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Henry Akins His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Henry Akins His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Henry Akins?

Henry Akins is a world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 3rd Degree Black belt, he is one of the original Black belts graded by the legendary Rickson Gracie, and only the third American to be graded to that rank. Henry has an exceptional thought process behind his concepts for Jiu Jitsu, as a high level instructor he has paved the way for art in the United States of America. Henry Akins is the head coach for the famous Dynamix MMA in Los Angeles California, one of the premier academies in the world for the past decade.

Ultimate Choke Escapes by Henry Akins

Henry Akins started his journey in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 1995, he attended Rickson Gracie’s academy in Los Angeles. After a brief period of training Rickson employed Henry to run the academy's day to day secretarial duties. Henry spent a lot of time at the gym, and trained in every class possible so that he could absorb all the knowledge he could from the legendary Gracie. 

In 1997 Rickson moved his academy to Pacific Palisades on the westside of Los Angeles. Henry had become one of Rickson’s most intuitive students and by this stage he was assisting Rickson’s main instructor Luis Heredia. During the next few years Henry seized the opportunity to assist Rickson in his preparation for many of his fights in Japan. By the year 2000 Rickson had moved his academy again and Henry was now one of the main instructors teaching classes for Rickson.

Henry Akins showed a real understanding of the fundamental principles of Jiu Jitsu foundations. His unique ability to see the simple aspects of a technique and then translate that into easily understood instructions was phenomenal. By 2004 Rickson promoted Henry to the rank of Black belt and due to Rickson moving back to Rio de Janeiro, Henry was hired to run Rickson’s academy in Los Angeles. Henry was bestowed with the honour of running Rickson’s school and he did so with exceptional aptitude right up until 2008. Due to a severe back injury Henry was forced to relinquish his role as head coach of Rickson’s school.

Two years later in 2010 Henry Akins had recovered from his injuries and was set to return to the world scene in martial arts. Henry decided to partner with his friend and student, the former K1 and UFC legend Anthony Hardonk and together they co-founded Dynamix MMA in Santa Monica. Henry has since adopted the core principles from Rickson Gracie’s system of Jiu Jitsu and teaches his way of Martial Arts to tens of thousands of students across the globe.

Henry Akins is world famous for his in-depth knowledge in the fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu. Henry has created an online course of exceptional fundamental principles called “Hidden Jiu Jitsu” which dives into the things you don't necessarily see when you watch techniques. Henry has also created a members only access group called “Mind Blown Jiu Jitsu” where he is readily available to answer any Jiu Jitsu related questions from members all over the globe. Henry also travels the world hosting seminars at places like; Morales BJJ, Trinity Martial Arts in the USA, SBG Niagara in Canada and even reaching as far as ISO Health in South Australia. 

Ultimate Armlock Escapes by Henry Akins

Where Was Henry Akins Born?

Henry Akins was born in the United States of America somewhere just out of Philadelphia, he later moved to Oklahoma with his Mother. Henry is of Vietnam descent as his mother moved from Vietnam  to start a life and family in the USA.

Henry Akins’ Family!

Henry Akins was originally from the Eastcoast of the United States, living with his parents in between Washington DC and New York. After his parents separated, his Mum moved to Oklahoma because of how inexpensive the cost of living was, and Henry also had an Uncle that lived there. Henry went to high school in Oklahoma where he discovered wrestling, and saw first hand the brilliance of John Smith the famous Oklahoma State head coach. As Henry watched how effective wrestling was, even on the streets growing up, he knew he needed to find a martial art that could stack up to wrestling. 

In the early 90’s Henry watched a tape of Rickson Gracie competing in a Vale Tudo event. After experiencing this, Henry packed up and moved to Los Angeles on the west coast in search of Rickson’s School. Henry’s first attempt to find Rickson came as he rang the Gracie Torrance Academy run by Rorion Gracie. Due to the rivalry between Rickson and Rorion, Henry was told that they did not know anybody by the name of Rickson. Later Henry would discover the whereabouts of Rickson through his Aunt, once Henry found Rickson’s school he immediately felt at home.

How Much Is Henry Akins Worth?

Henry Akins has devoted his career to martial arts and his love for the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is unparalleled. Henry has run successful academies all throughout his career, his employment as head coach under Rickson Gracie’s school has added significant notoriety. Henry now has used the online platform to film and sell many instructional videos, his expert knowledge of Jiu Jitsu has increased his earnings exponentially. Henry has also travelled the world running seminars on many aspects of Jiu Jitsu. Henry has an estimated net worth of over two million dollars, and due to his online popularity and expert knowledge his earnings will significantly increase over the next decade.

