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Oleg Taktarov Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Oleg Taktarov Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Oleg Taktarov?

Oleg Taktarov is a retired Russian MMA fighter and actor. He was born on 26 August 1967 and competed in both the UFC and Pride Fighting Championships. Oleg Takatarov first started to learn martial arts when he was just 12 years old, starting both Sambo and Judo at the same time.

What this article covers:

He then competed in both arts during his mandatory military service in the then USSR and even became a hand-to-hand combat instructor for the KGB before retiring from the military at 22 years old. Around this time Oleg Taktarov also began to train Jujutsu and became interested in MMA after seeing an event called Jujutsu Full Contact. 

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Later in 1993 Oleg Taktarov and a training partner competed in an MMA tournament in Latvia but had to leave the country due to political tensions. Oleg Taktarov fled to the United States, originally trying to become an actor. 

Oleg Taktarov then became a professional fighter in order to extend his visa. Oleg Taktarov then went on to compete at UFC 5, despite having a dislocated knee at the time. After defeating his first opponent, Oleg Taktarov faced off against Dan Severn who had over 50 pounds of weight on Taktarov. Oleg Takarov lost the fight due to referee stoppage after he sustained a deep cut. 

Taktarov then went on to train with Ken Shamrock at the Lion’s Den and then competed at UFC 6, eventually winning the tournament. 

After his fighting career Oleg Taktarov went on to fulfil his dream of becoming an actor in Hollywood 

How Old is Oleg Taktarov?

Oleg Taktarov was born on 26 August 1967, which makes him 53 years old at the time of writing. 

Oleg Taktarov’s Family

Oleg Taktarov has been married three times. He has three children, all boys, named Sergei, Keaton and Nikita. Oleg Taktarov also has a sister named Mariya Taktarova. 

How Much is Oleg Taktarov Worth?

Oleg Takarov’s estimated net worth in 2021 is said to be between $1 Million - $5 Million US dollars. 

How Tall is Oleg Taktarov?

Oleg Taktarov stands at exactly 6 feet tall or 183 centimeters 

What is Oleg Taktarov’s Reach?

Oleg Taktarov’s reach is currently unknown. 

How Much Does Oleg Taktarov Weigh?

Oleg Taktarov weighs 210 pounds or 95 kilograms. He competed in the Heavyweight division during his time. 

Oleg Taktarov’s Fight List

Oleg Taktarov’s first professional fights happened at the 1993 White Dragon MMA tournament in Latvia. Across his two days at the tournament Oleg Taktarov finished all 3 of his opponents. 

Oleg Takarov then competed at UFC 5 on April 7 1995. He defeated his first opponent via submission in the first round before losing to Dan Severn via referee stoppage in the second round of the tournament. 

Oleg Taktarov competed again just a few months later in July of 1995 at UFC 6, defeating Dave Beneteau, Anthony Macias and Tank Abbott to win the tournament. 

Oleg Taktarov then fought Ken Shamrock at UFC 7 for the UFC Superfight Title but the bout was determined a draw after 33 minutes of fighting. 

Oleg Taktarov then competed at the Ultimate Ultimate 1995 tournament beating his first two opponents before losing against Dan Severn again . Oleg Taktarov lost again in his next match against Ryushi Yanagisawa at Pancrase - Truth 5. 

Oleg Taktarov then fought at World Vale Tudo Championship 1 and 2 beating Joe Charles at the former and going to a draw with Marco Ruas at the latter. 

Oleg Taktarov then lost against Renzo Gracie by KO at Martial Arts Reality Superfighting in 1996. 

Oleg Taktarov then beat Chuck Kim and Sean Alvarez at World Fighting Federation and Pentagon Combat respectively both by finishes. 

Oleg Taktarov then went on to make his one and only appearance at Pride at Pride FC 1 against Gary Goodridge, losing in the first round via KO.

Oleg Taktarov then won the rest of the fights he had, mainly in small promotions outside of the US. 

Oleg Taktarov also competed at ADCC 1998 where he defeated Hani Madi by decision and then lost to both Bueau Hershberger and Mário Sperry both by decision. 

Oleg Taktarov's Best Fight of All Time

Out of all of Oleg Taktarov’s fights, his most famous win is without a doubt his win against Tank Abbot to win the UFC 6 tournament. The match was one round that went for a total of 17 minutes and 47 seconds. The bout was hard fought with Tank Abbot taking the more aggressive fight style, out-wrestling Oleg Taktarov and landing big punches. Oleg Taktarov waited and tried to counter attack both with strikes and submissions. After both fighters seemed incredibly gassed, Oleg Taktarov was able to capitalize and lock in a rear naked choke that forced Tank Abbot to tap to secure his victory. 

Who Did Oleg Taktarov Lose to?

In MMA, Oleg Taktarov has lost to Dan Severn twice as his first two professional losses. Oleg Taktarov has also lost to Ryushi Yanagisawa, Renzo Gracie and Gary Goodridge. 

In submission grappling, Oleg Takarov has lost to Bueau Hershberger and Mário Sperry. 

What is Oleg Taktarov’s Record?

Oleg Taktarov has a total of 24 professional MMA matches. Out of those matches Oleg Taktarov has 17 wins, 5 losses and two draws. 

Oleg Taktarov has also had 3 submission grappling matches, with a record of 1 win and 2 losses. 

What Titles Has Oleg Taktarov Held? 

Oleg Taktarov won the UFC 6 tournament making him that tournament's champion

Has Oleg Taktarov Had Any Serious Injuries?

Oleg Taktarov suffered a dislocated knee in training before UFC 5 that greatly hindered his performance. 

After winning the UFC 6 tournament, Oleg Taktarov was rushed to the hospital for severe dehydration, he only had about a gallon of water in his system when he reached the hospital. 

Is Oleg Taktarov Retired?

Yes, Oleg Taktarov retired from fighting. Oleg Taktarov retired after his last fight in 2008 against Mark Kerr and went on to pursue acting both in America and in Russia.

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