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Colton Brown His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Colton Brown His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Colton Brown?

Colton Brown is an American born Black belt in the art of Judo, as a Judoka the highlight of his career has been competing at the Olympic Games. Colton has won the Pan American Open in 2015 in San Salvador. He has also medaled in the Panam Championships, Pan American Championships and the World Grand Prix in 2016 and 2017. Colton has also won an under 20 Pan American Championship and 2 international tournaments at the San Jose Buddhist and the Liberty Bell Judo Classic.

Who Is Colton Brown?

Colton Brown is an American born Black belt in the art of Judo, as a Judoka the highlight of his career has been competing at the Olympic Games. Colton has won the Pan American Open in 2015 in San Salvador. He has also medaled in the Panam Championships, Pan American Championships and the World Grand Prix in 2016 and 2017. Colton has also won an under 20 Pan American Championship and 2 international tournaments at the San Jose Buddhist and the Liberty Bell Judo Classic.

Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi by Colton Brown

After graduating from San Jose State University, Colton had a record of 42 wins and 35 losses. He had already accumulated an under 20 Pan American Championship, Pan American Championship and two international tournament wins as well as numerous 2nd and 3rd placings at many different events. Colton was a proud American Judoka from a proud and encouraging family, he had his sights firmly set on becoming an Olympian.

Colton took on the Pan American Championships in Havana in 2016 with hopes to qualify for the Rio Olympics. Colton defeated Danchello Picus, Jacob Larsen and Isao Cardenas in the first three rounds. In the final Colton was defeated by the 2007 World Judo Champion Tiago Camilo. Even though Colton placed second he qualified for team USA and awaited his inaugural Olympic debut in Rio.

In 2016 at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, Colton would fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an Olympian. As he walked with the American athletes at the opening ceremony, Colton was on top of the world as he won the admiration of his family. In Colton’s first match he defeated the Hungarian Sudanese athlete Iszlam Monier Suliman in 21 seconds using an Uchi-Mata technique. Moving into the next round Colton was eliminated after losing to Alexandre Iddir, who won by scoring a Wazari 2 and a half minutes into the fight by way of a ippon seoi nage which is a one arm shoulder throw.  

Over the next few years Colton came close to winning the Pan American Championship in Panama City. He lost a few matches against Robert Florentino, including in the quarter finals at the Pan American Championships in San Jose and the final of the World Cup in Santo Domingo. Colton also won the Silver medal at the Grand Prix in Montreal Canada after losing to the Japanese Judoka Mashu Baker.

Colton was busy preparing for the 2020 Olympic Games set for Tokyo, but unfortunately a delay caused the postponement of the event due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. After a rescheduling set for 2021, Colton qualified for the team and went into the event with an open heart. In the first round Colton defeated Raphael Schwendinger, but in the next round Colton again was eliminated this time by the European Games Gold medalist Mihael Zgank. Colton has spoken about his achievements as a Judoka and has reaffirmed how proud of himself he is just for representing the United States on an Olympic level.

Combinations For Competition by Colton Brown

How Old Is Colton Brown?

Colton Brown was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey in the USA on the 8th of October in 1991, he is currently 30 years of age.

Colton Brown’s Family!

Colton Brown grew up in New Jersey in a family that loved and sacrificed everything for his achievements. He grew up alongside his sister Abrille, his parents Jeff and Joan did everything they could to help their children utilise their talents. Colton has always maintained that his Dad Jeff has been his inspiration and the most influential person in his life and his Judo career. Growing up with an amazing role model made it easy for Colton to achieve greatness. Colton graduated from Piscataway High School in New Jersey in 2009, during his high school years he competed in the sport of wrestling which added a different dimension to his Judo. Colton then moved on to San Jose State University in Calif, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing graduating in 2015. 

How Much Is Colton Brown Worth?

Colton Brown has worked tirelessly as a veteran of the art of Judo, although he has lost many fights and come in second and third, he still has made some good money. Colton has a gift for being persistent and with his integrity as an American he has accumulated a pretty healthy financial position. His net worth is reported to be a few hundred thousand dollars, and with his perseverance throughout his career, his net worth is steadily rising.

How Tall Is Colton Brown?

