Attacking The Guard by Josh Barnett

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Josh Barnett's Attacking the Guard Seminar

 With this DVD, Josh tips the balance of power back to the player on top in a grappling match!

Josh Barnett has proven himself time and time again against the world's toughest competition. A former UFC Heavyweight Champion and the current King of Pancrase, Josh stands at the top of the MMA food chain.

In this stellar nearly ninety minute long seminar, Josh shares never before seen methods to counter one of the most popular strategies in modern grappling and Mixed Martial Arts - the "Guard", including instruction on:


- Proper Posture
- "Snapping" the Rubber Guard
- Bracing
- Tripoding to Create Pressure
- Striking from the Guard
- Leg Locks: Standing Achilles and Half Crab
- Toe Holds - and much much more!