How Tall Is Henry Akins?

Henry Akins stands at 6 feet and 1 inch tall which is the equivalent of 185 centimetres. 

How Much Does Henry Akins Weigh?

Henry Akins weighs in at 210lbs which equates to 95 kilograms.

Henry Akins' Best Moments Of All Time!

Henry Akins has spent the last 24 years training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, with 16 years as a Black belt. Henry has had many great moments over the years including; teaching seminars and founding forums like Hidden Jiu Jitsu and Mind Blown BJJ. Henry befriended Maynard James Keenan the lead singer of Tool, they became training partners and great friends. Keenan would end up hiring Henry to be his personal bodyguard, as Henry went on world tour with Tool, definitely a high point in Henry’s career. 

Another exhilarating moment for Henry was when he was a white belt, and a visitor came to Rickson Gracie’s gym called Kung Fu Joe. This visitor was described by Henry as crazy because he was throwing ninja stars at the wall of Rickson’s academy. After Rickson asked Joe if he was looking for a fight, he called upon Henry to step up and teach the visitor a lesson. Henry spent all of 15 seconds taking Joe down before Joe tapped. Rickson then made them fight again, as Henry dodged a punch and took the fight to the mat and this time submitting Joe with an armbar in 45 seconds. Henry remembers this event as a crazy and exciting time when Vale Tudo was extremely popular.

Henry maintains his best moments in Jiu Jitsu have always been the human connection he has made with many great characters within the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community.

Henry Akins Worst Moments In His Career?

Henry Akins has suffered from some tragic personal loss, while he was a Purple belt training at Rickson Gracie's academy. Henry met Rockson Gracie who is the son of Rickson Gracie, Henry and Rockson became close friends and training partners. They always spoke about the future when they would be Black belts together. In the lead up to a much anticipated match between Rickson Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba, Rockson Gracie's life was tragically cut short. This horrifying event led to Rickson retiring and moving back to Brazil, and Henry took 6 months off of Jiu Jitsu. Henry suffered from deep depression as a result of losing his close friend, and sadly his next two years were just as mortifying. Henry lost two more of his best friends in the next two years, leaving Henry shell shocked. Henry would endure through the adversity and slowly get back on his feet. Henry now speaks about how these events have made him really appreciate people and how quick our lives can flash by.

Henry Akins Online Content!

Henry Akins is masterful in his understanding of the principles in Jiu Jitsu, he has exceeded many expectations of his potential in teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Henry has set up an online course where he teaches his concepts of Jiu Jitsu to a worldwide audience. "Hidden Jiu Jitsu" is a series of instructionals based on the subtle intricacies of the fundamental aspects in Jiu Jitsu. Henry has also started a special online group called "Mind Blown BJJ" where users have unlimited access to Henry Akins fountain of knowledge. Henry has also worked with BJJ Fanatics to share his knowledge through several instructionals like; The Turtle System, Mount Attacks, Ultimate Choke Escapes, Ultimate Armlock Escapes and The Scarf Hold Soul Stealer. 

Henry Akins' Injuries!

Henry Akins did suffer from a serious injury back in 2008. After finishing up on some editing he did on his seminar in Hollywood, Henry rode his motorcycle towards home one evening. While entering an intersection a Range Rover driving in the opposite direction decided to make a left turn and crashed straight into Henry's motorcycle. The impact sent Henry flying into the asphalt where he landed heavily on his arms and face, luckily Henry's helmet saved him from any extensive face injuries. Henry was taken to the emergency trauma unit at UCLA Health Hospital, where the doctors worked remarkably well on Henry after fearing he broke his neck. After assessing the damages Henry was lucky to come out with only a broken wrist and a thumb that was torn down to the ligaments and the tendons. It took Henry some time to heal but after his recovery period he was back doing what he loved again, teaching Jiu Jitsu.

Is Henry Akins Retired?

Henry Akins has left Dynamix MMA behind him as he has moved to Las Vegas with his family. Henry has joined up with Straight Blast Gym International, which is a BJJ association of 35 academies worldwide. Henry spends his days travelling and running seminars on his Hidden Jiu Jitsu concepts. After a long career of running academies Henry has opted for a more exclusive approach as he ventures heavily into the online forum of BJJ coaching. His extensive work through his new platform of Mind Blown Jiu Jitsu has given many students worldwide exclusive access to the expert technician of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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