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Re-Discover The Fundamentals And Learn Invisible Jiu Jitsu

Re-Discover The Fundamentals And Learn Invisible Jiu Jitsu


Invisible Jiu Jitsu is a concept started by Rickson Gracie and one of his students, Henry Akins.

The concept is that you are able to you whole body and weight becomes distributed and aware of your every opponent's move.
With the "feeling" of invisible jiu jitsu, your body movements become more natural and instinctual.
Rickson Gracie has been teaching this concept for years and conducts many seminars on Invisible Jiu Jitsu as well.
See how you can implement Invisible Jiu Jitsu into your BJJ game here.


So what exactly is Invisible Jiu Jitsu? Henry Akins explains it here:

One of Rickson Gracie's Black Belts - sometimes called Rickson's Hitman and one of the original "Gracie Train" member, 54 Year Old Luis Heredia, toys with younger black belts using invisible jiu jitsu concepts


Luis Heredia's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is some simple and basic; that it's actually quite simple. He has a few principles that he follows in his Jiu Jitsu:

1. When in closed guard keep the opponent down and break his posture (yes he has some great tips and tricks to help you) then attack when your opponent's posture is broken or when he / she is trying to stand up / posture up - when they are too distracted or busy to defend attacks.

2. When on top make the opponent carry your weight and concentrate it into one position (invisible jiu jitsu) - this will make him think about nothing other than removing this pressure and will give you lots of openings with which to attack .

So, no matter where you are Luis' goal is simple... make your opponent as uncomfortable as possible to take his mind off his ability to perform good jiu jitsu... THEN attack when he makes a mistake.

Just as with Rickson Gracie, Luis Heredia focuses on the CONCEPTS of Jiu Jitsu, not the technique or positions. His explains when teaching are just different and opens your mind to better jiu jitsu.

His 4 DVD set is a great representation of his knowledge and expertise of Jiu-Jitsu


Here are some of the techniques Luis Heredia excels at and shares with you.

- Concept of Weight Distribution / Invisible Jiu Jitsu on Side Control
- The Real Knee on Belly (pressure BEYOND pressure)
- Submission Series From Knee on Belly - can't stop these submissions!
- Choke Details to Double Effectiveness - make your chokes unstoppable
- Knee on Belly Double Attack: Arm Bar + Choke - Unbeatable Combo
- Submission Series From the Side Control - It almost becomes too easy to submit your opponent
- Straight Cross Choke From the Mount
- Choke Defenses
- Amassa Pão (Thrusting Choke) Counters
- Closed Guard Concepts - Chokes, Arm Bars and More.
- Closed Guard Double Attack
- Cross Choke Counter with Amassa Pão
- The Dirty Feet Drill
- Passing the Sitting Guard & Guard Passing Concepts
- Preventing and Passing the De La Riva Guard
- Passing the Spider Lasso Guard
- Passing the Spider Guard




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