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Gordon Ryan Is IN For No Gi Worlds!

Gordon Ryan Is IN For No Gi Worlds!


Reigning ADCC and No Gi Pan American champion Gordon Ryan (Renzo Gracie Academy) has officially signed up for the 2018 IBJJF No Gi Worlds, in the black belt ultra-heavy (unlimited) weight class. Gordon and the rest of the Danaher Death Squad usually stick to professional events that offer a winner's purse (like Kasai or EBI) and tend to favor the ADCC ruleset where they can attack the notorious ashi garami system of coach John Danaher.

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Gordon will be the favorite heading into the tournament, but he will be pushed by Adam Sachnoff, Jared Dopp, and Roberto Cyborg, all of whom are currently entered. With some time left to register, we'll see if anyone else wants to sign up for the class and be the one to try to knock off one of BJJ's breakout athletes.

Gordon is a former no gi world champion, at brown belt lightweight, so this is certainly a big jump in size and skill since his last appearance, but most of those doubts have been squashed after Gordon's double gold performance at this year's No Gi Pan Ams. In NYC, he tapped out every opponent he had (even after some back and forth fights with guys like Kaynan Duarte), relying heavily upon the dreaded Danaher back attack system to secure the RNC victories.

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Gordon announced his entry on Instagram, @gordonlovesjiujitsu, where he warned everyone else to just stay home. He's certainly not lacking for confidence, but hopefully, we see the opposite, a lot of full brackets with plenty of great fights!

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