Colton Brown stands at 183 centimetres which equates to just over 6 feet tall.

How Much Does Colton Brown Weigh?

Colton Brown weighs in and fights in the 90 kilogram division which is the equivalent of 198 lbs. 

Colton Brown's Fight List!

Colton Brown has fought in over 180 Judo bouts in his career, including two Olympic campaigns, International and Pan American opens. He has had an up and down career throughout his time as a Judoka. His fight list includes; Victor Ochoa, Daryl Yamamoto, Frazer Chamberlain, Paolo Persoglia, Zachary Burt, Roman Dontsov, Jaakko Alli, Jesper Smink, Marco Montoya, Jose Peralta, Isao Cardenas, Diego Barreto, Andrew Burns, Lester Avalos, Pablo Pedro Gonzalez, Rafael Romo, Gabor Ver and Martin Michel.

Colton Brown's Best Fight Of All Time!

Colton Brown has participated in two Olympic games, first in Rio 2016 and then in Japan 2021. Although Colton didn’t progress his way to the podium, competing at the Olympics is still Colton’s most humbled and exhilarating achievement so far. He spoke about how proud and privileged he was to represent the United States in his beloved art of Judo. Colton has won other events like; The Pan American Under 20 Championships in Buena Vista in 2010, the Liberty Bell Judo Classic in Philadelphia in 2011 and the San Jose Buddhist event in 2015. Colton’s best win came in 2015 when he won his first ever Adults Pan American Open in San Salvador. Colton has spoken about one of his best wins ever that came at the 2019 Montreal Grand Prix in Canada. Although he lost the final to Mashu Baker, he describes his semi final win over the 4 time European Cup champion Milan Randl as his most memorable moment. 

Who Did Colton Brown Lose To?

Colton Brown has lost more fights than he has won in his career with an overall win percentage of 48.1% with 95 losses out of 183 matches. Some of Colton’s losses have come against athletes like Mihael Zgank who eliminated him from the Tokyo games. Other losses include; David Klammert, Marcus Nyman, Erlan Sherov, Rafael Macedo, Mashu Baker, Zachary Burt, Robert Florentino, Tiago Camilo, Yuya Yoshida and Artem Gulyayev. One of Colton’s most memorable losses was at the 2017 Pan American Championships in Panama City. Going up against the formidable Ivan Felipe Silva Morales, Colton Brown was outclassed as he was relegated into the Silver medal position. 

Colton Brown’s Record!

Colton Brown has had an extremely challenging career, with his Judo record of 88 wins and 95 losses and a win percentage of 48.1%. Colton had one of his best seasons in 2015 when he won 26 matches out of 44, with a win percentage of 59.1%. Colton has competed twice in the Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and Tokyo in 2021 and although he didn’t place it was an honour just to make the Olympic team. Colton has a list of accolades that includes; 

Pan American Championship (2015) Pan American Open Runner Up (Santo Domingo 2018) (Buenos Aires 2017) (San Salvador 2013) European Open Runner Up (Glasgow 2015) African Open Runner Up (2015) Pan American U20 Championship (Buena Vista 2010) San Jose Buddhist Championship (2015) Liberty Bell Judo Classic Winner (2011) New York Open Team Championships Runner Up (2017) Grand Prix Runner Up (Montreal 2019) Pan American Championship Runner Up (Havana 2016) (Panama 2017) US National Championships Runner Up (Myrtle Beach 2010) (Orlando 2013) (Round Rock 2018) US U20 Championships Runner Up (Lake Buena Vista 2009)

Colton Brown’s Injuries!

Colton Brown has been free from injury throughout most of his Judo career. When he was 11 years of age he injured himself playing football, as he sat around recovering his father became worried about him. As a result of his stand still after his injury Jeff Brown, Colton’s Dad made him start Judo. Colton has spoken about how at first he hated Judo and would find himself trying to lose matches on purpose. After a while the sport grew on him and he began to excel at it, Colton credits his father for giving him the inspiration.  

Is Colton Brown Retired?

Colton Brown at the age of 30 is still an active Judoka, his last few matches were at the Tokyo Olympics where he thought he was a chance to bring home a medal. Colton has since spoken out about his desire to win Olympic Gold and is heavily in preparation to compete at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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