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Dude, have you seen Tom DeBlass's Closed Guard?!

Dude, have you seen Tom DeBlass's Closed Guard?!


One thing we love about Tom Deblass is that his closed guard game is simple, effective, efficient and submission focused.

If you've ever seen him compete or even watched some of this techniques from his half guard domination DVD series; you'll know that his guard game is "on point".

What's cool about Tom Deblass is that he's considered an "old school" grappler.  His Jiu Jitsu is not overly fancy, athletic or acrobatic.  He's not trying to find little "tricks" to beat his opponent.  Yet he still competes at the highest level, against very modern grapplers and beats them with beautiful and pure jiu jitsu.

Check out one of the simplest sweeps ever in BJJ - the scissor sweep, and check out how Tom Deblass uses it to setup a triangle choke

Ready to learn how to sweep, choke and attack relentlessly from closed guard?




If you've watched any instructional videos on jiu jitsu or no gi grappling, you know that it's not necessarily the new fancy techniques you're going to learn, but it's learning from an experience Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor who's techniques and concepts make sense - AND - the jiu jitsu techniques fit into your game.

Tom Deblass has a way of describing his no gi grappling techniques in a way that makes sense.

For example, check out this video on how to trap your opponent in closed guard with an overhook, and then hit 3 closed guard submissions with the overhook and omoplata control.

Most of us use closed guard as a stalling point, or a place to recover.  Rarely do you see many grapplers pull closed guard or even attempt to attack from there.  

In fact, most jiu jitsu practitioners probably only know a few basic closed guard sweeps, chokes or armbars from closed guard.  But, the way Tom Deblass sees it, is that is one of the best submission guards out there.  

If you are looking to submit your opponent from guard, then you have to explore closed guard submissions.


 So why do many people avoid closed guard?  There are 2 main reasons.

  1. It is difficult to break posture and control your opponent
  2. They don't know what to do

The first problem, breaking the posture is the hardest.

In Tom Deblass's new DVD / On Demand series called Closed Guard Domination, one of the most important things Tom teaches is how to break posture in the closed guard.  

This concept and technique alone make the whole DVD worth it.

The second problem - not knowing what to do - well, we suggest watching the REST of the Tom's Closed Guard Domination series and you'll learn A LOT of attacks from closed guard.



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