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Cheick Kongo Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Cheick Kongo Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Cheick Kongo?

Cheick Guillaume Ouedraogo, more commonly known as Cheick Kongo, is French MMA fighter and former Kickboxer of Burkinabé and Congolese origin who was born on May 17, 1975 in Paris. He began training in martial arts at the young age of 5 with Karate and Kendo. After training in those styles for years he earned black belts in both of them. 

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At the age of 19, began to expand the range of styles he trained in. He began to train in other styles like Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Savate, which is a French style of Kickboxing and Greco-Roman Wrestling. He even started to train in Pencak Silat, a Indonesian martial art, at 23. He learned the art from Charles Joussot and Franck Ropers, the men credited with bringing Pencak Silat to France, specifically the Setia Hati Terate style of Silat. 

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Cheick Kongo began his professional fight career in 2001 and somehow 2 decades later he is still competing. He competed in UFC for 7 years from 2006 to 2013 and now competes in Bellator, where he is ranked #3 in the promotions heavyweight division. 

Cheick is well known for his striking ability and power, which makes sense since he has won multiple titles in kickboxing. The majority of Cheick’s finish victories have come by way of his insane power and deadly punches and elbows. 

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How Old is Cheick Kongo?

Cheick Kongo was born on May 17, 1975 which makes him 46 at the time of writing. He was born in Paris, France. 

Cheick Kongo’s Family

Not much is known about Cheick Kongo’s family. He is currently not married. His mother is from the Congo and his father is from Burkina Faso. Chieck Kongo is the cousin of French Rugby star Fulgence Ouedraogo. 

How Much is Cheick Kongo Worth?

Cheick Kongo’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 Million US dollars. 

How Tall is Cheick Kongo?

Cheick Kongo stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall or 193 centimeters. He has a reach of 81 inches or 206 centimeters 

How Much Does Cheick Kongo Weigh?

Cheick Kongo has always competed in the heavyweight division in both Kickboxing and in MMA. Cheick Kongo weighs 234 pounds or 106 kilograms, meaning he doesn’t have to cut weight for fights. 

Cheick Kongo Fight List

Cheick Kongo began his professional combat sports career on June 10 2001 competing at  Rings Holland: No Guts, No Glory. He faced off against André Tete and won the fight 3 minutes and 20 seconds into the first round via heel hook submission. 

He then went on to compete in Europe for 5 years before making his UFC debut for his 11th pro MMA bout. The match took place on July 8, 2006 at UFC 61 against Gilbert Aldana. Cheick Kongo won the match by TKO after the first round due to doctor stoppage. 

Cheick Kongo went on to fight for the UFC for 7 years. His last match with the organization happened at UFC 159 on April 27, 2013 against Roy Nelson. Cheick Kongo lost the match in the first round via KO. 

For his next fight in that same year Cheick Kongo debuted in Bellator at Bellator 102 against Mark Godbeer. Cheick Kongo won the match in the second round by TKO with punches and knees. 

In his most recent match, Chieck Kongo fought against Timothy Johnson at Bellator Paris on October 10, 2020. Chieck Kongo lost the match by a split decision. 

Cheick Kongo's Best Fight of All Time

Cheick Kongo’s best fight has to be the one he had with Pat Barry at UFC Live: Kongo vs. Barry on June 26, 2011. In the first half of the first round, Pat Barry hit Chieck Kongo with a massive punch that nearly put Kongo on the mat. 

For the next few seconds Cheick Kongo was really hurt and Pat Barry began to throw massive shots at Cheick Kongo on the ground. Just before the ref stopped the fight Cheick Kongo was able to grab a hold of Pat Barry’s legs and stand up. However, Pat Barry was able to land another big shot on Cheick Kongo that put him down again but somehow Kongo was able to recover again and get to his feet. 

Cheick Kongo then backed up to the fence to get some space and was able to catch Pat Barry coming in with a right hook and then a right uppercut to completely knock Pat Barry out cold. This is seen as one of the best comebacks in MMA history. Keep in mind that everything that was just said happened in the span of 30 seconds. 

This comeback knockout was so amazing that it won not only knockout of the night but also knockout of the year for 2011. 

Who Did Cheick Kongo Lose to?

Over his two decade long fighting career, Cheick Kongo has suffered losses to some of the biggest names in the sports history. Some of these names include Cain Velasquez, Frank Mir, Mark Hunt, Roy Nelson and Muhammad Lawal among others. 

He also suffered two losses in professional Kickboxing. 

Cheick Kongo’s Record

Cheicek Kongo has a massive record across Kickboxing and MMA. In MMA, Cheick Kongo has had a total of 44 fights with 30 wins, 11 losses, 2 draws and 1 no contest. In professional Kickboxing, Chieck Kongo has had a total of 23 bouts with a record 21 wins and 2 losses. 

This gives Chieck Kongo a combined record of 67 bouts with 51 wins 13 losses, 2 draws and 1 no contest at the time of writing. That’s a total win percentage of 76% 

Titles That Cheick Kongo Has Won

Cheick Kongo hasn’t won any titles in MMA. He has competed for the Bellator Heavyweight belt twice but lost once and one ended in a no contest. 

In Kickboxing, Cheick Kongo has won a total of 9 titles in Europe. These titles include European Savate Champion, 2004 Muay Thai World Champion, 2005 World Champion Federation King of the Rings and 2005 King of Colosseum Tournament Champion

Cheick Kongo’s Injuries

Cheick Kongo has not suffered any major injuries worth noting. 

Is Cheick Kongo’s Retired?

Cheick Kongo has not retired from combat sports and is currently active in MMA competing in Bellator where he is ranked #3 in the Bellator heavyweight division. He has retired from kickboxing with his last fight in that sport happening back in 2005. 

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