shintaro Higashi

He is a 6th degree black belt in judo and competed for the US team in the 100 kg weight class. Higashi spends his time as the head coach at Kokushi Budo institute, which his father opened in the 1960s. In addition to his Judo pedigree, Shintaro has competed in many other martial arts. He is a two time all-state high school wrestler from New York, and holds belts in his family’s style of Jujutsu, Aikido, and Karate.

Demystifying Ashi Waza by Shintaro Higashi

How Old is Shintaro Higashi?

Shintaro Higashi is 36 years old as of 2021. He was born on December 16, 1984 in Age36 (born December 16, 1984)

Shintaro Higashi Family

Shintaro is the son of Nobuyoshi Higashi, who is famous in the Judo world for popularizing the sport in America. Much like Rorion Gracie coming to America to spread Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the eldar Higashi came here to found a Judo school and has continued to teach the sport to new generations.

How Much is Shintaro Higashi Worth?

Although it has been estimated that Shintaro is worth at least 1 million dollars, it is not publicly confirmed.

How Tall is Shintaro Higashi?

Shintaro is 5’10”, which is exceptionally short for his weight division. At 100 kg, many of his opponents would have been well over six feet tall.

How Much Does Shintaro Higashi Weigh? 

Shintaro Higashi competed in the Olympic Trials and other world-level tournaments in the 100kg division, equivalent to 220 pounds. In retirement, Shintaro has published his daily weight at 190 pounds.

Shintaro Higashi Fight List

Shintaro Higashi competed in Judo and won medals, but his list of opponents is not available.

Shintaro Higashi's Best Fight of All Time

Shintaro Higashi’s matches are largely lost to the sands of time, but he has filmed some recent sparring with fellow grappling legend Travis Stevens. Check out Shintaro’s YouTube channel for footage and commentary!

Who Did Shintaro Higashi Lose To?

Shintaro fought in many tournaments and took both wins and losses. One of his most memorable losses came to 19 year old Aaron Pico, who would go on to become a major prospect in the world of MMA.

Shintaro Higashi Record

Shintaro Higashi does not have a published record, although it is widely known and generally accepted in the martial arts community that he was a high level competitor in his day.

Shintaro Higashi Injuries

In 2012, Shintaro made his second run at the Olympic Trials, only this time he was forced to compete with a torn pectoral muscle. In an interview at the time, Higashi was asked if he planned to retire as a result. He was unsure at the time, planning instead to fight with his opposite leg forward, but withdrew from the tournament after the injury worsened during competition. 

Is Shintaro Higashi Retired?

After the 2012 Olympic Trials, in which he competed while injured, Higashi retired from most competition and turned his attention towards teaching and spreading his passion for martial arts. He has appeared in small acting roles, and been extremely successful in creating and distributing instructional videos about Judo.

Shintaro has partnered with BJJ Fanatics to bring a ton of crossover knowledge from Judo into the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He’s one of the most prolific creators of Judo content and has filmed such products as “Judo Basics”, “Low Risk Judo Throws for BJJ”, “Breaking Through the Judo Stiff Arm”, “Mastering Judo Combination Concepts”, and “Basic Judo Leg Grabs”, among others. If you want to incorporate more Judo into your game, or just want to avoid being tossed through the air as often, make sure to take a look at some of these awesome series.

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