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You've probably heard the phrase "your BJJ game".  Someone's jiu jitsu game typically refers to the moves, techniques or positions, that a particular person tends to use in training or competition.  Though at some point we think we're going to master the art by the time we reach that coveted black belt, the sobering truth is that the immense landscape of the art makes it almost impossible for any one practitioner to master every possible technique that is out there and available to them. So should we stare into the infinite horizon ahead of us when looking at all of...

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Eddie Bravo is an enigma in the jiu jitsu world.  Born of the same BJJ beginnings that many of us have had, he began studying jiu jitsu like millions of others after seeing the early UFC competitions.  He studied with the legendary Jean Jacques Machado and ultimately earned his black belt from him.  But something troubled Eddie about jiu jitsu.  Becoming immersed in the burgeoning MMA world, Eddie saw the classic study of jiu jitsu in the gi as problematic as it caused practitioners to rely too much on "handles" or being able to grip and control one's opponent using...

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While Royce Gracie gets the majority of the praise when it comes to making BJJ big in the USA, Rickson Gracie was the star to make it popular in Japan. Considered, the family champion, Rickson’s skills are that of legend. Past and current fighters always talk about how amazing Rickson’s Jiu Jitsu is. While, not […]

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