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David Porter His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

David Porter His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is David Porter?

David Porter is a former Mixed Martial Artist and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under the famous Pedro Sauer fighting system. David is an extremely talented grappler with a unique understanding of martial arts. He has worked extensively on publishing instructionals on the Brabo/Darce choke system. David has won an incredible amount of local Jiu Jitsu tournament Gold medals throughout his martial arts journey. 

Who Is David Porter?

David Porter is a former Mixed Martial Artist and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under the famous Pedro Sauer fighting system. David is an extremely talented grappler with a unique understanding of martial arts. He has worked extensively on publishing instructionals on the Brabo/Darce choke system. David has won an incredible amount of local Jiu Jitsu tournament Gold medals throughout his martial arts journey. 

Deconstructing Defense by Dave Porter

David Porter spent many years in dedication to the United States Marine Corps. Throughout his service he trained in many forms of weapons and hand to hand combat. David has quoted how his military training is great, but it lacks the specific technical application that he found later on in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

David was heavily interested in Mixed Martial Arts and with his minor previous experience with Sambo and Wrestling, he thought that would be all he needed to know. David trained with this mentality with his military friends as he began fighting in the cage. Fighting in the lower levels of MMA David would use his striking skills to pave the way for his future. But in 2005 as he turned pro David came up against a Jiu Jitsu fighter, James Gabert who was trained by an expert in Matt Sera. The pair squared off for the Ring of Combat Cruiserweight title, with James easily defeating David with an armbar. After the fight David knew he had to broaden his thinking and learn some better ground skills. 

David began his quest into this relatively unknown art of Jiu Jitsu, and as his ground skills slowly improved he realised just how much work he needed to do. After a string of losses inside the cage, David began competing on the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu circuit. As a Blue belt he won numerous Gold and Silver medals through the Good Fight grappling organisation and the US Grappling tournament. From 2011 through to 2013 David advanced through the ranks and became a purple belt. Although David won some tournaments he also bombed out in quite a few events, a lot of the guys that beat him trained under Pedro Sauer’s academy in Virginia beach. It was then that David realised he needed to change his whole training regime.

David finished his term with the United States Marine Corps which coincided remarkably well with his change in training. David joined up with the legendary Pedro Sauer who helped take his game to the next level. Training in a gym with 400 students including 12 Black belts was a great experience, but also hard to be noticed. David was known to Pedro by the name “Amigo” it wasn't until a student asked a question about how to escape a Darce choke when David would become known to Pedro. Nobody could escape his Darce choke so Pedro told him to keep doing that move, this caused David to study the position more intensively. Over the next two years David would become a Brown belt as he started to dominate on the Jiu Jitsu circuit. He won countless events and special fights like; US Grappling, Extreme Grappling Championships, All Star Invitational, Toro Cup 2 and Cage Side Carnival. David won combined Brown and Black belt absolute events, after many achievements Pedro was given no choice but to promote David to Black belt.

As a Black belt David continued on his winning ways by securing Gold medals at; Grappling Industries, US Grappling Absolutes and main events at Toro Cup. David now spends his days teaching classes, private lessons, doing seminars and filming instructionals which have given him significant notoriety. David has also been sponsored by John Robinson who owns Lanky fight wear, a brand that sells martials arts apparel. His other sponsors include RDOJO and Show The Art. David has worked with the world famous BJJ Fanatics and together they have brought out instructionals like Bringing Back The Brabo and the Brabo Darce Evolution.   

The Brabo/Darce Evolution by Dave Porter

David Porter’s Family!

David Porter grew up in Riverhead, New York alongside his brother and his parents. As a child his family encouraged him to achieve success and David always had the knack for finding his path. David enjoyed getting fit and conditioning his body, as one of his passions was rock climbing. David would also step into service roles as he did two tours of Afghanistan through the United States Marine Corps. As David failed in his fight career in the cage it ultimately led him to becoming one of the great Jiu Jitsu thinkers in the world.  

How Much Is David Porter Worth?

David Porter has made most of his money through the Marine Corps, but he has also started making some revenue through his sponsors and through selling instructional videos. Through his amazing work with BJJ Fanatics he has published 2 instructionals and has been involved with 4 more videos, with practitioners like Pedro Sauer and Jeff Curran. David Porter has an estimated net worth of 500 thousand dollars. With the popularity of his Brabo and Darce system instructionals his net worth is steadily increasing.

How Tall Is David Porter?

David Porter stands at 6 feet tall which is the equivalent of 180 centimetres.

How Much Does David Porter Weigh?

David Porter weighs in at 81 kilograms or 180 lbs, David has spent most of his career as a welterweight.

David Porter’s Fight List!

David Porter has had a long career in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with over 300 matches under his belt as well as 5 pro MMA fights. David has fought guys like; James Gabart, Jay Coleman, George Sullivan, Don Wagner, Tyler Rose, Gordon Ryan, Dylan Royce, Oliver Taza, Diego Bispo, Travis Wheeler, Chris Civello and Eduardo Silva.

David Porter’s Best Fight Of All Time!

David Porter has been involved with some exceptional Jiu Jitsu athletes in his career. He has excited fans with his outstanding submission skillset, David boasts a 97% submission finish rate. His incredible submission style includes a high amount of Brabo/Darce chokes and heel hooks. David has won many tournaments throughout his career including superfights, US Grappling events and Rickson Cups. Some of his best fights have been against top level guys, David submitted Chris Civello with a heel hook in a no time limit match that lasted 21 minutes. When David was a Brown belt he submitted Black belt Diego Bispa, again with another high quality heel hook. 

Who Did David Porter Lose To?

Unfortunately for David he lost all 5 of his Pro MMA fights, 2 by submission and 3 by TKO. One of David’s most influential losses was in his first ever Pro MMA fight against James Gabert. David would lose by an armbar and would later find out that James Gabert was one of Matt Sera’s students. This influential loss gave David the knowledge he needed to improve his martial arts, so he decided to train more exclusively in the art of Jiu Jitsu. David has also lost to guys like Oliver Taza and Gordon Ryan who submitted him on a couple of occasions, with an armbar and a rear naked choke.

David Porter’s Record!

David Porter has a 0 - 5 win loss record in MMA, but in Jiu Jitsu his record is estimated to be 250 - 50 with a 97% submission finish rate, and In his 50 or so losses the majority have been by points. David has won many tournament Gold medals as well as Superfight wins. Some of his accolades are; 

As a Black belt; US Grappling Champion at Richmond, Maryland, Virginia Beach and Charlotte in his weight and Absolute division (2016 and 2017) Grappling Industries DC Advanced NoGi Gold (2017) Toro Cup 6 Main Event Winner (2017) Jiu Jitsu Kumite 11 Finalist (2017) 

As a Brown belt; US Grappling Champion in his weight and Absolute division at Richmond (2015, 2016) Maryland ( 2016) Virginia Beach (2015, 2016) Delaware (2015) Cageside Carnival Super Fight Winner (2016) Extreme Grappling Championships Winner (2016) Toro Cup 2 winner (2015) All Star Invitational Winner Philadelphia and Baltimore (2015)

David Porter’s Injuries!

David Porter has no significant injuries to speak about inside his career, due to his high finishing rate inside his fights. Although he lost some MMA fights he always recovered well from his TKO defeats. David has a significant expertise in body conditioning, as an avid rock climber and Jiu Jitsu practitioner it has left his body in great shape. 

Is David Porter Retired?

Although David has retired from the professional circuit of grappling, he has spoken in podcasts saying that he would fight again in superfights if it benefited his learning. David has always maintained that he is not a medal chaser, instead he likes to battle test his Jiu Jitsu to see what works and what doesn’t. David spends his time teaching adults and kids Jiu Jitsu, he also does a lot of extensive work with BJJ Fanatics where he films instructional videos. 

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